Outside of the boat: New World Point Port
Emily: Oi you. You over there. You aren't {Name} Are you? Oh you are? Amazing!
Emily: I'm Emily Goodwin and I'll be your partner in your new job as a police officer.
Emily: You would have got a letter through the door about the police force didn't you? No! Well. Not to worry. I'm sure Chief Matthew Obidrand will not mind a bit. I mean...It's his job.
Emily: Anyway. Let me help you with your bags dear and let's us make our way to the police office. It will be safe there
Emily: Jeez. What in the world was that horrible noise. A murder I bet. Let me get everything we need and we can get ready. It's sounds like a good idea? Good. Then let's get onto it!

Chapter 1

Investigating the New World Point's Port
Emily: Oh dear lord. This man was murdered. I do not know his name but he looks like he has been beaten to death
Emily: Well then. We better get the body to Amy Hats to see what he can tell us about this poor poor soul.
Emily: What else have you found?
Emily: Oh? Some faded paper. That may hide a very important clue. We better make it clear
Emily: You also found a broken object. How very strange. There's nothing for it but to put it back together
Clara: Hello? What are you doing with my boyfriend?
Clara: Oh dead goodness. Please no...He can't be dead
Emily: Oh dear. A crying person who said the victim was her boyfriend. We better ask her what is going on!

Examining the Faded Paper
Emily: So what did you find on the faded paper? A list of names. How strange
Emily: I know just the person to send it to. Her name is Fiona Baggins. We hired her yesterday
Emily: What do you say? Let's send it to her at once!

Examining the broken object
Emily: So what was that broken object?
Emily: A satnav? Why would that be broken at the port.
Emily: You say it has a address on it?
Emily: THE POLICE OFFICE. Please tell me you are joking?
Emily: Well I guess there's nothing for it. Let's search the police office.

Ask Clara about the murder of her boyfriend
Clara: Oh dear Charlie. Why did you have to die
Emily: Was Charlie your boyfriend's name?
Clara: Y-Yes. It was. Charlie Green. He was an amazing boy. He always understood me
Emily: Well that's good to hear. I see you are unset about it so we'll come back later when you are ready.
Clara: Can you look at his house please
Emily: His house?
Clara: Yes. It has a photo of him inside of it
Emily: We understand Clara and we will have a look at your boyfriend's house for you.
Clara: T-Thanks

Investigate Police Office
Emily: So what did you find here?
Emily: A police badge. Is that it?
Emily: Well let's see which number that police number belongs to still we

Investigate Victim's House
Emily: So what did you find. I found the photo of the boy Clara wanted
Emily: He's quite handsome. Well the world is without one more handsome man
Emily: Oh sorry {name}. You found a phone?
Emily: Let's unlock it and see what is on it

Examine Police badge
Emily: You get the numbers? Good. Then let's send it to Fiona. She'll find out who's these police numbers are!

Examine broken phone
Emily: Have you got the phone open? Amazing news. What's on it?
Emily: A lot of odd messages?
Emily: Well this won't do one bit. Let's send it to Fiona at once!

Analyse List of Names
Emily: Hey Fiona. Did you manage to anything interesting on that list of names
Fiona: I wouldn't have this job if I wasn't able to Emily.
Fiona: Anyway. I found a young man by the name of Edward Looper.
Emily: Looper? You mean like?
Fiona: Yes. The Looper Rochesters
Emily: I can see by the look on {name} face that he hasn't heard of them
Fiona: The Looper Rochesters own most of this fine city. You best treat them with kindness.
Emily: Thank...you Fiona. Anyway. Let's question this Looper Rochester!

Analyse Police numbers
Emily: So Fiona. Were you able to find out who the police numbers were for?
Fiona: Yes I did. They belong to a man by the name of Charlie Queens
Emily: Charlie Queens? I haven't heard of him
Fiona: That's because he's your victim.
Emily: Wh-
Fiona: Only joking. Green and Queens sound the same. Made a little joke
Emily: Okay then. We better talk to this police officer

Analyse Text messages
Emily: Fiona. Were you able t-
Fiona: Emily. Have you had your porridge today
Emily: No...Why?
Fiona: Shame on you. Didn't your mother always say to eat your porridge to get big and strong
Emily: Yes but why-
Fiona: Because my dear Emily. Your killer eats porridge!
Emily: How can you tell
Fiona: Found some on the screen
Emily: Oh? Okay then. Our killer eats porridge then

Analyse Victim's Body
Amy: Good day to you Emily
Emily: {Name} This is Amy Hats. She looks after the dead bodies
Amy: Aye. That I do. Anyway. You said your victim was beaten to death
Emily: Quite
Amy: Thought so as much. Do you remember what people told you in school?
Emily: About?
Amy: Hands. Just about your hands
Emily: That if you were right handed. Your right hand is the strongest hand?
Amy: Well done. I found some marks on the victim's face on his left side with means?
Emily: Other killer is right handed?
Amy: Yes. I was about to get to that part Emily
Emily: Sorry. Well we know now that the killer is right handed

Ask Edward Looper about the victim
Edward: Oh hello Officers. How do you do
Emily: Very well thanks. We heard you known our victim
Edward: Aye. That I have. Met him on Monday. Why?
Emily: We are sorry to tell you that he died this morning
Edward: You are joking right?
Emily: Sadly not
Edward: Oh...If you don't mind me going and telling my cousin Larry. Him and Charlie were good friends
Emily: You take as much time as you need. Which cousin may we ask
Edward: His name is Larry Looper Rochester. Very kind soul. I did say his name
Emily: Sorry. Some things fall on deaf ears. Please try not to skip town. We may need to talk to you later.

Ask Charlie Queens about his badge
Emily: Good day Charlie. I do hope you are alright
Charlie: Why if it isn't Emily and {Name} as I live and breath!
Emily: Aye. That it is. We wanted to ask about your badge
Charlie: My badge? It was right here a minute ago
Charlie: Oh dear. I've lossed it. The commissioner will have my head for dinner he will
Emily: Not to worry. We've found it for you
Charlie: Oh you hero. How can I help you?
Emily: We were hoping you've heard of Charlie Green
Charlie: No. Never heard of the fellow in my life. I must head off. It's my work shift.
Emily: Very well. Don't walk far. We'll been wanting a word with you

Inside the police office
Emily: Well what a mind bending case this is {Name}
Emily: First we found a man dead and his girlfriend followed. She was saying how lovely he was
Emily: Then we met Edward. He seems too kind for what his family really is.
Emily: And then we have a police officer. What ever-
Matthew: We're still here?
Emily: Yes sir. We were just talking about the case
Matthew: There's no time. A man has been spotted near your victim's house!

Chapter 2

Inside the police office
Emily: Well what a mind bending case this is {Name}
Emily: First we found a man dead and his girlfriend followed. She was saying how lovely he was
Emily: Then we met Edward. He seems too kind for what his family really is.
Emily: And then we have a police officer. What ever-
Matthew: We're still here?
Emily: Yes sir. We were just talking about the case
Matthew: There's no time. A man has been spotted near your victim's house!
Emily: What do you mean chief. The victim lived in a gated community
Matthew: I know he was but you better get there right away
Emily: Anything else?
Matthew: Yes. Go back to the police office please.
Emily: Well then. We have a lot of things do to {Name} Let us go now

Investigate Victim's House Drive
Emily: What did you find at Charlie's house? A card?
Emily: Oh. You're right. The card is for a dentist
Emily: Sadly the name is faded. Do you think you can see who this card belongs to?

Examine Dentist card
Emily: So the card belongs to a "H. Williams". I can't say I know the man
Fiona: I do. He's my dentist
Emily: I swear you know everyone in Parinaita Fiona.
Fiona: You get to know everyone in town Emily when you get to my age
Emily: Anyway. Let's go and talk to H Williams {Name}

Talk to Henry Williams about the card
Henry: Hello. Are you here for a check up? What do you need checking? Tooth? Fillings? Other things? Or do you need floss!
Emily: No. We are on a murder investigation. What were you doing on the Charlie's drive?
Henry: Ah, I see. Well if you must know. Charlie Green's appointment was coming up. I needed to remind him
Emily: Well he won't be coming back. He's the one who's been murdered
Henry: Murder you say! Good heavens. Thank you for telling me. I didn't know
Emily: You're welcome. We must ask if you are right or left handed
Henry: I'm right handed. May I go? My porridge is ready to eat?
Emily: Very well. We have to ask you to stay here
Henry: No worries. I will stay here if my size 10's went missing. I know strange but it's something our family say

Investigate Police Office Desk
Emily: So what did you find? Faded note pad, A broken pin, a bowtie and...
Emily: A police flashlight! You're right. The victim was beaten with something very heavy. I think you found the murder weapon. Do you think you can get some of the blood on it?
Emily: We have a lot to get through so there's no time waiting for us.

Examine faded Note pad
Emily: So what was in the faded note pad? A drawing? That's quite strange.
Emily: We better send it to Fiona so she can help us figure out what it's all about

Examine bowtie
Emily: Oh wow. You found some fingerprints on the bowtie?
Emily: Well we know where to send them. Let's send them to Fiona!

Examine Flashlight
Emily: So you got some blood from the flashlight. With any luck it may tell us as to who ended the young man's life. Let's send it to our lab chief Richard!

Examine Broken pin
Emily: So what was that broken pin that you fixed
Emily: The name Edward Looper Rochester!
Emily: Wait. That's the name of one of the suspects.
Emily: We better ask Edward Looper about badge right away!

Talk to Edward Looper about the badge
Edward: Hello Officers. What do you need?
Emily: We were here about this badge
Edward: Oh wow. You found my badge. Thanks! It's made of real diamonds and also gold
Emily: Surely you don't have enough money for that
Edward: We are Looper Rochester. We own most of the town.
Emily: Yes. I remember you saying. May we ask for your feet size and if you are right or left handed?
Edward: Of course you may. I am a size 7 feet and I'm right handed and I also eat porridge
Emily: Thank you. Why was your badge broken?
Edward: After all the questions and you ask that. Fine! That idiot broke it!
Emily: Who?
Edward: Who else but Charlie "I think I can break anything because your family ran from Concordia" Green
Emily: You seem quite angry about that
Edward: Charlie broke something that my family gave me. We ran from Concordia for a reason. To get away from the police. That flying police thing wasn't enough for our family. We had to leave and come to Britain!
Emily: Well let us hope that you didn't kill the victim because he questioned your family!

Analyse Drawing
Emily: Fiona. Were you able to find out what the drawing was?
Fiona: Yes. It belongs to Clara Gerson. You can see her signing it.
Emily: What? Why would she draw the victim and another boy kissing if she clamed that he loved her. We need to ask her right away!

Analyse Blood
Richard: Why hello my friend. I'm Richard and the blood you found had some fibers in.
Emily: Richard is very to the point
Richard: Quite. Anyway. You are looking for a killer wearing a bowtie!
Emily: Well then. We'll soon tie them in a bow
Richard: You are going to have to try harder with the puns Emily
Emily: We are looking for a killer wearing a bowtie!

Analyse Fingerprints
Fiona: So I looked at the fingerprints on the bowtie and it turns out that they belong to Charlie Queens
Emily: How interesting. We need to ask Charlie Queens about what his fingerprints are doing on the bowtie

Talk to Charlie Queens about the fingerprints
Emily: Hello Charlie. We wanted to ask about the bowtie-
Charlie: Oh er...You found that. Fine. I took it from the victim
Emily: What in the world Charlie. You are meant to be a police officer. Not a robber. Explain yourself!
Charlie: Well it's a nice bowtie. I just thought I could give it to you later on
Emily: I'm upset by your actions Charlie. We'll have to put you on leave until the commissioner chooses what to do with you
Charlie: I'm sorry...Let me eat my porridge and tie up my size 10's with my right hand
Emily: I know but taking things isn't what a police officer does. Pack your things and leave the building...

Talk to Clara Gerson about the drawing
Emily: Clara, we found this drawing of yours. We hop-
Clara: Oh you found that did you?
Clara: Fine then. Charlie Green was cheating on with one of the Looper Rochester. I believed his name was Larry
Emily: Oh. Do you have proof of this?
Clara: Yes. That ginger Rochester prove it. The other gay one
Emily: You mean Edward?
Clara: Yes
Clara: I told Charlie to stay away from me or I would throw my porridge at him with my right hand
Emily: Well let's just hope you didn't take it to far and murder Charlie out right!

After Clara had left
Emily: Yes. I agree. We should go back to the scene of the crime. Let's go!

Investigate H.M.S Net-roll
Emily: So what did you find?
Emily: A ripped leaflet and a watch?
Emily: We could try and fixed the leaflet and then take whatever you can find from the watch
Emily: We are so close to finding the killer. We can't stop now!

Examine ripped leaflet
Emily: So you found a angry message on the leaflet which reads "Never come back to my dentist or I'll kill you!"
Emily: You're right. This must have been from Henry Williams
Emily: You are also right on that. Henry said that he was at the victim's drive to send him his next appointment. This is very strange indeed. We must talk to him again!

Examine Victim's Watch
Emily: So what did you find on the victim's watch?
Emily: Some fibers? Well we better send them to Richard so he can tell us what they are

Asked Henry Williams about the angry message
Emily: Henry. We wish to ask you about this angry message
Henry: Which angry message
Emily: The one you send to the victim. The one where you said "Never come back to my dentist or I'll kill you"
Henry: Oh that one. Well...
Henry: Oh fine. That kid thought it would be a funny idea to switch my tea with something a bit poisonous
Emily: Something poisonous?
Henry: Yes, The man tried to poison me with the Atropa belladonna
Emily: Why didn't you report it to the police
Henry: Because the gang would have gotten me before the police was half the way here
Emily: Very well. I do hope your poisonous anger wasn't enough to kill Charlie Green or you'll be put behind bars!

Analyse Fibers
Emily: So Richard. What did you find from the fibers
Richard: The fibers are from something people wear. Something on their hands
Emily: The killer might be getting away and you give us puzzles!?
Richard: No need to be like that Emily. The fibers are from a glove.
Emily: So our killer is wearing gloves. Let's go and get them {Name}

After finishing everything
Emily: So we have everything we need to arrest the killer of Charlie Green. Let's go and get them!

Arrest Killer

Emily: After so must running. We have finally got you Henry, Why did you do it. Why did you kill Charlie Greens
Henry: What? Why would I kill a guy who was as good as their tooth
Emily: Well we found out you eat porridge and the fact you are right handed.
Henry: Are you kidding me? New World Point is the scum area of Parinaita. Some of us can't live on half a piece of bread every day. We are hungry. Porridge is all we have
Emily: Yet you say that and you still killed Charlie.
Henry: Yes. I did. But it wasn't for the robbery
Emily: What was the reason then?
Henry: I killed him because he tried to murder my kids and eat them.
Emily: You have a family?
Henry: Yes. I want them to live a long and happy life. Maybe one day get to Winder Center. However that monster nearly murdered them
Henry: We were at the play ground one day and he...He....
Henry: He killed poor Francis and then ate him before my very eyes.
Emily: But you could have told the police
Henry: I-I couldn't...He told me he was going to do the same if I did
Emily: I know what it's like to live in New World Point and you have to live but you choose to commit murder. Henry Williams. You are under arrest for the murder of Charlie Greens...
At the trail of Henry Williams
Judge Alex Holiday: Henry Williams. You are charged with the murder of Charlie Greens. How to you pleased
Henry: Guilty your honour. But he murdered my son Francis. That monster killed my son and ate him before my very own eyes
Alex: Yes. I do understand New World Point. It is the scum area of Parinaita and many people don't have a voice in the district when they really need it. It would make their life's better. So I'm going to do something...
Alex: I find this whole thing horrifying and bad. So I think that the district need a new mayor who will listen to EVERYTHING the district needs. Also I want the New World Point prison to start a food bank so everyone in New World Point will have something to eat everyday.
Henry: Thank you so much judg-
Alex: I am not done talking Henry. From now on everyone will vote for what they want in New World Point. I also demand new houses be build.
Alex: However we do have to sentenced you to prison Henry for the murder. However for opening our eyes to how New World Point needs to change and I thank you for that. I therefore sentences you to 5 years in prison with parole in 2 years
Henry: No matter. Thank you for all you have done judge. No more will the people of New World Point be hungry or have to live in scum anymore and you have saved many lives. Thank you for everything...

After the trail
Emily: Well that was a trail and a half. I knew you would find the killer though. Well done
Emily: Anyway. I believe the chief will want to see you and give you your orders for now.
Emily: But before that. Let's get some fresh air. I need some after that investigation.
Emily: See you in a bit {Name}

The Mysteries of New world (1/6)

Emily: Hello {Name}. I've hoped you had some fresh air after that murder. Something tells me that something else is going to happen. Something about the gangs.
Emily: Wait. You haven't heard of the gangs of New World Point? We-
Matthew: Emily and {Name} Just the people I want to see. Come to my office please
Emily: I'll tell you later

Inside the Chief's office
Matthew: So congratulations are in order. Well done on solving your first case here in Parinaita.
Emily: Thanks sir but {Name} should really hear about the gangs of New World Point.
Matthew: Ah yes, I almost forgot
Matthew: Over the past few years, New World has seen a increase in gang crimes. It's your job to solve out why.
Emily: On it sir. Anything else
Matthew: Yes. I want to check on Clara Gerson, The victim's girlfriend, and Officer Queens has called in saying that Edward Looper Rochester is there requesting your help
Emily: Wait. Officer Queens? We put him on leave
Matthew: Yes. The commissioner thought it was a mistake and let him stay in the police.
Emily: Very well. So who do we start with. The crying girlfriend or the Rochester

Ask Clara Gerson how she's doing
Emily: Hello Clara. We just wanted to check on you to see how you were doing
Clara: I-I'm doing really badly. I-I've lost my pills
Emily: Your pills?
Clara: Y-Yes. They help me with my depression and anxiety.
Emily: Where do you think you've left them?
Clara: I-I think n-near Charlie's house
Emily: Okay. We'll go look there. You get some fresh air love. You'll need it

Question Edward Looper about why he's in the police office
Emily: You wanted a word with us Edward?
Edward: Indeed I did. I think I've found something about the gang crime that may be of help
Emily: That would be of great help. What do you help for us?
Edward: One of the gang members phone
Emily: Amazing! Where is it
Edward: I have no idea. Charlie took it off me
Emily: Charlie!
Charlie: You want the phone don't you?
Emily: It would help
Charlie: Well I...eh...kind of lost it
Emily: You lost it...
Charlie: In the police office
Emily: No worries. {Name} is very good at finding things
Edward: Thanks. I have a lot of badge. You can take one and keep one [player Gets Star Badge]

Investigate Victim's house
Emily: So did you find the pills?
Emily: You did. Amazing.
Emily: Oh The information is faded. I'll let you clear it up

Investigate Police office
Emily: So did you find the phone Edward wanted to show us?
Emily: You have but it's broken. Well you know what to do. fix it!

Examine Clara's Pills
Emily: So have you got the information from the pills
Emily: Yes? Then let's send it to Fiona at once

Examine broken phone
Emily: So have you fixed the phone?
Emily: Oh great. It's locked as well. Can you please unlock it?

Examine Phone
Emily: So have you opened the phone? Then let's send it to Fiona right away!

Analyse Information
Emily: So what did you find out about the information on the pill bottle Fiona
Fiona: Well the pills belong to Clara alright but she's been taking to many. She's only meant to take 3 a day. Not 3 at the same time.
Emily: Can it kill her?
Fiona: Luckily not but it can lead to the depression getting worse.
Emily: Poor thing. We better tell her at once

Analyse phone numbers
Emily: So Fiona. Did you find out what the phone numbers were?
Fiona: Yes and you better tell Charlie about this right away
Emily: What do you mean Fiona
Fiona: The phone numbers were for the gang. Go now before it too late. Save this ELR right away!
Emily: Well then. Let's tell Charlie! However who is this ELR. Could it be Edward Looper Rochester? Unlikly

Give Clara back her pills
Emily: Hello Clara. Did you have a nice walk?
Clara: Oh yes. I got to see the birds and trees and all of that.
Emily: That's good. We found your pills but we need to tell you that you are taking to many.
Clara: Am I?
Emily: Yes. You are only meant to take 3 per day. Not at the same time though.
Clara: Oh. I guess I should be more careful with my pills. Thanks for that.
Emily: You're welcome
Clara: Here. Let me cook you something. You do look rust of your feet. [Gets Burger]

Question Charlie Queens about the Phone Number
Charlie: So did you manage to find the phone?
Emily: Indeed we did and we have reason to believe that this phone belongs to one of the gang members who are planning something.
Charlie: Planning what?
Emily: We're not sure yet. However did you see anything fishy around anyway
Charlie: Strange you should say that. A few minutes ago I saw some boys messing around near the New World Point's Port.
Emily: A few minutes ago? Then we better go there right away!

Investigate New World Point's Port
Emily: So did you find anything fishy {Name}
Emily: A suitcase? You do know people go on Holiday all the time?
Emily: Fine. I guess if you want to open it. Do it

Examine Suitcase
Emily: You got it open. Now I guess we must search though it. I don't want to get my hands dirty though. You do it
Emily: Don't look at me like that. Just do it already. We are messing with a gang here!

Examine Opened Suitcase
Emily: Well I'll be. There was a dagger in that suitcase! Let's get it to Richard to see what he can get from it!

Analyse dagger
Richard: Well, Well, Well. You found this bloody dagger in a suitcase?
Emily: Yes. Well...{Name} did
Richard: Well all I can tell you is that it came from a grassy area.
Emily: But Richard. There are a lot of grassy areas in New World Point
Richard: Haha. Oh Emily. Just as young and bouncy as ever. True that there are many grassy area in New World Point but THIS grass comes from "Meadow's Street"
Emily: Meadow's Street! We better tell the chief about this!

Inside the Chief Office
Emily: Chief!
Matthew: Emily. You seem scared. Why not take a sit down
Emily: Not now chief. We just found something out about the gang
Matthew: Which is?
Emily: They are in meadow's street and they may have kidnapped a "ELR"
Matthew: Who's ELR?
Emily: We don't know chief but we need to get there as fast as possible!
Matthew: Very well. However I want you to tell Charlie Queens about this information right away
Emily: Right away chief.

Asked Charlie Queen to keep a eye out
Emily: Charlie. We have some information on the gang
Charlie: And what would that be?
Emily: We have reasons to believe that they are in Meadow's Street
Charlie: Meadow's Street you say?
Emily: Yes. The chief wants you to keep a eye out on Meadow's street till we can get there!
Charlie: Of course I can keep a eye out for you. Anyway. The commissioner wanted to give you this for your hard work. He's not here anyway
Emily: Where is he?
Charlie: Meadow's Street...
Emily: Then you better get there as fast as possible!
Charlie: Of course Emily. Don't forget the commissioner's gift! [Gets 20,000 coins]

A little while later
Emily: Well what a day that was {Name}. I wonder what will happen next.
Emily: I hope it's not another murder. You'll be going with another person. He's quite nice. No need to worry. Here he is now!
Tom: Hello {Name} I'll be coming with you to Meadow's Street. The chief kind of wants us to get use to the both of us.
Matthew: Ah. There you are. I just got a call from Charlie
Tom: A call sir? I didn't know they had signal up there.
Matthew: This is no laughing matter! Charlie has found another dead body up there!
Tom: Oh dear lord. We better get there right

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