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Learning to Die
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 53
Initial release date 02. III 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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The Addiction is Fatal To the End of News

Learning to Die is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 145th case of the game and the 53rd case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Airport, district of Fario.


After discovering Aqucius weird ways of trying to grab people to do their dirty job, the team decided to not let Heather Valentine follow the leads alone and together with the player Bruno went to the riverside treehouse where they found no traces of Heather, but the player nothing a blood that started to drip down the cracks in planks of the tree house. The teach rushed upstairs where they found Gloria Nebula, the last survivor from the plane crash that recently occurred crucified on the wall.

The team then shipped her body to the morgue before starting a bit to panic due to Heather being missing. The team then continued to search before finding that the victim went on a date with Felix Dunlap. After questioning him the team found reasons to suspect a hiker James Rockbottom and a young artist Meera Kat. After the autopsy, Matilda explained the team that the victim wasn't killed by the pain and blood loss caused by crucifixion but that she was actually infected by the scorpion poison and that the killer targeted her feet due to fast travel of poison from feet to the heart, but that the action required a scorpion to be trained and that the killer could've only do it if they themselves owned one.

Back at the station, the team started to panic due to Heather still being off the radar but after a couple of deep breathes they decided to stay calm and recap the case before Abbi approached in panic and told the team that Heather is dead. Shocked by the news, they asked Abbi where she found her on what she pointed the team to the closed mine where the team rushed long with Matilda. At the location they found Heather, however after Matilda checked her up she informed the team that her pulse is very weak but that she will be alive. The team progressed their investigation and found that the victim was in contact with a strange businessman of Italian origin, Luke Gideovani before learning that James was in argument wiht the victim over him not being polite towards her in the cafe. Later, the team was finally allowed to speak with Heather who didn't revealed much except that the victim was already dead by the time she approached the treehouse. As well, the team found that the victim stole a significant amount of money from Meera in one of the scams.

The team then recap the case near the treehouse before one of the branches broke down and fell on Bruno. After moving the branch from Bruno, he cleaning his jacket and furiously wanted to know who did this as he started to looks around. Quickly after that they found the saw that had Felix's fingerprints. Embarrassed he said that the branch was supposed to fall on the victim because she tried to get him fired from the job of the report due him not sharing her fake story. After that the team found that Heather accidentally hit the victim with her bike earlier this week, but also that Luke rejected the victim's fake cheques.

Finally, after the last reports are obtained the team went and arrested Luke. Upon confessing his crime he said that he is not just a businessman but also a former member of Gideovani Family, a mobster family operated in Crimestone and that he came to Fario in order to change his life and hide from the family as they put the hit on him, but that he was noticed by some people here who valued his talent and promised him a protection from other mobsters if he agree to help them. He said yes without to think why as protection was something very needed for him. He then said that the people introduced him to someone named Aqucius and that they told him that he would need to do some jobs for the organization called LUMIA and then told them that there is someone who knew too much about someone from the organization before showing him the picture of victim. He then asked them what is he supposed to do, on what they told him that she need to be silenced but that it need to be far away, where no one will be able to hear her screams or find her body and that method will be left for him. He then said that he came to the idea about scorpion poison and then noticed a bible and remembered how he used to kill some people, eventually wanting to do that again and s he did it, saying that he regret nothing. For his crimes, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Following the arrest the team returned to the station to see what Gloria knew that could've damaged LUMIA and how the songs they received is connected to all of this. They decided to speak with Heather in hope to find more information. After speaking to hear the team found that while she followed the lyrics and before she was attacked there was something attached on the treehouse, making the team to investigate the place where they discovered a clipboard with the similar lyrics. Not knowing what next, they sent it to the lab where after some hours Madison discovered that all three songs have connections with the number string that Felix was finding all around the Woodlands. They then decided to speak with him again in hope to get more information. The team entered his office where they found him, locked in his mind with papers all over the place. Bruno tap his shoulder to back him to reality and asked about numbers and songs. After scratching his head he said that they might be connected before checking with his computer, placing the lyrics and numbers of the airline they discovered before getting a match about a murdered family that lived near the mine. They then quickly rushed there where they found a locked case with suspicious powder. After analyzes, it was confirmed that powder is a drug that Aqucius plan to ship out of the USA, but that Karen also found James' fingerprints on the lock.

They then approached James and asked him about all this on what James' sweated, explaining that while hiking couple of years he accidentally witnessed a murder of certain family by a person don in water elements, that the team automatically connected to be Aqucius, shooting them down, but that the person saw him and made him join something called LUMIA and that he as a hiker can help them for some later operations, explaining how that person told him about smuggling something across the mountains to the Mexican borders. seeing that Aqucius tries to find more way of exporting the dangerous substance they returned to the mountains where they recovered a gun with a strange USB attached to it. Soon after the lab technicians analyzed the USB they discovered that the USB belonged to Gloria and that her family was the one who was killed by Aqucius, making her to swear to destroy Aqucius, but also that there was a detailed map of their movements and most visited places that helped Arif to build a program that could track Aqucius down.

With now everything they need, thanks to Gloria's deep researches and Arif's application the team was ready to track down the leader of LUMIA, but at that moment they were stopped by Chif Loukas who said that they alone cn't go like that and that they will need someone else, something Aqucius doesn't know and can play mind games. The player then suggested that they could ask Meera, who after being offered adjucted her glasses and accepted with a nod. The team then wired her and sighed before telling her to be careful as Aqucius isn't a child play...



  • Gloria Nebula (Found crucified inside the treehouse)

Murder Weapon

  • Scorpion Poison


  • Luke Gideovani


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer owns a scorpion.
  • The Killer is superstitions.
  • The Killer has a garlic allergy.
  • The Killer wears glasses.
  • The Killer wears gold.

Crime Scenes

Old Treehouse Treehouse Wall Old Treehouse Bonus
Mount Le Fario Hiking Spot Mount Le Fario Bonus
Closed Mine Center Mine Inside Closed Mine Center Bonus


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Chapter 3

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