Main Information: Left For Murder

Chief John: <Name>, Thank you! for applying at Dimbolone Police Department i promise to keep this Police Department Safe!

Chief John: Sorry I gonna call,Veronica what's seems the problem?

Veronica: Philip West just was found dead at his office!

Chief John: What! ok i will send you with Burt he's our younger Detective you know just go out there and investigate the crime!

Investigate CEO's Office

Burt: Hello! I am Burt Watersons and I am the Junior Detective in here Dimbolone bro?!

Burt: Alright this is Philip's Body let's send to Anna Dirtop she's our Corner in here <Name>.

Burt: Did you find any clues?

Burt: Yeah! this our Murder Weapon what is this a Unknown Gun we must find it and you found this book alright you can Examine what ever you want!

Autopsy Victim's Body

Burt: Let me just introduce our police corner-

Anna: <Name> sorry about Burt he is just exited sorry about that, Hello my Anna Dirtop I am the Corner here so The Results of the body that is like shoot like a normal gun but someone said that 1% people can only survive the gun so that means that your victim is already dead when shot the 1st Bullet

Burt: Wow that's a bad luck for him well gonna go!

Analyze 089-Serial-768

Robert: Hello! <Name> I am Robert Johnson and I an Forensic Expert here anyway to the topic well this gun have only one evidence well I spotted a fingerprint belongs to the killer so the problem the killer manged to broken the fingerprint but I still run the fingerprint I found that your killer is age is 40 and above!

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