Lana Hall
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1956
Nationality British
Residence Botanical Gardens, Kensington Heights, England
Profession Social Worker
Appearance(s) West Died Story
Professional Help
Lana Hall was a suspect in the investigation of Yvette Thompson in West Died Story (Case #7 of Kensington Heights) and Clive Sanderson in Professional Help (Case #10 of Kensington Heights).


Lana is a 60 year old social worker. She wears a red dress under a grey jacket. She has pink lip gloss on and carries a green pair of sunglasses. She has blonde hair.

Height 5'8"
Age 60
Weight 148
Eyes brown
Blood O-

Role in Case(s)

West Died Story

Lana was first spoken to when her card to Yvette was found ripped up in the hideout. Lana said that she had written to Yvette when she was helping her to move from one family into another in her social system. Yvette hated her, but Lana still liked her, and wrote to Yvette on her birthday. Clearly Yvette ripped the letter up.

Lana was spoken to again when her purse was found in the hideout. Lana said that she was just checking on Bernard O'Connor, and found out that Bernard was the leader of a gang and abused drugs. She found he was a bad influence on Yvette, and wanted him out of the picture.

Lana was found innocent when Bernard O'Connor was found guilty.

After the trial, Lana was spoken to again. She said she was going to try and clean up the streets. Lana said that she needed to find Jack O'Connor, Bernard's father, Myra Thompson, Yvette's mother and Zach Cooper, Riff's uncle so that she could help understand why they were behaving so badly. Zach, Jack and Myra all promised to look after the streets, and to call them if anything bad happened.


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