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Gino: Hello, <Name>. I'm about to leave so see you later!
Gino: I'm going to see Evelyn Drout's touchdown! Have you heard about her?
Gino: Well, she's a skydiver. This morning, she'll jump from a helicopter with her parachute from a height of six kilometres! Do you know what that means?
Gino: The highest fall in the history of Townville! Many people from the Town Outskirts will be there. She's expected to fall at Gandil Park, the one that is full of sculptures.
Gino: Why am I going? Well, I found out Stanley June has something to do with it. Would you like to come along?
Gino: Let's go!

Gino: Oh my God, there she comes, <Name>! She's about to land on the ground.
Gino: Three...
Gino: Two...
Gino: One... What the-?! What was that, <Name>? Evelyn Drout has just exploded in the air! Was it real?
Gino: Miss Drout! Where is she?

Chapter 1

Investigate Gandil Park
Gino: Evelyn Drout is dead, <Name>! Her body is all burnt, this is horrific. Where did the explosion even come from? Will the autopsy help us?
Gino: You're right, she must have been killed. Look at her parachute, it's destroyed. This couldn't have happened naturally. Should we try and repair it?
Gino: I think the killer could have been one of the spectators, maybe they left a clue in the trash. We might find something inside.
Gino: And of course, if there is a suspect it has to be the helicopter pilot who was flying with her before she jumped. I heard his name is Edward Bailey.
Gino: Let's interrogate him, he had the chance to set this murder up.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I had seen Evelyn skydiving a few times. It's a bit sad to have her in the morgue now with her body burnt, <Name>.
Daniel: Telling you what was the cause of her death would be stupid, you witnessed the explosion. What I can tell you is that someone had bitten her lip some hours before her death.
Gino: Wow, science is amazing! Was it the killer?
Daniel: How could I know that? I found some DNA that did not match hers, but I don't know who it belongs to. I'm only specialized in autopsies.
Daniel: Maybe you can find this person in the database, <Name>.
Gino: Of course <Name> can! Let's look for this person in our DNA database.

Examine DNA
Gino: Well done, the one who bit the victim's lip is a scarlet macaw!
Gino: A MACAW?! <Name>, isn't that a colorful long-tailed parrot-like tropical bird? There aren't practically any macaws in Townville!
Gino: Where was Evelyn before she jumped from the helicopter? Where could she get bitten by a macaw?
Gino: This is weird, <Name>. Let's keep our eyes wide open.

Examine Parachute
Gino: The victim's parachute was absolutely damaged! It's missing a big piece of fabric in the middle.
Gino: This must have something to do with Evelyn's death. Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Parachute
Daniel: The murder weapon is a bit obvious, right? Just look at this parachute. Someone had clearly attached a bomb to it. When Evelyn jumped, her fate was sealed.
Daniel: On the rest of the fabric, I found some components that are often used in handmade bombs.
Gino: So the killer crafted the weapon on their own, right?
Daniel: Exactly. The killer has knowledge in explosives, <Name>. They also left some ink in the parachute, maybe you can recover the part of the text that was gone with the fire.

Examine Parachute
Gino: "Your last dive"? Well, it was absolutely a threatening message for Evelyn, <Name>! And I'm sure the killer was the one who wrote it.
Gino: Hey, look! The ink in each letter fades a bit to the right. I might be clumsy but not supid, <Name>. This means that the killer is left-handed.

Examine Trash bin
Gino: Nothing suspicious, why did you pick that leaflet? Let me see... Well, it has the victim's face, and some other man as well.
Gino: The leaflet says "say no to Evelyn Drout, the real thing is Ernest!". Who is this guy?
Gino: The geek girl from the lab will be able to see who this is, I'll call her.
Lindsey: Hi, Gino. This is the geek girl.
Gino: Sorry, I'll stop calling you that someday. Is there any man called Ernest who is related to Evelyn Drout?
Lindsey: Hang on for a while...
Lindsey: Here it is, Ernest Towers. A skydiver, just like her. I'd even say he was her rival.
Gino: Thanks very much, Lindsey! <Name>, shall we talk to this man? This murder benefits his carreer, don't you think?

Tell Ernest Towers about the murder
Gino: Mr Towers, Evelyn Drout has been murdered this morning when she was about to touch the ground. Do you know anything about it?
Edward: Touch the ground? So she was skydiving?
Gino: Oh, come on! It was going to be the highest fall in the history of Townville, how can you not know about it?
Ernest: Oh, now I remember! I was supposed to be the one who jumped but I broke my arm. Really lucky to be Evelyn, don't you think? She'll be part of history and I won't.
Gino: So you have a motive, huh? Please, don't leave the city, Mr Towers you are a suspect.

Interrogate Edward Bailey
Gino: Mr Bailey, Evelyn Drout exploded right after she jumped from your helicopter. If you killed her, confess.
Edward: She's dead?! But I... I didn't do anything! How could she die?
Gino: I think you're really suspicious. We'll take a look at the helicopter if you don't mind.
Edward: You can't! The army rented it and they have to use it in a few hours.
Gino: We're the police and we will take the helicopter as a crime scene!

Investigate Helicopter interior
Gino: That's a nice medal! It looks like those ones you're given in the army, doesn't it?
Gino: Oh, Mr Bailey mentioned someone from the army rented this helicopter. The medal must belong to somebody who used it, therefore a suspect. Can you decipher the scraped words?
Gino: That bag says "Evelyn" so the victim must have kept something inside. Should we examine it?

Examine Medal
Gino: You have to be joking, this medal belongs to Stanley June! We know he had something to do with this event, but anyway, it's really a coincidence!
Gino: Is this enough to treat him as a suspect? Let's talk to him, <Name>.

Ask Stanley June about the helicopter
Gino: Mr June, Evelyn Drout died in an explosion this morning. We found your medal in the helicopter from which she jumped. Have you been there?
Stanley: Yes, Detective Reina! I use Mr Bailey's helicopter to do my skydiving training as I need to go on a reconnaisance mission abroad very soon.
Gino: Really? Where are you going?
Stanley: I am not allowed to share that information without permission.
Gino: Ok, so... Did you give one of your shotguns to Ray Louieson?
Stanley: Er... No. I had an accident with a shotgun during training so my superior took it from me. If you desire to know what happened with the weapon, you may ask my superior once he arrives here.

Examine Bag
Gino: What's that substance you collected from the bag? It smells like...
Gino: Oh, I've felt this scent before! What is this?! I guess we should give it to Sabrina for its analysis.

Analyze Substance
Sabrina: The substance you found in the victim's bag is actually kerosene, also known as lamp oil.
Gino: Kerosene, that's it! Why would she have kerosene in her bag?
Sabrina: That bag was one of those used to keep parachutes inside. Someone left kerosene on it, which is highly flammable, do you get it?
Sabrina: It was surely the killer! It helped the explosion expand faster and make sure Evelyn had even less chances to survive. Really horrible.
Gino: So the killer is in contact with kerosene, don't forget that!

Minutes after that...

Gino: That was... unexpected! Just when Evelyn was about to lay her feet on the ground, she was covered in flames! And I have an idea of who the killer might be.
Gino: Ernest Towers! Evelyn took his place when he was about to leave his name written in the history of skydiving.
Gino: Edward Bailey is also suspicious. If he put the bomb in the parachute and pushed Evelyn, she'd have no chance to refuse to jump.
Gino: And Stanley June just doesn't look brave enough. Now the big question is...
Gino: Where did that macaw come from?
Lindsey: Did you just say macaw? I have information about a macaw, and it's related to the case.
Gino: Stop listening to people's conversations!
Lindsey: Sorry. I just read in Evelyn Drout's blog that last night she was attacked by the Lightning Phantom!

Chapter 2

Gino: Evelyn Drout was attacked by the Lightning Phantom last night? That's impossible!
Lindsey: I swear, it's true! She posted something in her blog about seeing the Lightning Phantom. She said she would approach the light to see if the legend was true...
Lindsey: And she didn't log in for... like 12 hours.
Gino: What does that have to do with macaws anyway?
Lindsey: A few people from those who were attacked by the phantom, said that they woke up and suddenly fell asleep again in the middle of their encounter with the creature.
Lindsey: During those seconds, they all remember having seen macaws!
Gino: When the phantom attacked me, I only woke up once and it was the morning after. I was right at the same place where I'd seen the light.
Gino: And my head was hurting a lot for sure.
Lindsey: Yeah, all of the phantom's victims weren't feeling well when they were back at their homes or wherever. I wonder why.
Gino: Where did she see the phantom?
Lindsey: She had finished her skydiving practise at the local heliport and was waiting there for the bus.
Gino: We know that's one of the last places where Evelyn was so let's go there, <Name>!

Investigate Local heliport
Gino: Hey, that beret is really cool! We know that some soldiers do skydiving training here so it could belong to one of them. Who could its owner be...
Gino: There's a label inside like those t-shirts have on the back of the neck! It has a number here, but it can't be read, it's all faded.
Evan: Can you recover the numbers? We should also restore this torn apge and see what it's about.

Examine Beret label
Gino: Wonderful, <Name>! Now we only have to let Chief Smith track this code in the army's logs.

Analyze ID Code
Alan: I've already seen this beret around the police station, <Name>. It belongs to a soldier you know very well.
Gino: Stanley June?
Alan: Tyler Wive! Lieutenant Wive is commanding some sort of special mission which involves the heliport but not even my programme password can let me know what it is.
Gino: So Lieutenant Tyler Wive has been around the crime scene often recently. Maybe he met Evelyn!
Gino: And if he's commanding that mission, he must be Stanley June's superior! It means that he was the one who kept that shotgun. We have to talk to this man.

Ask a few questions to Tyler Wive
Gino: Lieutenant Wive, the skydiver Evelyn Drout died after a bomb explosion this morning. Do you know anything about that incident?
Tyler: No, I do not.
Gino: Really? Um... Mr Stanley June told us you took his shotgun. What did you do with it afterwards?
Tyler: I gave it to a friend of mine, Detective Reina.
Gino: Who???
Tyler: It's not necessary for me to reveal her name.
Gino: Her? Well, if it's a woman, we're not talking about the same person. You can have this beret back-
Tyler: My beret, thank you! You wouldn't even imagine how long I've been looking for it. Thanks very much!

Gino: A beret can get him much more emotional than a murder, huh? This man is cold as a cucumber.
Gino: But he didn't give that shotgun to Ray Louieson, he gave it to a woman. Who could that woman be? How did the shotgun end up being used by Ray?
Gino: I'm being a bit selfish, we should take Evelyn's murder as our priority. Why don't we return to the park where the explosion took place?

Investigate Cobblestone fence
Gino: What is that hook, <Name>? Is it related to macaws, skydiving, or anything?
Gino: Oh, I see. It's like those hooks skydivers use to attach themselves to the parachute, it's part of their harness! In case it belongs to Evelyn's one, we should examine it.
Gino: Look at that magazine too, Evelyn's on the cover! "Skydiver beats height record in Townville!". Yes, we know she was going to beat the record, <Name>.
Gino: Hey, the one who held the previous record is here, it's a photo of the moment this other skydiver steps on the ground after beating it.
Gino: Maybe we should try to find this person, they would be the victim's rival or something like that. Then we could see what we find in that pile of newspapers.

Examine Hook
Gino: What could that pink paste be, <Name>? I hope we get a clue from it that's related to the case. I'll send it to Sabrina.

Analyze Pink paste
Sabrina: That hook has in fact Evelyn Drout's fingerprints and traces of her DNA. Nevertheless, the pink sample on it is something as ordinary as chewing gum.
Sabrina: It's the hook that she must have used for skydiving this morning but she had no chewing gum in her mouth, so it had to belong to someone else.
Sabrina: Therefore, I analyzed the traces of saliva I found in the sample and it can match a few dozens of citizens from Townville. Only one is the most interesting though.
Gino: I hope it's not a macaw.
Sabrina: It's a skydiver that was very close to the victim. Nora Way!
Gino: So she was in contact with the equipment that Evelyn used this morning, that's suspicious! We need to find that woman, <Name>.

See what Nora Way has to do with the victim
Gino: Nora Way, we're sorry to tell you that Evelyn Drout has been murdered this morning.
Nora: Yes, I heard about it. That was really a shame, wasn't it? She was about to get in history.
Gino: What was the relation you had with her?
Nora: I was part of her team. I helped her get prepaired, I had to buy her equipment... More or less like I was her secretary. Also her friend anyway.
Gino: That means you had chances to kill her...
Nora: Of course no! I could have poured kerosene on her and burn her alive, right in the helicopter! Why would I go through the trouble of causing an explosion?

Examine Skydiver's photo
Gino: The man in the picture was Stanley June, <Name>! He is the previous holder of the record that the victim was about to beat!!!
Gino: Could that record be so important for Stanley? I mean, would he kill Evelyn for not wanting to lose his reputation? We need to talk to him about this!

Question Stanley June about the record
Gino: Mr June, we didn't know you used to hold the record Evelyn Drout attempted to beat.
Stanley: I didn't use to, I still hold it. Dead people can't beat records, if you jump and die you're not winning anything. It's like jumping out of a tenth floor window.
Stanley: I beat that record two years ago while on a mission from the army. I had to save a few hostages from a bomb explosion. My knowledge in the matter helped me a lot.
Gino: You've been lucky, right? You still keep that record and it's all thanks to her death.
Stanley: I didn't care about the record, I only care about my nation. That's why I'm a soldier and not a skydiver.
Stanley: Skydiving frightens me a bit, I prefer hot air balloons. The army has one, you know? It works with a kerosene heater and I often use it to keep me distracted and not stressed.

Examine Pile of newspapers
Gino: What is that article you found? "Seaside Hotel reopening after a murder case"...
Gino: Oh, now I remember! That's where the novelist Eliza Plans died at the hands of her ghostwriter or something like that, right?
Gino: I also remember that Lieutenant Tyler Wive was at the hotel because of that bomb. Who would have thought he'd become a murder suspect now?
Gino: Bomb... wait, <Name>.
Gino: If he was tasked with finding and deactivating that bomb, it's because he knows a lot about explosives, just like our killer! I'll add it to his profile.

Examine Torn page
Gino: I see, this is in fact a list of "scheduled arrivals" at this heliport. I thought it would be something more interesting or related to the case.
Gino: What do you say, <Name>? Last night? What happened last night?
Gino: Oh, Evelyn spent some time here last night and met the Lightning Phantom! Let's see if any helicopters arrived here last night.
Gino: Only one, and it was around nine pm! Maybe Evelyn was still here when this helicopter landed at this place. The pilot's name was...
Gino: Edward Bailey? That's the pilot we talked to just a while ago! <Name>, maybe we should interrogate him one more time.

Quiz Edward Bailey about the night before the murder
Gino: Mr Bailey, yesterday at night, Evelyn Drout was at the heliport when you got there. Did you see her?
Edward: I saw someone, but I don't even know if it was a man or a woman. The place was dark.
Edward: My helicopter's lights were not working, and I couldn't see anything! I had to improvise a sort of lamp with kerosene to keep piloting.
Edward: Don't look at me like that, it's true! If it wasn't for a bit of my knowledge in explosives, I wouldn't have been able to make that lamp.
Gino: Explosives? Is that a nice word to say after what happened this morning?
Edward: C'mon, I didn't even touch her! She didn't even talk to me, I was only in charge of taking her up there so that she could jump. That's it.
Gino: You still look suspicious! I'd regret having killed her if I were you.

Later on...

Gino: We've made some progress, right? We met Nora Way, who was kind of the victim's assistant. A young and maybe even shy girl.
Gino: We talked to Lieutenant Wive, who said he knows nothing about the murder... I find it strange, if you ask me.
Gino: And we found out that Stanley June had the record for the highest skydiving fall-
Daniel: So you heard about the news too?!
Gino: What news are you talking about, Daniel?
Daniel: The highest skydiving fall record, it's about to be broken now!
Gino: What?! But... Evelyn Drout was going to do it this morning and she's dead!
Daniel: Who said Evelyn was going to do it? The man who is about to jump is called Ernest Towers.

Chapter 3

Gino: Are you serious, Daniel? Is Ernest Towers about to do what the victim tried to do when she died?
Daniel: Of course it's true! Just turn on the TV and you'll see.
Gino: He told us he couldn't go skydiving because his arm was broken! He said that this very morning!!! Did he heal so soon?
Daniel: It seems so. The cameras are filming him and he's still at the heliport, waiting for that helicopter to arrive.
Gino: We're investigating a murder there! <Name>, let's go and stop that guy NOW.

Ask Ernest Towers what he thinks he's doing
Gino: Mr Towers, how will you do that?! Your arm is broken, isn't it?
Ernest: Yes, Evelyn said she'd broken it accidentally but she did it on purpose, only to take my place and write her name in the history of skydiving.
Ernest: But she lost all hope now, I'm the one who will beat Stanley June's record!
Gino: And how will you do it with a broken arm?
Ernest: I don't know, I'll have to put my life at risk! The helicopter is about to arrive, so leave me alone.
Gino: How did you manage to get a helicopter so soon, Ernest?
Ernest: I don't know, man! It's the same helicopter Evelyn used.
Gino: The same-?! Ernest, that helicopter is part of a murder investigation, you won't jump from it! <Name>, let's wait and take a look at the helicopter before we lose the evidence.

Investigate Pilot's seat
Gino: That's a cool tablet, <Name>! I wonder who left it here, maybe it contains some info about the case. Can you try to unlock it, please?
Gino: And that faded paper might also be important. Will you be able to recover the words and the drawings?

Examine Tablet
Gino: Great, you've unlocked it! If we want to get more info about this tablet's owner, we should identify this logo on the screen.

Examine Logo
Gino: You did it again! The logo belongs to a division of Townville Army Base. Again.
Gino: This division is specialized in reconnaisance missions. Well, why don't we let our geek expert take care of this? We only care about the murder and it's not under the protection programme.

Analyze Army tablet
Lindsey: Mayor Waters takes things very seriously, <Name>! Many things in this tablet asked for Alan's password.
Lindsey: I don't need it to see who this tablet belongs to, anyway. You can be sure that its owner is in fact the Lieutenant who likes to yell at people the most.
Gino: That must be Mr Tyler Wive, right?
Lindsey: Exactly!
Gino: Hm... First, he forgot his beret at the heliport. Then, he leaves his tablet inside the helicopter. He looks a bit linked to the case, it doesn't matter if he doesn't admit it.
Gino: Why don't we return this to him at least?

Return Tyler Wive his tablet
Gino: Have your tablet, Lieutenant Wive. You left it at Mr Bailey's helicopter.
Tyler: My tablet!!! Oh God, how can I forget about such a thing? Last week I also forgot to buy some kerosene for my old heater.
Gino: Are you sure you didn't know Evelyn Drout? I'm sure you must have seen her at least once.
Tyler: I said I don't know who she is. However, I saw if I could do something to help you catch that killer.
Tyler: I managed to get this SD card, <Name>. It has the public surveillance footage of the heliport's cameras. Please have it, it could be useful.
Gino: Thanks very much, Lieutenant Wive!

Gino: Lindsey, we need a favor from you!
Lindsey: Is your mobile not working again, Gino?
Gino: No, we need to see the content of this card. Can you lend us your computer?
Lindsey: Nobody can use my computer. Give me the card. Let's see...
Lindsey: It asks for a password, what is it?
Gino: We don't know, Tyler didn't tell us!
Lindsey: Maybe <Name> can try doing it, huh?

Examine SD card password
Gino: That was magnificent, <Name>! Now let's-
Lindsey: Now let's ask Chief Smith to help us. This thing is under the protection programme.
Gino: Oh, that's right. I'd forgotten the footage was from a public surveillance camera.
Gino: I'll go tell the Chief, <Name>.

Analyze SD card
Alan: That footage was a gold mine, we need to thank Tyler Wive for this!
Alan: In one of the sequences, I could see someone attaching a bomb to a parachute. That must be the killer, of course.
Gino: Don't tell me. You couldn't see their face.
Alan: No, but comparing their height with a nearby helicopter, I can confirm that they're exactly 6'00" tall!
Gino: Six feet tall, we need to remember that! Thanks a lot, Chief.

Examine Faded paper
Gino: <Name>, this is a building draft, isn't it? But what place is this? I think I've seen it before. There's also some kind of place marked here.
Gino: We have to give this to Lindsey and see what place this is.

Analyze Building draft
Lindsey: How weren't you able to recognize this draft? It's the local heliport!
Gino: You're right, how could I be so silly? Then what is that mark over there?
Lindsey: It's a point near the bus stop where Evelyn was last night when she saw the Lightning Phantom.
Lindsey: I don't really know what it could be, so you'll have to go there and see.
Gino: Oh, <Name>... I hope this is not something bad!

Investigate Bus stop
Gino: This is the place that was marked in that draft, <Name>! But the only thing that could be important here is the backpack...
Gino: Who could have left this here and why?
Nora: Hey, what are you doing with my equipment?
Gino: Miss Way! You...
Gino: You have to answer some questions to us!

Find out what Nora Way is doing in the heliport
Gino: Nora, what are you doing here? Did you leave a draft of this place in the helicopter?
Nora: I'm here to hide, Detective Reina!
Gino: Hide? From what?!
Nora: From this killer who is after skydivers! I might be their next target, I don't want to die the way Evelyn did! So I'll stay here.
Nora: Of course, I know a lot about bombs so I won't be deceived like Evelyn. I'm an expert and I'll survive.
Gino: Are you sure you'll stay here? Why don't you come with us to the sta-
Nora: NO! I am safe here and I won't leave.
Gino: Well, we can't force you to come with us if you're not doing anything. What is that thing you have in your hand?
Nora: I don't know, I found it in the helicopter. I think it belongs to Evelyn so I haven't even touched it.
Gino: Well, it was in your hand but... Give it to us, please. We'd like to take a look at it.

Examine Unknown device
Gino: You collected a substance from that device? Well done! It even smells like...
Gino: This is kerosene, <Name>! Now I'm not going to forget that smell again. Maybe this thing has some connection with Evelyn's murder.
Gino: I'll give it to Lindsey, she'll know what this thing is about.

Analyze Unknown device
Lindsey: What else could this device be in a case like this one, guys? It's some kind of remote control-
Gino: Wait, don't tell me that... That was used to detonate the murder weapon!
Lindsey: Exactly that! I can tell that this was last used this morning. Isn't technology amazing? Isn't computing wonderful?
Lindsey: This remote is a homemade device and it was surely created along with the bomb. There was a wet tag with the words "property of" written on it.
Gino: And the following words couldn't be read, right?
Lindsey: Yeah, it's just a blue ink stain. But I can't deny that there's a "Y" there, see? The killer has a "Y" somewhere in their full name!
Gino: That's amazing!
Lindsey: I also took the time to see which of your suspects were left-handed, as we know the killer is so.
Lindsey: Those are Ernest Towers, Nora Way, Stanley June, and Edward Bailey!
Gino: Wow, thanks very much!!!

Right after that...

Gino: <Name>, it's time to put an end to this skydiving bomber case now! We have enough evidence so it's time to arrest that killer once and for all.

Arrest killer
Gino: Nora Way, you don't have to worry anymore about the killer because they won't get you. You are the killer!
Nora: And who said I can't get myself, Detective Gino? We can all play hunter and prey at the same time.
Nora: See ya!
Gino: What does that mean?! <Name>, she got into the helicopter with that backpack of hers, what should we do?!
Gino: I get it, let's go chase her!

Gino: Nora, where are you?!
Nora: Are you ready to take off? Here we go!
Gino: Are you planning to pilot this helicopter?! Where are you going?
Nora: You'll see... You can't shoot me anyway because I'm the one piloting this.
Gino: I can pilot helicopters as well, miss. I won't shoot you unless you put any of our lives at risk!
Nora: Bye bye!
Gino: WHAT THE-?! She just jumped, <Name>! I'm sure there was a parachute in her backpack. What can we do now?
Edward: <Rank> <Name>, I was hiding and I listened to everything! Here you have two parachutes, jump and I'll take this buddy back to the heliport, fine?
Gino: Mr Bailey, I can't believe it! Thanks very much. Let's go now, <Name>!

Gino: The game is over, Nora! You are not escaping this time. Open your parachute, you're under arrest!
Nora: I can't believe this is happening! I had even left a bomb at the police station.
Gino: WHAT?! How could you do that?
Nora: The only way to deactivate it is using this remote. I give up, you ruined it all!
Gino: Game over, Nora. I'll save my friends by pressing a simple button.
Gino: What are you saying, <Name>? The remote?
Nora: You ruined it for real now, why couldn't you press the button?! I have no reason to live anymore!
Gino: I can't believe you were trying to make me kill you! You are CRAZY.

Esteban Gonzalez: Nora Way, you admitted having killed Evelyn Drout with a bomb and also trying to kill yourself. Is that true?
Nora: It is, your Honor!
Esteban Gonzalez: Why did you kill that woman, Miss Way? She had a bright future, like you!
Nora: I WAS THE ONE SUPPOSED TO BREAK THAT RECORD! I had to train harder and I'd do it, but Evelyn, who was a professional, found out about my idea.
Evelyn: She even hurt Mr Towers because he wanted to do the same! Who did she think she was, sending everyone else's priorities to hell?
Nora: She wanted to be above everybody and she climbed so high she ended up falling to her death.
Esteban Gonzalez: This is not the way you solve a problem, miss. I can't do anything to you for trying to commit suicide because it isn't a crime, but if I add murder to it...
Esteban Gonzalez: I can make sure you spend the rest of your life in a psychiatric institution for criminals. You'll have a chance for parole in 40 years, you hear?
Nora: Well, I'm proud to be the first person arrested in free fall anyway. Evelyn couldn't do that!
Esteban Gonzalez: There's something in the autopsy result which I'd like to discuss with you later, <Name>. Court dismissed.

Gino: That was intense, <Name>! I can't believe I arrested a killer while skydiving!
Gino: I'm just glad that Tyler was not the killer, you know? I barely know him but he looks like he's a good guy.
Gino: I just wonder what Judge Gonzalez wants to know about Evelyn Drout's autopsy.

Creepy Crops 6 - Transparent

Evan: Hey there, <Name>! Gino told me you and him solved a case yesterday. What was it like?
Evan: Tyler Wive was one of the suspects?! Oh, I'd have liked to see that. By the way, have you seen Sabrina?
Sabrina: I'm right here. What's wrong?
Evan: Can I borrow an old sample from your lab? I might need it.
Sabrina: How old?
Evan: Seven months, more or less.
Sabrina: Then it must be still there, you can look for it but do not touch anything else.
Sabrina: <Name>, I've just remembered... This letter arrived this morning and it's for Townville's Police Department, but it doesn't say where it comes from.
Sabrina: It only has this seal. Can you see what it means?
Octavius: <Name>, the Chief says you should go and thank Lieutenant Wive for what he did yesterday. Do you mind if I give you a lift? Being here gets me a bit stressed out.

Examine Letter's seal
Sabrina: Oh, that letter comes from Townville's Courts of Law! Could have Judge Gonzalez sent it?
Sabrina: He said he wanted to discuss something with you after the trial? Then it must be him, but we can't open the letter, we should let the Chief take a look at it.

Analyze Letter
Alan: I didn't know Judge Gonzalez had such a bad handwriting, this is practically illegible.
Alan: What he wanted to discuss with you, <Name>, is the macaw that came into contact with the victim while she was with the Lightning Phantom. Of course, there is a reason for that.
Alan: More or less, three or four months ago, Esteban Gonzalez was replaced by Randy Pagosh because he had been attacked by the phantom!
Sabrina: What?! Did that really happen?
Alan: According to his letter, it happened. He remembers having seen a macaw and described the phantom as "a transparent light".
Sabrina: Transparent? People can't become transparent!
Alan: He was in a hospital for a couple weeks because he woke up not feeling good. For this reason, he wants us to averiguate who the phantom us.
Sabrina: Well, their most recent victim was Evelyn Drout so maybe we can find something near the heliport!

Investigate Bus stop
Sabrina: I doubt we'll find something useful but we have to try. That torn photo could be at least interesting so let's try to put it back together.

Examine Torn photo
Sabrina: This has to be a photo of the Lightning Phantom, <Name>! I've never seen it personally but... Come on, what else could this "transparent light" be?
Sabrina: It has some writing that can't be read at the bottom, that will help us! Can you recover it, please?

Examine Instant photograph
Sabrina: What does it say? "This is amazing! Edward". At least we know the photographer's name, but is there any Edward who could have taken this photo at the heliport?
Sabrina: Edward Bailey, you say? If you know him, let's go and see what he knows about this.

Ask Edward Bailey about the photograph he took
Sabrina: Mr Bailey, did you take this photo?
Edward: Yes, I did! I thought it was the Lightning Phantom, I can't believe I'd been saying it wasn't real! It looks like... I don't know, it's incredible!
Sabrina: Like a "transparent light", maybe?
Edward: Exactly that! It reminded me a bit of fireflies, you know?
Sabrina: Fireflies? Now you mention it, I think Octavius had said something about...
Sabrina: No, it can't be that. Forget it.
Edward: <Rank> <Name>, I'd be very thankful if you accepted this from my equipment! After what you did for Evelyn, you deserve it.

Thank Tyler Wive for his participation in the case
Octavius: Lieutenant Wive, the Townville Police Department wants to thank you for what you did yesterday. Your assistance has been of great help to us.
Tyler: My duty is to serve the rest of the citizens, just like yours.
Tyler: I'd also like to thank you for wanting to investigate Ray Louieson's kidnapping case. I heard about what you learnt. Mr Louieson has been a good friend of mine.
Octavius: Yeah, I was told that his case bore some special meaning to you. Detective Gino Reina has been wondering about a shotgun Mr Louieson had.
Tyler: Detective Reina? Yes, he asked me about that shotgun but unfortunately I couldn't help him more than that.
Tyler: My briefcase is still in that helicopter. If you want more info about my investigations, I give you permission to look at its content.

Investigate Pilot's seat
Octavius: I wonder what we'll find here, <Name>... Let's see what Lieutenant Wive wants to show us!

Examine Briefcase
Octavius: That must be Lieutenant Wive's notebook! It has a lot of sticky stripes attached to it, I used them a lot when I was a child.
Octavius: You're right, this one says "Louieson, Ray" so maybe it has info about his kidnapping case.
Octavius: God, his notes are really... scruffy. Could Lindsey decipher all this codes and arrows and symbols?

Analyze Tyler's notebook
Octavius: Were you able to understand that, Lyn? I can't make head or tails of it.
Lindsey: I tried investigating about any code or writing style that is used in Townville's Army Base and the rest was just pure deduction.
Lindsey: It looks like Tyler is sure that a certain man is somehow implied in those serial kidnapping cases. He even wrote this man's adress here.
Octavius: Is it Gerard or Robert Jamin? We know the kidnapper is in that family.
Lindsey: No, it's a man called Roy Kameal. Another farmer, casually, just like the other victims.
Octavius: I wonder what Mr Kameal has to do with the case. Should we ask Tyler?

Get more info about the kidnappings from Tyler Wive
Octavius: Mr Wive, we discovered you think Roy Kameal is involved in those serial kidnappings. Can you tell us why?
Tyler: Kameal had a gun and bullets identical to the ones found in Louieson's garage. He was interrogated and Detective Reina was about to arrest him!
Tyler: That day, I saw him arguing with a woman. Now I remember her, she looked strikingly similar to my wife but that may just be a coincidence.
Tyler: I asked what happened and we had bad news, Kameal was missing. We assumed he had escaped but days later we found out he had been kidnapped.
Octavius: Oh my! Was the modus operandi like that of the serial kidnapper?
Tyler: It was, in fact. We still don't know if it was a fake staging or not. And maybe I'll die with that doubt.
Tyler: That case will remain unsolved, I have to overcome it. Please, have this for your department, <Name>.

Later, at the police station...

Evan: Is it true, <Name>? Was Judge Gonzalez absent from his job those days because of the Lightning Phantom? Chief Smith told me about it.
Evan: Could the phantom be kidnapping those people too, just like those cases? You know, the ones that point at the Jamin family. I wonder who among them is the kidnapper.
Evan: Oh, you got a new lead about that. What is it?
Evan: Roy Kameal... I think Gino mentioned that name once. Hey Gino! What do you know about Roy Kameal?
Gino: Kameal? He was a suspect in those serial kidnappings case. Casually, he was kidnapped when we were about to arrest him and we had to let him go.
Evan: Why?
Gino: His kidnapper worked exactly like the one we thought he was, so it was an alibi for him. You can't kidnap yourself, can you?
Gino: Now I remember, Suzie was also working with me in that case. It was hard because we were already divorced and didn't get along.
Evan: Who paid for Kameal's ransom
Gino: His father and also a friend of his, who was a bank manager or something like that.
Gino: Something really weird happened with the ransom, now you mention it. The sum was 40,000 dollars and they accidentally sent 50,000.
Gino: And we found 10,000 dollars in the place where we'd left the ransom one day later!
Evan: So the kidnapper gave you the change back?!
Gino: Yes, exactly that! We still have one of those bills we were given because they didn't match the ones we'd used to pay the ransom. That case's file must still be in that drawer, but they're all locked...

Examine Locked drawer
Gino: Here's the bill I was talking about, <Name>! In the "Louieson, Ray-kidnapping" folder. Do you think it can still be useful two years later?
Gino: Wait, now I'm reading this... The police never ran the bill through the local database! This lead has never been followed!
Gino: Oh my, I hope we're still on time! Let's give this to the Chief, <Name>.

Analyze 100 dollars bills
Alan: It took me a while to understand this programme or app or software or whatever in my computer, and it also took me a time to find this bills' serial code.
Alan: But even when they're two-years-old bills, they're recorded in our database!
Alan: The only thing it says is that it was taken from Jade River Bank by an account which is under the name of Jamin Family Company.
Gino: So we were right, the kidnapper is most probably in that family! We should have done this two years ago, now I know why the case is still unsolved.
Gino: <Name>, we have to go and tell Tyler about this. Ray was his friend and he helped the police in that case as well.

Tell Tyler Wive about your progress in Ray Louieson's case
Gino: Lieutenant Wive, I'm sure you remember that detail about getting 10,000 dollars back from Roy Kameal's ransom.
Tyler: I do, Detective Reina. That money wasn't part of the ransom that had been paid.
Gino: Well, the police was supposed to trace that money back to its owner. Unfortunately, that never happened.
Gino: We've done it now anyways, and the results confirm what <Rank> <Name> had already found out shortly before.
Tyler: What is it?!
Gino: The culprit is someone among the Jamin Family! So now there are only five suspects.
Tyler: Wanda Jamin, her mother, her husband, her son, and her daughter. Is that correct?
Gino: It is! We might still be able to find this kidnapper, so any investigation we can do is useful.
Gino: <Name>, let's go eat something, please.

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