Laura West is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. She was one of the suspects in Suspended Match (Case #40)


Age 42
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes Grey
Blood AB-
Height 5'6
Hair Black

Profiles known from cases:

She drinks sparkling water, uses concrete, and wears mocasins.

Role in cases

The team started investigating the death of Herman O'Fray, a mason at a soccer stadium construction site. One of the victim's workmates, Omar Grande, said that Laura ought to know about the matter as she was the project manager. She was interrogated and said that she didn't have time to keep talking, as she'd have to make sure the stadium was ready for that day's match and she had one less worker now.

As mocasins were one of the clues regarding the killer's identity and her mocasins were found at the crime scene, she was interrogated one more time. She said that mocasins were more convenient for her, as well as sparkling water on hot days. At the end of the case it was revealed that she was innocent as one of the masons was convicted for the murder.

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