Laroy Bay
Country USA
Inhabitants Americans
Primary LEA Laroy Bay Police Department
Key figures Shane Garcia (mayor)
Martha Price (mayor; formerly) incarcerated
David Kuzmanov (chief of police)
Appearance(s) Criminal Case Laroy Bay

Laroy Bay is fanmade city in Criminal Case.It's made by K7U4i2X.Main police team is Laroy Bay Police Department


Melbury Valley (Cases #1 to #6)

This is standard little district.There is a secret organization The Venom that is responsible for a lot of murders in Melbury Valley.

Tech Town (Cases #7 to #12)

City of inovations.Team will have a trouble with Angie's VRClub,because some of their games cause people to be mentally broken and they will have a wish to murder someone.They need to stop someone who is behind it.

University (Cases #13 to #18)

In University,there is a serial killer that murders all of their victims (girls) by burning them on bonfires.Team will have a lot of problems with Chief David Kuzmanov's daughter Anya Kuzmanov,because she won't listen to her father's pleads to stay home until they catch serial killer.

Erisity District (Cases #19 to #24)

This district focuses on secret town found under Mayor's second mansion.Supernatural beings like vampires and werewolfs lived there,all of them are dead,except three of them,two brothers and sister,two vampires are dangerous and team needs to stop them before somebody gets hurt.

Sunnyland Beach (Cases #25 to #30)

Giant Hurricane ruined half of this district,and somebody is behind that hurricane,and that person is from Laroy Bay Police Department.You have a traitor in your team,you have to find out who that is.That person also released a lot of creatures from ''The Midnight Zone'' along with hurricane.

Santsey Banks (Cases #31 to #36)

It focuses on Gang War beetwen Tech Town Tigers and Melbury Cobras.Team needs to stop gang war before somebody gets hurt.It also focuses on finding an assasin who has mission to kill Daria Lynn,Marcus Young and player.

Allywood Hills (Cases #37 to #42)

District based on Hollywood and Ivywood.Hometown of Megan Alan and Meera Kat before they moved to Melbury Valley.There is a cult named Gillenati and a lot of celebrities are in it.They are planning to take over the Laroy Bay,and then USA.They are also planning to create ''New Laroy Bay Order''

Goyote Beirge (Cases #43 to #48)

Only very rich people live in there.Mayor has a mansion over here,not only in Erisity District.This District focuses on elections between current Mayor and new politican.

Airport (Cases #49 to #56)

Laroy Bay Police Department's traitor will try to stop and kill player.The Venom organization is back stronger than never before.It will be a complete chaos.

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