Lawrence Sinclaire
Biographical information
Full name Lawrence Sinclaire
Gender Male
Status Alive*
Age 41*
Nationality Flag of United Kingdom British
Residence Ravenedge, England, United Kingdom
London, England, United Kingdom
Past profession(s) Queen's Personal Investigator
Family Unnamed daughters
Velma Sinclaire (descendant)
Affiliation(s) Ravenedge Police Department
Ravenedge Police Department
Rank Senior Detective
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: Welcome to Ravenedge! (s4)
Mm, that does throw a spanner in the works. No time to dawdle, let's get going, shall we?
—Lawrence Sinclaire

Lawrence Sinclaire is a main character featured in Season 4 of Criminal Case, where he serves as the Ravenedge Police Department's Senior Detective.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of marksman Hank Keating in Clip My Wings (Case #24 of A World Forgotten).


41 years old, Lawrence has blue eyes and brown hair under a black top hat with notable aging wrinkles. He wears a white collared shirt beneath a blue blazer and a jade green bow tie with a pocket handkerchief of the same colour. He also wears a golden heirloom pocket watch necklace around his neck.

Hailing from London, Lawrence used to work as the personal investigator for palace affairs for the Queen. Lawrence then desired a change of pace and moved to Ravenedge, with his exceptional track record granting him a spot on the Ravenedge Police Department. Lawrence is know to be a very private person and hates talking about his feelings or his private life, his stiff upper lip a notable part of his personality. He is often considered a rock for others, however, and is a very determined and hardworking soul, some saying he may work too hard.

Notable Events of A World Forgotten

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The player may choose Lawrence to join the investigation of each crime scene and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 1-hint, level-10 partner.

Case appearances

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