Lie in Ruins
General information
Season 9
City Laroy Bay
Region Tech Town
Case # 28
Initial release date 26.3.2020
Partner(s) Adrian Fishman
Case chronology
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Follow in Footsteps Gold-Blooded

Lie in Ruins is a case featured in Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay. It takes place in Tech Town and it's the 28th case of the game, also the fourth one to take place in Tech Town.


After Danny Darkwood got kidnapped by Howard Hardwin and his guards, the team started discussing how to save him and bring Howard down. Right then, they recieved a call from Emma Fairchild, who escaped prison. Emma then told them how she will finally eliminate Howard herself and that they better not try anything to stop her. Knowing that Howard's murder would just start a war between Hardwins and resistance, Adrian and player went to stop it. After tracking down Emma on the black market street, the pair went there, only to find Howard's new bride Valeria Chase lying in a pool of blood, mercilessly beaten to death. The pair immediately searched the crime scene and added Emma, Adrian's brother Patrick Fishman and inventor Karin Soma on the suspect list. When they returned back to the station, Patrick told them that resistance members set the city hall on fire.

The team then investigated the burning city hall as firefighters extinguished it. A little while later, the team added pianist Lucas Ritter and VRClub CEO Marigold Bishop on the suspect list. After investigating Valeria's favourite boutique, the team discovered that Emma tried to shoot Valeria, but failed. They also discovered that one of Karin's inventions completely destroyed Valeria's hair few months ago. When Adrian and player got back to the station, Anastasia told them that Howard had another girlfriend that Valeria wasn't aware of.

Anastasia explained that she found text messages between Marigold and Howard, where Howard confessed his love to her. Adrian and player immediately interrogated Marigold, who looked at them in visible confusion and explained that Howard never mentioned Valeria to her. After heartbroken Marigold left, the pair searched the boutique once again. Later on, they discovered that Valeria tried to get Patrick arrested after she saw him talking with resistance members. They also discovered that Valeria ruined Lucas' modelling career by gossiping about him. The team then found enough evidence to arrest Marigold for the murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Marigold laughed and said that Valeria was a filthy traitor that deserved what she got. Marigold proceeded to explain that Valeria wanted to join resistance since she couldn't stand being threatened and stalked by Emma all of the time. Howard then told Marigold that, if she kills Valeria, he will marry her and that they will rule the Laroy Bay together when he starts the epidemic. Wanting power and wealth, Marigold grabbed a sledgehammer and mercilessly beated Valeria to death. When Adrain tried to cuff her, Marigold laughed and said that Howard will free her either way, like he did with Valeria. Marigold then grabbed a laser gun and pointed it at Adrian, telling him to cuff the player since they are her prisoners now. Adrian tried to shoot her, but realized that his gun is missing. Right in that moment, Isabella ran to them and tackled Marigold, accidentally smashing her head against the dumpster in process. When Isabella stood up, her eyes filled with tears as she realized what she had done...

Adrian jumped and hugged Isabella, telling her how everything is going to be okay and that it was an accidental murder. Crying Isabella then wanted to turn herself in, but Adrian told her that Howard will sent her on a death row for killing his girlfriend. Despite Adrian's pleads not to, Isabella ran away, wanting some time alone. Worried for her, Adrian and player searched the black market street and found Patrick's tablet. They then asked Patrick if he saw Isabella, to which Patrick responded that he saw her talking with Karin Soma. The pair then interrogated Karin, who said that Isabella wanted to leave the resistance for some reason. She also gave them Isabella's phone to help them with tracking her down. Since Danny is still kidnapped, Anastasia analyzed Isabella's phone and told them that Isabella is near the city hall. Worried that she'll turn herself in, Anastasia, Adrian and player hurried to talk with her. When they arrived, they saw Isabella crying. Adrian hugged her tightly and kissed her. Isabella then told them that she became just like her father and Howard. After convincing Isabella that she's not like Howard and Jordan, the pair took her back to the station, where Chief Miller told them that they will keep Marigold's murder a secret until they put Howard in prison.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sven tried to figure out where Danny is being kept in order to save him. Sven and player then searched the black market street to see if they could find anything. After finding Danny's broken smart glasses, covered in blood. They immediately sent them to Rosie, who sighed and said that blood really comes from Danny. Angry, Sven grabbed his rifle and said that only way to stop Howard is to kill him. Patrick then calmed down Sven and told him that Danny would never want him to harm Howard. Heartbroken Sven then told him how Danny reminded him of his son that passed away and that Danny is the only team member that could make him happy during hard times. After comforting Sven, Patrick and player then returned back to the boutique and found a voice recorder. After unlocking it, Patrick pressed play, only to hear Danny's desperate voice. Danny told them that he's being taked to the Hardwin mansion. The recording ended with Danny telling them not to come find him since the whope kidnapping is a trap...

After all of these events, Chief Miller told everyone that they need to find a way to get inside of the Hardwin mansion and save Danny without anyone noticing since Howard's bodyguards are all over the place. Right then, Sven came in, determined to save Danny. Chief tried to tell him that they need to make a plan, but Sven insisted that he and player can do it all alone since he remembers every corner of Hardwin mansion very well. After convincing Chief to let them go, Sven and player headed to the Hardwin mansion to rescue Danny...



  • Valeria Chase (beaten to a bloody pulp on the black market street)

Murder Weapon:

  • Sledgehammer




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats beef and stout pie.
  • The killer is colorblind.
  • The killer is scared of the dark.
  • The killer wears gold.
  • The killer wears a dark blue coat.

Crime Scenes

Black Market Street Broken Hot Dog Stand Black Market Street Bonus
Burning City Hall Steps Burning City Hall Bonus
Rose's Boutique Shopwindow Rose's Boutique Bonus
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