Liam McChubs is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. He was one of the suspects during his sister's murder investigation in Can't Touch This (Case #5).


Liam is the heir of a big family fortune as his parents were the founders of McChubs Shoes. Even though the company doesn't exist anymore, he still has a lot of money thanks to his parents and spends his days quietly in the Countryside.

Profiles known from cases:

  • He uses cannabis, he is kleptomaniac, he eats mayonnaise.
  • During the events of Can't Touch This, he wore a tie.

Role in cases

Liam was the first discoverer of his sister Linda McChubs's corpse in their old abandoned factory. Evan Day thought that it was suspicious, as there was no reason for any of them to be in that place. He was interrogated and said that he wasn't going to cry because he had already cried for her a lot of times. Linda was into drungs and had made some weird friends recently. Liam said that if McChubs shoes had existed by then, Linda would have ruined it. For some reason, Lewis Bender (Linda's boyfriend) hated Liam and blamed him for the murder, just as Marilyn Yanks did.

Liam was interrogated a second time because the team discovered that only the McChubs had free access to the factory. He said he was innocent and didn't want the police to keep bothering him. After being one of the prime suspects, he was free of all suspicions as Zack Clewn was identified as the real killer. Linda saw her death coming and sent a message to Liam asking for help, which was the reason why he was at the abandoned factory for no apparent reason. Despite not liking his sister, Liam was at the trial and insulted Zack.

Alan Smith told the team to check up on Liam the day after the trial and he asked for help to find Linda's bell from when she was a child.

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Liam McChubs
Biographical information
Full name Liam McChubs
Gender Male
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States American (Townville)
Occupation Unemployed
Family Linda McChubs (sister)
Game information
First appearance Can't Touch This
Suspect appearance(s) Can't Touch This
Rewards given Can't Touch This - Black and white necktie
Game stats
Height 6'6"
Age 30
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood O+
Hair Blond
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