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“Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”


Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
General information
Season 1
District Glaciean Galore
Case # 18
Initial release date July 7, 2021
Partner(s) Rodrigo Mendoza (All Chapters)
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
At Eternity's Gate Secrets Behind Production
(in Nexus Factory)
Previously, a conspiracy started during the heist plot scheme with the Pates and Beauregard Fuelmore being responsible for the plot. And with that, you head to the movie set where a historical action-romance movie is filmed to search the whereabouts of Vincent as he was the only one there while the other two conspirators ran to Nexus Factory. But, all you saw on the set was a figure dangling on a chair, devoured by rats. Is this murder is just a part of the conspiracy? Or is it something deep?
—Case Teaser

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence is the eighteenth case of Criminal Case as the eighteenth case of Staghaven Secrets. It is the second and last case to take place in Glaciean Galore district.


As we unearthed a deep conspiracy plotted by both Vincent and Mildred Pate as well as Beauregard Fuelmore, Chief Murloch got frantic especially at the conspiracy plot, which confuses the rest of the team since they saw their chief end up frantic before. Nonetheless, she ordered the department to investigate the movie set to see the whereabouts of Vincent Pate, as he was last seen at the movie set. There, Rodrigo and the player rounded the area hoping to get the disgraced businessman out, but instead under the dark bridge, they found Vincent himself tied up to a sofa, eaten alive as he was devoured by rats.

Seeing the gruesome scene unfold, director Derek Davis then approached the duo about their appearance at the set for no reason until he saw the body, before fainting from shock. The team sent the body to Colum who cracked a joke about the victim being eaten by one of his kind before confirming the rats had torn most of his skin and flesh apart, causing him to bleed which triggered a heart attack from shock, and his survival rate is little due to his age. Returning to the investigation, the pair questioned Derek who woke up from the faint feeling, before the director told the duo he didn't know the victim was a criminal due to his disguise as a crew member. Later, the pair suspected actor Antwain Moss who was surprised to see the team, before telling them he was aware of Vincent at the set but was not able to report due to a tight schedule since he was practicing the script due to him being the lead antagonist of the movie. The team then questioned photographer Evelyn Harris who went to the set to take photographs for her boyfriend, Alexios Ironfang due to him being a huge fan of Derek and his movies. Later, they placed the actress who played the lead role of the movie as the protagonist, Sophia Cassidy as a suspect as she expressed shock due to the murder in the peaceful movie set. Soon after, the department received a deadly threat from the killer with part of the victim's flesh, telling them to stop the investigation or there will be more blood be shed.

Despite the threat, the department won't falter over such words, so they sent the officers up to the set once again and investigate the matter. There, we placed hairstylist Victoria Reese as a suspect when she was seen at the movie set, where she told the team she was waiting for her girlfriend, Sierra, to return from her business meeting for a date in the set. Later, we learned that a former construction worker whom we arrested for the murder of a contractor, Caden Cromwell, was issued for early release and he was seen at the set, so the team immediately flagged him as a suspect. When asked about his appearance on the set, he just said he was having a good time after someone "valuable" had released him. Soon after, witch coven head Isabelle Kloss was questioned when her hat was found at the scene, where she claimed she had arrived at town due to her wife telling her to embrace city life, so she obliged. Later, the team discovered Derek wrote a disgruntled letter directed to Vincent, where he explained it was due to his bad work as a "crew", not knowing he was just disguising and was a criminal. As for Antwain, he knew Vincent was bad karma, so he tried to scare him to turn himself in, but failed. We also learned Evelyn went into the rogue investigation of Vincent, his wife, and Beauregard, where she discovered something sinister but was not able to tell since she feared her life as Vincent once attempted to slit her throat and kill her alongside her boyfriend if she didn't keep quiet. Soon after, Irene reported a disturbance at the set, saying she saw Caden holding Evelyn at gunpoint in front of everyone.

As we approached the scene, we saw Caden yelling to everyone that the price had to be made for messing with his savior. With that, we de-escalated the situation and apprehended Caden, and asked what was he doing and who is his savior, before he revealed he was in pact with Vincent, and that the latter was the one who freed him from his agonizing days in prison that he had huge respect to the businessman and be loyal even until death. Later, we learned Sophia was sexually harassed by Vincent very badly, and that Victoria was never actually waiting for a date, in fact, she was worried and was searching for Sierra's whereabouts as she disappeared without a trace and everything led to Vincent, but he refused to say a word. Later, Isabelle told the team her reason to arrive at the movie set: To stop Vincent from forwarding his plans as she saw from insight and she wanted to assist. With all the evidence, the team arrested Sophia Cassidy for the murder.

As we confronted the actress for grand murder, she resisted, saying she was innocent, until she was pressured enough to confess calmly before shouting she did it for the greater good. When asked to collaborate more, Sophia didn't murder Vincent to save the city for justice, but Mildred and Beauregard's sakes. Back then when she was still in her twenties, she is struggling to make things meet after immigrating to Staghaven, until Mildred, Beauregard, and the late Vincent stood up and saved her from the brink of downfall and made her a movie star which gained her fame. As she lives a rich and glamorous life now, she gained respect for the trio and was willing to do anything. However, at the present day, she received a text from Beauregard, who told her that Vincent, was a traitor and shall be eliminated as he planned to flee the city to Canada to protect himself as he feared death, potentially jeopardizing the plan. Because of this, Sophia lost her respect for Vincent and obliged on eliminating Vincent. She knew that Vincent happens to be a huge fan of Derek's movies, and knew he would visit the set no matter what the situation was. So when she witnessed Vincent disguising as a crew member seeing the set, she sprung into action by knocking the businessman with a Spartan helmet, and then tied him to a sofa and poured rat food on his body, before releasing the rats stored at a small cage used for filming a torture scene to Vincent, turning the scene into reality. She was brought to Judge de Paradis who worriedly called someone on her phone before she reviewed Sophia's vile actions, before sentencing her to 60 years imprisonment.

Continuing to search more about the conspiracy, suddenly vet student and Evelyn's boyfriend, Alexios Ironfang went to the office in a panic, asking for help as his girlfriend Evelyn disappeared out of the blue and he was worried since she had shown signs of anxiety these past days after investigating those matters regarding the three businesspeople. Knowing her threat and what happened on the set back then, we suspected there might be more to that so we investigated the set but we could only find a video camera. We sent the camera to Shizuku who told us to take a peek and it features the frantic Evelyn asking everyone not to find her as she is trying to investigate an urgent matter. We figured that this urgent matter she's talking about is just her hiding due to fear, and Alexios happened to recognize some terms she's using and figured she was hiding in the trailer. As we arrived at the trailer, we found Evelyn, scared as she was surprised the department and her boyfriend found her before Alexios hugged her tightly, tried to comfort her. As we asked why she was hiding, she explained it was due to a threat sent by an anonymous user who forwarded a disturbing video that was originally made by Beauregard, but it was confirmed it's not Beauregard who sent the threat to Evelyn, but one of his allies. The threat shows a video of a woman, who was tied up naked as she was injected with a serum that causes her to glow and her skin inflates and explodes. And the anonymous user added a message that scared her, "You'll end up like this if you keep contacting the police or continuing the investigation!". Shizuku once again analyzed the messages and managed to extract information and the location where it was sent last time, and it was in the set. Going there once again, we found a pamphlet with Beauregard's writing to order "his child" to threaten Evelyn who knew too much, and tie up loose ends if possible. As we saw a powder substance on the pamphlet, we took the microscope and found traces of claustrophobia medicines, and seeing all of the suspects, we can confirm there is only one person here who suffers from claustrophobia: Antwain Moss.

With this discovery, we immediately confronted Antwain, who politely asked why before we went furious and demanded an answer, which caused Antwain to lose his cool and chuckle with an evil tone, admitting he was true, an ally of the Pates and Beauregard, and admitted he was the biological son of Beauregard, and that his current father Darwin was not even his father. He didn't explain much about his true origins, but he did admit from the start he was observing the department and fulfilling the plans of the trio, whom he dubbed "Saints of Staghaven". He laughed as infiltrating the trust of the department was easy, just like how his act in Witchy Wilderness was easily done despite suspicions. The real reason he spied on the team was not to rescue Somolon out of blackmail, but to report the whole ordeal to the Saints of Staghaven, and freeing Somolon to kill him to tie up loose ends so he could take over the Azalea Corporation to back up the Saints of Staghaven on building utopia. But since he failed to kill Somolon, he figured it's still going to work since the team's gonna solve the whole case and he'd be rotting in jail anyway, so he hid in the forest until it was done. He chuckles at how foolish the team is for not noticing the suspicions despite it was so obvious, before he revealed the reason why they paid Morgana and the witches to burn the Astonia Village and then provoke the son of the Azalea Corporation founder to kill them to tie up loose ends: So they could take over a portion of the land in Astonia Village and replace it with a factory for the production of a " secret project" authorized by the Saints of Staghaven as Astonia was built on top of a lake and it's a strategic location to gain electricity. He began to explain why he joined the "winning side", because he, before gaining success, was shunned by the city for having a porn star as a father and getting judged. He felt like the city was judgemental, so he wanted to change it for the better good. With this confession, we tried to handcuff Antwain but unfortunately, many agents stormed in and shot the crowd, before rescuing Antwain before he said adios, everyone survived.

Later, Victoria phoned Chief Murloch who wanted help finding Sierra since she never popped out. And since the Evelyn incident, we assume she may have been hiding, until Victoria told the authorities that she isn't the type to fend alone. As Victoria begged, the team complied and found several pieces of jewelry on the streets and found the skin cells of Sierra. It is clear that she is abducted, but where? Until the department called him back as they received a video call from Beauregard. As we called him, he was angry at us for uncovering his son's identity and threatened Darwin's life too, which caused the profiler to be silent. This made us remember that Antwain did tell us he was biologically a Fuelmore, so we questioned Darwin who just remained silent with sweats. Anyways, Beauregard showcased the inside of a secret chamber, before showing Sierra and other women tied to a chamber just like the threat video Evelyn showed, in panic before he showed a pig on some experimental room getting injected with a serum that turned the animal into a liquid as it melted slowly. We asked what Beauregard was doing alongside his ally Mildred, but he refused to tell us anything and if we wanted to see him, we had to visit the factory ourselves but since we can't thank the military, he snickers before he says surprise surprise. We wonder what he meant by that until the news outlet was flooded with a flock of prisoners released on bail, even the deadliest and the streets became violent. He then told the department he had Mildred use her position and wealth to release the criminals to ensure chaos before Beauregard told them he was about to volunteer as a mayoral candidate for Staghaven soon, without telling why before turning off the device.

Now in trouble, we informed Victoria about her girlfriend's fate alongside other girls on the hands of Beauregard and Mildred, before she angrily swore she's gonna torture and chop Beauregard and Mildred to pieces, before telling us some girl with a decent sense of fashion who claimed to be released out of prison wants to see them. Hearing this, they deduce it may have been Tamra Putnam, the fashion designer convicted of murdering a scion in a Escape the Night themed party. She then greeted the department although they don't trust her before she told them to trust her especially she wanted to seek justice after hearing the situation being dangerous this time, and her grandfather dying in prison breaks her more, so she wanted to redeem her crimes for good before asking the team to prove herself. She told us to follow her, and we did until we saw Jérémy, Alexios, Evelyn, and Zinj. The quartet then informs the department they are together because Tamra established a resistance movement against the Saints of Staghaven to assist as chaos is ensuing, and the good news is, they also gained access to Nexus Factory, although they need permission from a judge to enter it officially. So they spoke to Ava, who was worried about her husband, Matthias who disappeared out of nowhere, and we believed he may also be abducted to Nexus Factory, although it's unlikely since all of the hostages are female, it still made Ava worried especially when the couple is expecting their first child. As we told her about the permit, she agreed to sign and give it to them before following the group to the entrance of Nexus Factory to meet up with the guard who turned out to be thug Zacharias DeMonet, who was surprised to see the player and the judge. As Ava gave the permit, Zacharias, with a smirk, told them the factory doesn't accept permits anymore as Beauregard told the current mayor, Sidney Holmes to forbid it. He then shooed everyone, and as we ran out of options on how to enter, Tamra was flashed with ideas before suggesting you know, what if she and the player used a disguise as a military guard to infiltrate the factory, and the rest of the team can camp outside and make a makeshift lab to monitor the duo. We agreed, and the player alongside Tamra donned the disguise again (with masks covering their face) and succeeded to fool Zacharias and went in before the duo wished for luck on them as they plan to unearth the secrets behind the factory.



  • Vincent Pate (tied up to a sofa and devoured by rats) 

Murder Weapon

  • Rats


  • Sophia Cassidy



Killer's Profile

  • The killer uses heat cream.
  • The killer takes vitamin D.
  • The killer drinks sangria.
  • The killer wears a scarf.
  • The killer wears lipstick.


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Trailer Vanity Table Trailer Bonus
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A Conspiracy of Silence (2/2)