Jason Frezier: Welcome, <player>, to the Industrial Area!

Jason: Industrial Area is no easy district to keep in order. There are gangs, but you have fought them before, so you know...

Jason: You must keep your eyes peeled. Our Tech Expert hails from this district and doesn't have much happy moments from here to remember.

Tim Hale: Nothing in the district is what is appears to be, <player>. We shouldn't have came here, but we must...

Tim: Keep yourself safe, especially from the gangs here! And good luck chasing Rheans!

Richard Emerson: Hey, <player>. Just came from the dinner at Joe's Diner...

Richard: The food is not much interesting, but I think I saw some gang people talking... One mentioned the Rheans...

Michael Parker: Then that's it! The Rheans are here on some gang business! Perhaps they want to start a gang war?

Michael: I need answers, and we can get the first batch of them at the Diner! Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Joe's Diner.

Michael: Oh my... Is that a dead body? I prefer diners to sell beef, chicken and pork, not human meat...

Michael: You know this guy? He is called Colin Stokes? A projectionist? But do you know how he died?

Michael: It appears as if he just dropped dead. Glad to see you have picked up some clues to unravel this mystery!

Michael: This dented lense fragment seems like a good clue... There is some brown substance on it, so you can take a sample.

Michael: As for this faded flyer, it has the victim on it. You might want to reveal other information from it...

Michael: Alright, <player>, lets get to work!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.

Cheryl Turner: This guy died as fast as light... He was gone in a flash!

Michael: That would not be... Surprising.

Cheryl: I agree, what a nice way to kill a projectionist!

Michael: Unfortunateky, we don't know how he was killed, so please kindly brief us.

Cheryl: Which briefcase? ...You said "brief us"? Oh, something must be wrong with my ears.

Cheryl: The victim's retina was burned. The heat killed him off. Sounds a little unrealistic, but that's what happened.

Cheryl: I studied his eyes and found the coolest murder weapon possible: Camera flash. But you will need to find the real thing to be sure.

Cheryl: Of course, the camera was modified so that its flash could burn eyes.

Michael: So our killer has camera skills! They can do with prison selfies then!

(The killer has photography skills)

Examine Lense Fragment.

Michael: You collected this brown stuff from the lense like a pro! There are some leaves mixed in it, so the person to send it to is Dallas!

Analyse Brown Substance.

Dallas Henry: Good news, <player>, I found the substance on the lense!

Dallas: But let me tell you this first: This lense fragment was dented, obviously, and the way it was dented matched victim's head nicely.

Michael: And with this being on crime scene... It means only one thing! This was used by the killer!

Dallas: Precisely. With this being said, I managed to identify the leaves as Camellia Sinensis.

Michael: Camel what? We are looking for leaves, not animals.

Dallas: You are just as intelligent as a blond girl I once dated... I said Camellia Sinensis, otherwise known as tea leaves.

Dallas: I did an analysis of the brown substance, which came as tea.

Michael: So our killer drinks tea? Well, that will keep them warm in prison!

(The killer drinks tea)

Examine Faded Flyer.

Michael: So this flyer is about Colin doing a photoshoot with One Tooth Sam? Who prints flyers for a photoshoot?

Michael: I don't know, but One Tooth Sam knew the victim and we need to interrogate him.

Ask One Tooth Sam about his photoshoot with the victim.

Jones: <player>, you are here? What brings you here, in this luxury home of Samuel, if you remember him...

Michael: Um... Murder. Colin Stokes has been murdered and we need to ask Sam a few questions.

Sam: <player>, what a surprise! Nice to meet you again!

Michael: Sam, did you know about Colin? He has been murdered!

Sam: Ah, Colin Stokes. I asked him to do a photoshoot with me and other residents of Cooperville. I printed flyers so everyone in the Cooperville knows it.

Sam: Colin was a nice guy. I wanted to promote Cooperville, and he thought that a photoshoot would be a great idea.

Sam: We did the first shift yesterday, at his projection room.... And now he is dead!

Michael: Thank you, Samuel. You provided us with a new lead. We need to have a butcher's at that Projection Room...

Investigation Projection Room.

Michael: What do we have here? Binoculars? Well, try to collect something from it!

Michael: And a torn fabric... Maybe you'll look great with an additional piece of clothing.

Examine Binoculars.

Michael: You collected sweat? We can send it to Dal-

Lydia: Hey, you two! You are not Colin! Why are you here? And return my binoculars!

Michael: So... You know Colin? We are sorry, mam, but we have a few questions for you.

Ask Lydia Holly about the victim.

Lydia: Colin's dead? That's awful! What a handsome young lad!

Michael: How did you know him, exactly?

Lydia: Colin treated me with respect. I once lost way here, and he took me in, in this cozy room.

Lydia: He helped me reach my home. As an old lady, things are rough for me.

Lydia: But you are some handsome policeman, Michael. You will probably solve his murder soon.

Michael: Uh.... Thanks for the.... Compliment. We'll see you again if we have any more questions.

Examine Torn Fabric.

Michael: So this is a blue headwear? We need to know who this belongs to.

Michael: I spot something on it. I guess you are eligible to take a sample.

Examine Headwear.

Michael: Argh! Keep this dandruff away from me! Get it to Dallas, or anywhere, but far from me!

Analyse Dandruff.

Dallas: So <player>, you are now collecting white substances?

Michael: Better call it dandruff, Dallas. Oh, and tell us whatever you can about it.

Dallas: Okay... There was the victim's DNA in the dandruff....

Michael: I guess finding time to shampoo is hard in the photography field... Ironically.

Dallas: No, the dandruff wasn't from the victim! The danruff actually belonged to Big Baby...

Michael: Who's this, you?

Dallas: So you are taunting me... No, this Big Baby is a vipers gang member.

Dallas: No one knows the real name of Big Baby. I am guessing he gave this used headwear to the victim...

Michael: C'mon, <player>, we need to find this Big Baby and we'll have him feel small soon enough!

Ask Big Baby if he knew the victim.

Michael: So, hey, Big Baby. Want your diaper changed?

Big Baby: This ain't no funny, homie! Yo, who are ya an' whaddaya wan'?

Michael: We'll see soon what is funny or not. Care to explain about this bandanna?

Big Baby: Oy, this! I ain't telling you nothing!

Michael: Perhaps a hancuff will help? Or will you talk if we spoonfeed you some cereal?

Big Baby: 'Kay, I sent this mouthaf*nkin' bandanna to Colin Stokes. He ain't no idiot, like ya!

Michael: I don't see why Colin would want a stupid headwear. Care to explain?

Big Baby: Oh, He wanted to join the gang of ours. But we ain't take no chances with newcomer!

Big Baby: If ya wanna join us, ya have to dress as a viper and learn to tol'rate the hate on us.

Michael: Colin's been murdered. Stay around, we may need to talk to you again... Not that I want to.

Later, at the station...

Michael: I hate this gang business! Big Baby needs to learn the proper dialect of the language!

Michael: I got to admit, the murder method is pretty cool. Being murdered by a camera? Awesome!

Michael: Sorry if I sound like Cheryl. But then, there is Mrs Holly and Sam for a change...

Jason: <player>, someone wants to speak with you!

Jones: Here you are, <player>, I have found your murder weapon!

Chapter 2

Jason: <player>, Officer Jones wants to speak to you!

Jones: I think I have found your murder weapon!

Jones: You remember Oakville Valley? Where we solved about 2 murders?

Jones: I found a broken camera there!

Michael: Nice, I guess, but how do you know what the murder weapon is?

Jones: I was there when you interrogated Sam. I remembered how you described that the victim dies, which Alex thought could have been from camera flash.

Michael: Awesome! Off to Oakville Valley we go!

Investigate Oakville Valley.

Michael: Your partner was right, there is a broken camera! Ready to fix it?

Michael: That picture has Colin sitting on a bike with someone! But most of the other person's face got water...

Michael: These physical features are enough for you to find a match in database? Really?

Michael: This amulet has the vipers' logo on it! Brush it for the text!

Examine Biker Picture.

Michael: That's nice, <player>, that you were able to find this person in the database. Not that it is really hard...

Michael: So this biker is called Troy Cassidy! You say he was a gang leader too? All the more reasons to pay him a visit!

Talk to Troy Cassidy about the victim.

Michael: So Troy Cassidy, former gang boss, now biker...

Troy: Actually, <player>, I am still a gang leader. Only that now my gang is of peaceful bikers.

Michael: That's nice to know. What can you tell us about Colin Stokes?

Troy: Colin? That wimp! Ha, he wanted to join the bikers.

Troy: He can't manage a children's cycle, much less a motorbike.

Michael: Not "can't", but "couldn't", Troy. He was murdered.

Troy: Really? Horrific... He seemed so eager to join the gang...

Examine Amulet.

Michael: What a pity, this amulet did not have magical powers...

Michael: This had better! It reads, " To Colin, from Ash." I always knew Pokemon were real!

Michael: Ash, I am coming! Oh, It will be awesome to have him as a suspect!

Michael: Oh, you think it is Ash Bison, Viper's leader? Well, makes sense as this is a viper's amulet.

Michael: Let's go grill his ribs!

Ask Ash Bison about his gift to the victim.

Ash: <player>, whay an honor. I can gaurantee that the vipers have been peaceful ever since that shmuck Cordero died...

Michael: I don't know about it, but what I do know is that you offered a gift to the victim.

Ash: What gift? What victim?

Michael: Oh, it wouldn't mean the amulet you gave to Colin, it would be too obvious...

Ash: Yeah, he wanted to join the gang. But we don't take everyone. I gave this amulet to him, to make him a trail member of sorts.

Ash: You know the viper's customs, <player>, you spoke to Big Baby.

Michael: Oh, him. What's his real name, Keath Myass?

Michael: We have a close eye on you, Bison!

Examine Broken Camera.

Michael: You've fixed this like a famous detective called Michael Parker! Lets get it to our sleepyboi now!

Analyse Camera.

Michael: So Tim, are you ready to have a picture of you with <player>? I am dying to practice my photography skills!

Tim: Oh come on, No need to get so frank.

Tim: Huh, <player>, why are you looking sad? As I was saying, this Camera is deadly!

Tim: The camera's flash is modified in such a way that it's flash could burn the retinal cells.

Michael: This must be the murder weapon Jones told us about!

Tim: Come on, there's more. Since the killer took a picture of the victim in order to kill him, it is still here.

Tim: The flash was so powerful that it captured a dim picture of the killer shadowing over the picture.

Tim: And from that, I can tell you that your killer is Caucasian!

Michael: Well, time for our Caucasian killer to go to prison im a flash!

(The Killer is Caucasian)

[After Analyses Results)

Michael: Everything revolves around the projection room! Let's head there!

Investigate Camera.

Michael: The good ol' projection room again! I can picture that you found some awesome clues...

Michael: This is a torn document of sorts... can you fix it?

Michael: Good idea! Something seems to be stuck in this camera of the victim. Ready for some forensics?

Examine Torn Document.

Michael: Okay, this was not bad... This is a legal document of the ownership of this room...

Michael: Hey, why does it say "Samuel Bennett"? He's also known as One-Tooth Sam? Well, can 9 o'clock be a good time for interrogation?

Michael: Get it? Can 9? Canine? Anyways, you know what to do next...

Ask One-Tooth Sam about the legal Document.

Sam: You're back, agents! Your old partner is here too, <player>! Greedy but lovable person, see how he munching these cookies...

Jones: On-nom-nom Hi- What what?

Sam: So anyways, What brings you here?

Michael: This legal document. You were the owner of the projection room?

Sam: Yes, I am! I gave Colin the room on the rent.

Sam: I don't mind it much, but Colin did not payed me the rent. I just wanted to help the guy, so I asked for a very low rate per month.

Sam: It had been 5 months and he never payed me... I guess he never will now.

Michael: If you killed Colin, we will have to rent a prison cell for you!

Examine Camera.

Michael: Nice work, you collected a weird substance. Off to Kenny!

Analyse Unknown Substance.

Michael: Kenny, what was on the camera that <player> found?

Kenny Broke: Oh yeah. Borin' old stuff. Anyone with some high school knowledge could have figured it out.

Kenny: The white substance is a drug named prednisone.

Michael: Pregn- what?

Kenny: Ugh, I don't know what you're thinking, Michael. Anyways, this drug is used for arthritis, a condition that causes pain in different body parts of elders.

Kenny: I checked your suspects' health data: One-Tooth Sam is perfectly fine.

Michael: You know what? The only other elder we know is Lydia Holly. Let's go talk to her!

Ask Lydia Holly about her camera.

Lydia: Hey, handsome police officers! May I offer you a cup of tea?

Michael: Um.. no thanks. We wanted to know about any camera you possess.

Michael: Because the camera in question was in Colin's room.

Lydia: Why yes! That amateur photographer stole it! I can take better pictures than him!

Michael: Umm... So that is why you were at projection room earlier?

Lydia: Yes! I wanted to retrieve my camera from that thief!

Michael: Miss Holly, if you killed Colin, you can picture yourself in jail!

<later, at the station...>

Michael: We definitely learned a few things, partner!

Michael: Speaking of partners, your ex partner did a great job on finding the camera!

Michael: We have two elders as our suspects and an ex gang leader.

Michael: Speaking of gangs, I am sure that the vipers have something to do with this mur-

Tim: Bad news, <player>! I tried to keep Ash Bison under surveillance as I suspected him...

Tim: I have just tracked him with an unconscious Jason Frezier in the Oakville Valley!

Chapter 3

Tim: Bad news, <player>! I tried to keep Ash Bison under surveillance as I suspected him...

Tim: I have just tracked him with an unconscious Jason Frezier in the Oakville Valley!

Tim: That ugly bast-

Michael: Woah, this is serious! We must find our chief, <player>! Let's go to Oakville Valley!

<at Oakville Valley>

Michael: No sight of Chief Frezier... <player>, what if?

Tim: Hey, my tracking device caught Ash again! He's somewhere near-


Tim: Dang... I was feeling really sleepy, I dropped the device!

Michael: C'mon, <player>, let's have a look at this place and save our chief!

Investigate Garbage Can.

Michael: Holy Hippos, this graffiti is sure gonna cause trouble!

Michael: This reads, "Vipers, reunite and take over!", we need to take a sample of the paint right away!

Michael: A biker's helmet? Something is written over it, but it's faded. Just our luck!

Michael: And this looks like Tim's device... but it's shattered to pieces! Think you can work your magic on it?

Examine Graffiti.

Michael: Great job, you collected a fine sam-

Big Baby: Aye, Homie! Don'tcha dare remove mah graffiti!

Michael: You wrote this? Would you like a new bracelet in your hands? <player> will speak to you in a minute.

Ask Big Baby about his graffiti.

Big Baby: Funkin' skulls scum! Ever since Cordero died, vipers didn't not even gathered for a tea party! Rubbish, I love tea parties!

Big Baby: Not to mention that I can't take no selfies with Ash!

Michael: So that's why you made that graffiti?

Big Baby: Blimmey, yes! I must do whachever it takes to reunite the Vipers! We will return to our glory!

Big Baby: You police don't do shmick, and soon we will rule the Industrial Area!

Michael: Woah, slow down buddy. You're detained for hate speech.

Michael: Time will tell if we detain you for murder too!

[Big Baby drinks tea and has photography skills]

Examine Biker's Helmet.

Michael: The helmet reads, "Grow a bone, Colin."

Michael: how many bikers do we know? We ought to pay Troy a visit!

Grill Troy about his message to the victim.

Troy: Welcome, <player>. May I offer you a cup of tea?

Michael: No thanks, Troy. We are more interested in this... helmet.

Troy: Oh, that was just a friendly message to Colin.

Troy: He kept whining about not being a great biker, and constantly bothered me for "lessons."

Troy: So I told him, be brave, work hard. That's what I mean in this message.

Michael: Well, if you killed Colin, your messages will be written in prison!

[Troy Cassidy drinks tea]

Examine Tim's Device.

Michael: Great job restoring that device, but I bet my bottom dollar tht you cannot crack the code of something belonging to Tim!

Examine Locked Device.

Michael: Bravo... You really did crack the code...

Michael: Oh wait, it still gives a lock screen! Good ol' Tim! Only he can open this device!

Analyse Tracking Device.

Tim: Zzzzz...

Michael: Great... Just what we needed.

Tim: Uh...oh, You're... back.

Michael: Tim, the chief's life is at stake and you're napping!

Tim: Err... Sorry, anyways, I opened it up. The rest shouldn't be a problem for you.

Tim: <player>, you may be good, but leave the tech to me!

Michael: ...

Michael: At least we found the chief! He's with Ash, let's go question him!

Rescue Chief Frezier from Ash Bison.

Jason: You filhy idiot! Leave me away, you mother-

Michael: Oh, there you are, Chief Frezier!

Jason: Ash Bison, You're under arrest for assaulting the chief of police.

Ash: Like I care, huh? To hell with police!

Ash: You fools haven't even caught Colin's killer yet!

Michael: How are you so confident, Ash? Unless you killed him yourself. In this case, we will soon be charging you with his murder!

Jason: Michael, <player> One more thing. He took selfies with me... Ehrm, he know how to take a photo. And his dirty hands smelled fishily of tea to me.

[Ash Bison drinks Tea and has Photography skills]

<Later, at the station>

Jason: <player>, thanks for coming to my aid, but I could manage at my own too!

Jason: Umm... Anyways, two of your colleagues want to tell you something.

Richard: Heya, <player>, I just had a date with Elana at Joe's Diner. Gosh, what a date it was!

Elana Siegel: ...Richard, hun, that's not what we need to tell them.

Richard: Oh... Right. Joe's Diner is allowing customers to dine.

Michael: God, that can't happen! That is a crime scene! Let's head back!

Investigate Dining Hall.

Michael: Hey, that was close! At least you found some clues.

Michael: Your signature moment: Pick up torn paper, and restore it.

Michael: What else did you find? A Surveillance Camera? of course. Unlocking won't be a problem for you!

Examine Torn Paper.

Michael: You restored this but it is blank? That was unneeded!

Michael: You want to send it to Vanessa? Really, <player>...

Analyse Blank Paper.

Vanessa: I do not get why your killer carried his birth form with him.

Michael: What? That bit of paper was a birthform? And it belonged to the killer?

Vanessa: Yes, that indeed is the case. Tim Hale found finger prints matching the victim on it.

Vanessa: He did say that they were place in a way that the fingers in contact must tear them.

Michael: That could be Colin defending self! Nice catch, <player>!

Vanessa: As you see, this is just a small piece of paper. All it says it that your killer has A+ blood.

Michael: And we are bloody well gonna catch them, <player>!

[The killer has A+ blood]

Examine Surveillance Camera.

Michael: What a decoding it was! Let's send it to Tim.

Analyse Unlocked Camera.

Michael: Tim: Make this short, we have a killer to catch!

Tim: Yes, of course. I need a nap too, so i will make this short.

Tim: The camera did indeed film the murder.

Michael: So tech genius, did you find who the killer is?

Tim: The flashes were too bright that it caused the camera to burn. I restored it, of course.

Tim: The killer's identity was not revealed due to those flashes. But I do have info: They wear blue!

Michael: They'll be blue if they resist arrest, <player>!

<after completing all tasks>

Michael: Tis' the time, <player>! Let's go capture a killer!

Arrest Killer.

Michael: Big Baby, we are placing you under arrest for Colin's murder. I never passed you as a genius, but the murder method was impressive!

Big Baby: I did not! Colin was a viper, how can I kill him?

Michael: Ahh... Every killer says that. So Big Baby, I wonder how did your tea get on a lens that was used to knock out Colin?

Big Baby: You cannot arrest me for drinking tea!

Michael: it is glad to know that you are speaking normal and not in gang. But the murder weapon also filmed you! Talk about irony!

Michael: You foolishly left your birth form too! I don't get why, is there a mental iss- oh wait, it certainly is.

Big Baby: You cops just love to arrest me! I just keep my papers with me due to this!

Michael: So you plead guilty to murder?

Big Baby: ...

Big Baby: Ok, I killed Colin. I wanted the vipers to reunite!

Big Baby: If I killed a newbie viper and put the blame on Troy, vipers could regain their strength!

Big Baby: A great gang war can begin! Vipers vs Skulls! Troy can make his gang violent!

Michael: ... You'are officially crazy. Lemme put these handcuffs on you, just in case...

[In the court]

Judge Dante: So... Big Baby? Michael, I think I've told you before that I don't babysit!

Michael: ...Your honor, this is the guilty.

Dante: ...Oh, yes, I knew that. I-

Dante: Anyways, I don't want you to take a picture of the courtroom. I don't want to die in intense light!

Dante: Speaking of which, You photographed a man to death. How do you plead?

Big Baby: Guilty, your honor.

Big Baby: But the vipers will still regain their strength! We've been hired!

Dante: Baby, I hire a psychologist to monitor you in jail, which is going to be 45 years without parole. All rise!

[Outside the court]

Michael: Something's troubling me and it's not just our lab personnel's alien skills!

Michael: We arrested Big Baby, but we are left with more questions then ever. Who hired the Vipers?

Michael: more importantly, Why did they hire the Vipers? Could The Rheans be linked?

Michael: Meanwhile, Tim shows distrust to his hometown. I wonder why...

Gangin' Up 1

Jason: Michael, <player>, Congratulations for putting Big Baby behind bars.

Michael: "But your work isn't done yet. We need to find out who hired the vipers." That's what you're gonna say, right?

Jason: ...Actually, yes. You two need to do this asap! You may start with having another look around Oakville Valley, that's where most of the vipers are found.

Dallas: Hey... I hope I am not interrupting a "private" conversation? Chief, you can ask out Michael for Valentine's Day in my presence if that's what you were doing!

Dallas: So, <player>, It's clear that you are ignoring a good chunk of the picture.

Dallas: We need to make sure that the Skulls remain peaceful. Plus, I own a nice bike, and I want to have technical conversations with Troy...

Michael: Well, <player>, you've got enough on your platter! Where do you wanna start?

Investigate Oakville Valley.

Michael: So all you found is a page signed by vipers.

Michael: Of course you'll restore it in no time!

Examine Torn Page.

Michael: Hey, this page is addressed to "Someone in police." Have you been dating a viper?

Michael: No? That's curious. Let's retrieve the faded text!

Examine Faded Page.

Michael: The page reads, "To the dearest officer... We remember your sleepover."

Michael: What the heck does it mean? I think it's time we get truth out of Ash!

Ask Ash Bison about the message to a police member.

Michael: You schmucky excuse for a human, tell us what they heck does this page mean!

Ash: Why should i tell this to your motherfunking asses?

Michael: look, homie, you better tell us what it is and we can release you!

Ash: That's a tempting deal. I'll accept. You're to be disappointed though.

Ash: So, once upon a time in an Industrial Area not so far away, lived a tech savvy kid named Tim Hale.

Ash: Tim Hale was a foolish brave guy, foolish enough to mess with the vipers.

Ash: And the vipers told him how they react to nosy little kids!

Michael: What did you bustarg do to our tech expert?

Ash: Good things come to those who wait... We took him for a sleepover.

Ash: I think we gave him the time of his life... Mmm, the kid knows how to scream...

Michael: Are you saying that you raped him, you sicko? <player>, Tim must have lived with this secret, that's bad. He needs to tell this to someone for psychological issues!

Michael: And who can comfort him better than us? But please, a burger on the way. I am starving.

Comfort Tim Hale and help him deal with the issues from his past.

Michael: Tim... Listen carefully... We've discovered your big secret...

Tim: Wait, I don't have one! Wait, do you mean... things between me and The Vipers?

Michael: Yes... Tim, we're sorry how the vipers treated you, it must suck to lose one's virginity, but we promise that we'll bring them to justice.

Tim: Holy Hypnos, no! They did not do to me what you're thinking!

Tim: I was a young guy of 18, I observed some masked men with snake tattooes robbing people on gun point and all that sort of things...

Tim: I discovered about the vipers and tried to do whatever I can to stop them.

Tim: Then one night they kidnapped me. And they drugged to to the point I could have been killed.

Tim: Luckily, someone transferred me to hospital. I still thank that kind soul.

Tim: <player>, stop the vipers before it's too late! Here's some money to help you.

Make sure that Troy keeps The Skulls peaceful.

Dallas: Hey, Troy... I love your bike.

Troy: Thanks, Mister...?

Dallas: Dallas Henry. I work with <player>, and I love bikes.

Troy: That's so cool! What do you like the best about bikes?

Dallas: Their handles. You can accelerate with them, you turn with them, you do basically everything with them... Plus, they resemble... stuff.

Dallas: Anyways, Troy, you run a biker's gang, right?

Troy: Ohh, I get it! You want to join The Skulls!

Dallas: No thanks, but please make sure that it remains peaceful. We don't want more trouble on our hands.

Troy: Keep peace? When those vipers killed a skull?

Dallas: Colin was both a viper and a skull.

Troy: Whatever! The point is, that vipers are goddamn pieces of crap! Even Colin knew it!

Troy: I'll prove it to you, <player>! And Dallas, You and <player> may want a bike printed shirt!

<after talking to Troy>

Dallas: That didn't quite went as expected.

Dallas: But we can check the projection room if Colin knew something about the vipers!

Investigate Projection Room.

Dallas: You do have cool skills, <player>, that vipers badge is a great lead...

Dallas: Is it me or there is some white stuff on it? Seriously, people should clean their stuff after having their private time...

Dallas: You want to take a sample of this thingy? Yuck, you're doing it!

Examine Badge.

Dallas: There's no way I am analyzing this gross thing... I don't care what happens!

Dallas: You may send it to Kenny, but keep this away from me!

Analyse Strange Powder.

Kenny: Clearly The Vipers are planning something sinister.

Dallas: What? Having your personal time is sinister?

Kenny: Go away, you dirty minded brat! This is not what you think!

Kenny: This is cocaine. Perfectly fine, but I have doubts about this.

Kenny: Now if this dirty minded idiot doesn't mind, let's pay a visit to Big Baby and see if he knows anything about this!

Ask Big Baby if he knows about cocaine.

Kenny: So dumb fatso, we've figured the "viper glory plan".

Big Baby: What? You can't... The Rheans promised us a lot of things if we sold that cocaine!

Kenny: Great job, 10/10. We only speculated. You confirmed it for us.

Big Baby: What? Well, whatever, it doesn't matter, The Vipers will rise to glory soon.

Big Baby: Watch, <player>, watch and observe. The day is near...

Kenny: <player>, We aren't getting anything from this loony...

Kenny: But we may get some evidence from Joe's Diner! After all, a gang member spoke about The Rheans there!

Investigate Joe's Diner.

Kenny: You pick up torn paper, you get to restore it... Good luck, <player>...

Examine Torn Receipt.

Kenny: This is actually a receipt! But it is faded, and you need to restore the writing...

Examine Faded Receipt.

Kenny: This receipt shows the purchase of cocaine, but in a small quantity of half lbs.

Kenny: The Rheans's symbol is on it, what could it mean?

Kenny: We must report to that idiot Frezier at once!

<later, at the station>

Tim: <player>, you found a bit of my past... Please promise that you will avenge me.

Jason: Tim, You can count on <player> to put your criminals away for good.

Jason: Which brings us to another matter. The Rheans purchased cocaine, gave it to The Vipers, and asked to sell it.

Jason: Something is not right.

Tim: Of course nothing is right, we're in the Industrial Area!

Jason: <player>, Keep fighting criminals. We must find out the mystery behind the cocaine!


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