Leonard Tate was a suspect in the murder investigation of his boss' girlfriend Amber Oliver in Amber Alert (Case #2 of Hidden Missions). Leonard was then murdered in Security Breach (Case #5 of Hidden Missions),


Leonard was the 48 year old security manager of Acropolis Airport. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Leonard is seen wearing a black blazer over a light blue dress shirt and a black necktie with white striped patterns, he is also seen wearing an airport security badge on the right side of his lapel. In his suspect appearance, it was known that Leonard drinks kale juice, has a pet beagle and uses sunscreen.

At the time of his death, Leonard's black and white striped necktie was replaced with a navy blue one with grey and white stripes.

Height 5'9"
Age 48
Weight 167lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O-

Events in Hidden Missions

Leonard was first flagged as a suspect when the player discovered that he was supposed to have a meeting with Alastair. Leonard claimed that Alastair wanted to meet him about security adjustments, but Alastair had to cancel it as he had an emergency meeting. Upon being asked if he was close with the victim, Leonard simply claimed that they rarely talked, he only saw Amber whenever he visited Alastair in his mansion.

Leonard was questioned again after seeing security footage in the bar that shows Amber accusing him of spying on her. Leonard explained his suspicions that Amber was manipulating Alastair as he once overheard her call him a "gullible fool" in a drunken phone call. As a loyal and close friend to Alastair, Leonard began waiting for Amber in the bar every week to catch her in the act, But then Amber caught him and warned him to leave her alone.

Eventually, Leonard was found innocent after the player and Agent Wong unmasked chauffeur Edward Jarvis as the killer. Later, Leonard was spoken to again by the player to give him an action plan created by Reed to efficiently inspect every luggage to oust smugglers.

Murder Details

Agent Cruz and the player were called into a murder reported in the airport, Leonard was found dead on a wheelchair on the pallet wrapping machine, the top half of his body was wrapped in several layers of plastic film. According to Dr. Woodley's autopsy analysis, Leonard did die of suffocation due to his face being wrapped in plastic. However, before putting him on the pallet wrapping machine, the killer first knocked Leonard unconscious with a baseball bat-like object, Besides that, Dr. Woodley found traces of medication used to treat gluten intolerance on the victim's pants, determining that the killer is suffering from gluten intolerance.

During the investigation, the player and Agent Cruz found the nightstick that was used to knock out Leonard. According to Rand, there were faint traces of glass-cleaning solution on the nightstick's handle, allowing the player to identify that the killer wear glasses. The empty roll of plastic film was also recovered by the player, with Candy finding traces of a polishing solution to shine badges, determining that the killer wears a badge.

Relationship with Suspects

Security guard Jim Talbot was the one who found Leonard's body in the airport's cargo bay area. Jim worked under Leonard for 6 years, developing respect for him throughout the years. Later in the investigation, Jim complained that Leonard wanted him to work extra shifts and double his workload, however his wages remained low.

Air marshal Scott Emery and Leonard met while they were in the Air Force. Ever since leaving the Air Force, Leonard gave Scott a job in the airport. However, when Leonard became the airport security manager, Scott became jealous and sought to succeed him.

As established from Amber Alert, Leonard was close friends with Osprey Airlines' CEO, Alastair Hahn.

[To be continued...]

Killer and Motive

The killer was revealed to be social media influencer, Veronica Lieu.

When the player and Agent Cruz arrived in Veronica's apartment to arrest her, they were notified by her landlord that she moved out without notice. While trying to track Veronica down, the two agents found a document in the airport's security station that explains that Veronica is infected by the Valencian virus, determining that the Veronica killed Leonard because he found out about her condition.

Case Appearance

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