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Light it Up
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 57
Initial release date 29. III 2020.
Partner(s) Abbi Ronald (All Chapters)
Mia Diaz (Broken Trust 3)
Case Chronology
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The Hoax of Murders Stealing the Kill

Light it Up is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 149th case of the game and the 57th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario.


After the team discovered more about the mole Abbi approached the team, saying that she and the player are invited to go to the party of Madam Casandra. Chief Loukas was hesitant on first but allowed the team to go there with condition that they will try to get more information about the district and possible find LUMIA's future plans. On the party everything was luxurious and shiny. People talked to each others as the team moved through the crowd before eventually they saw a Christmas light lighting up before heard a woman screaming and falling in the pool, causing the fatal electrocution and panic to begin. The team quickly reacted but it was too late as Miss Casandra got electrocuted to death.

The team quickly took her out of the water and sent her body to Matilda Supergem as they quickly discovered their first suspect, an archivist Nick Gerry. As the team progressed the beginning of the investigation further they discovered reasons to suspect a party attendee Susan Lotusworth, as well as a local mime Gerald. After the autopsy, Matilda discovered that the killer tied her up before pushing him, in the process leaving a wax for senet figures all over her clothing, concluding the killer's passion for the game of senet.

A bit later, the team stopped to recap the case, Mia approached the team and said that a cowgirl wants to speak with the player about the murder. Abbi and the player then proceed to the interrogation room where Eva Grant put her hat on the table and said that she and the victim worked together to start a acting university part from the main university for super talented students and offered the team keys to investigate that area, saying that she also wants the killer to face the justice. A duo accepted the keys and went to the new-founded acting academy where they discovered that a mysterious girl Monica Hoax went to the audition for the academy but also that Susan was in the argument with the victim because of flowers. The team then discovered that Gerald was mocked by the victim.

As the team dropped by the academy they noticed something strange. As they approached closer they noticed a riot of students, ready to burn the academy to the ground. As Abbi and the player approached more closer they saw Monica leading the angry rioters. After the team threat the rioters with arrest they stepped back as the team went to speak with Monica where they discovered that the victim wasn't good at all and that she abused her students, mentally and physically before she showed her legs and arms who were covered in the whip marks. After they searched the academy again they found documents of Eva about the abasement and decided to question her. She snapped and furiously said that Casandra used to be her girlfriend before she discovered that she abuses the students and decided to speak with her about that but then the victim decided to throw her out They also discovered that Nick tried to buy some properties from the victim but that he didn't said why.

With the last missing evidence found the team went to arrest Susan. They approached with question why she did it, but she tried to deny accusations, saying that she would never get so low to murder someone but after the team point all the evidence she cracked and confessed that she couldn't handle it anymore. She explained how back in while she and Roberto Dias had a "brothel" her daughter decided to work there in order to get some money for the university but that by time how the police dug deeper into the brothel scheme she also found that brothel isn't a brothel but something more darker and decided to get her daughter out of it before it became too late. She then broke into tears, saying that when she entered the brothel everything was full but she couldn't find her daughter and no one inside knew anything about that. She then said how she eventually get into the backstage of the brothel in the yard that looked like a graveyard and then she saw her digging a hole she next to her was a partly dissolved body of her own daughter. Abbi then asked her why she didn't report anything on what she said that the victim deserved death and that no cages or freedom restriction would've fill the hole she had. She then explained that she planned a murder deeply but that before the act she approached her and questioned on what the victim confessed that she is the one that killed her but that her daughter was so weak for the next generation. Abbi then cuffed her and sent to trial where Judge Gilmore sentenced Susan to 36 years in prison.

After the trial, Arif approached the team, saying that he discovered a huge lead about the mole. Arif then said how he decrypted another section of the Hard Drive and that it contains Libidine's connection with the old department and that the partition talking about the destruction of FPD with LUMIA's help by putting in the agents of LUMIA and pay the traitors who will slowly eat the department's resources but that everything need to start after the player leave, as well that multiple times they mentioned Nick. The team then approached him who raised his eyebrows and said that he has no idea about what they are talking about before leaving the place but the team, suspicious on his behavior, decided to search around the part he attended and eventually found the key set they sent to the lab. After analyzes, Madison confirmed that the keys belongs to this unit's doors except for one diamond keys that she couldn't find the purpose but that she found interesting set of fingerprints on it that matched Abismo, Irving Bennett, Kristina Rust and surprisingly Monica Hoax. Monica then confessed that she had the possession of keys because someone told her that she should keep them because soon things will ready to be on fire and those keys will be keys of the new world before saying that the mysterious person gave it to her at the french park. Thinking that the mole is the one who gave her the keys they returned to the theme park where under the fountain they found Lena Lovato's clothing with a mysterious Id card inside that no one knew for what it is, but the tech due swore that they will work to find for what it is the usage of it.

In the meantime, Mia an the player were approached by Eva who said that she wants to clean the academy name and wants to change the academy into more moral acting academy but to do that she would need old victim's working papers. The team found that, but they also found another box with drugs that Nerocius hide across the district. All happy the team reported the finding and information about the mole to the Chief who said that they need to work more it and that they can't let another department massacre to happen like it did a year ago.

After exiting the chief's office they were stopped by Abbi once again who said that Bruno Filipovich left the station a while ago with no warnings. Right in that lights in the department flashed as the screens start to going crazy before an emergency alarm turned on. Chief Loukas then exited his office and asked what is going on before Madison and Arif rushed downstairs, saying that the station is compromised as the virus attacked the main server back in Greenland and that is probably everything the mole's going. Chief then ordered the player, Mia, Arif and Madison to get the car and rush back to Greenland in order to clean the virus and finally catch the mole once for all.



  • Madam Casandra (Electrocuted with the Christmas lights inside the pool)

Murder Weapon

  • Christmas Lights


  • Susan Lotusworth


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer eats gruel.
  • The Killer plays senet.
  • The Killer uses turpentine.
  • The Killer wears red.
  • The Killer is 33 years old.

Crime Scenes

Luxury Pool Party Luxury Rooftop Luxury Pool Party Bonus
French Themed Park Luxurious Fountain French Themed Park Bonus
Acting Academy Academy Staff Room Acting Academy Bonus


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Chapter 3

Broken Trust 3



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