Lana Chaling
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Biographical information
Full name Lana Chaling
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1992
Death 2017
Cause of death Electrocution
Nationality ChinaUnited States of America Chinese-American
Residence San Francisco, California, United States
Affiliation(s) Universal Pictures
Game information
Appears in Alternate Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: New Day, New Start (s1)

Lana Chaling (Chi: 查灵拉娜) was the victim in New Day, New Start (Case #1 of S.T.A.T.U.S Q.U.O).


Lana was a 25-year-old pop star working for Universal Pictures. She has sparkling white hair, black eyeshadow, brown eyes, pink lipstick, and blue fingernails. At the time of her death, wears a pink breastplate under a gold sparkling dress, pantyhose, and gold heels. She is seen holding a microphone.

It is known that Lana is a vegan, a non-smoker, and takes cocaine.

Murder Details

Lana was found electrocuted in her destroyed car, which has crashed into road blockers. Megan confirmed that the car crash didn’t kill the victim but an electrical device that stopped all functions instantly after the killer hit her about three or more times. Since she cannot find anything on the victim and the device is more powerful than any other electronics, Megan confirmed that the killer has knowledge in electronics.

Later, the team found a stun baton hidden in a silver case in Lana’s stage. Rick confirmed the baton to be the murder weapon as he found out the weapon is modified by the killer to emit 121 watts, nearly more than enough to kill a human. He also found out that the baton belongs to crossing guard Sandra Anatelie as multiple fingerprints on the weapon belonging to her, prompting the team to talk to her again.

Relationships with suspects

Despite her popularity, Lana is known to make a few enemies. Street cook Geronima Talisan hated Lana for making her look bad by getting high on drugs. Lana used to be childhood friends with greaser Billie Fonte, although it ended badly when Lana got fame over her head and merely ignored him. Computer store employee Dave Holland had met the victim multiple times to work on her laptop, but he intended to kick her out after having enough of her ranting. Lana also angered her fan Angie Tayjal and her groupies after they found out she was making a deal with Universal Pictures, whom they really hate for their “fake” actors and “worthless” movies.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Geronima.

Initially denying the accusations, Geronima accidentally admitted of spitting on the victim’s top in disgust, prompting her to admit to the murder. Geronima hated pop stars like Lana as she believes that they are always the ones that earn the fame and not other people. One day when she was going to work, her customers left her stall in favor for Lana’s performance. Geronima confronted Lana and tried to talk some sense to her, but she ignored her pleas and mocked her. Angered by this, Geronima rigged the road blocks into instantly activating if Lana’s car arrives and electrocuted her to death with a stolen stun rod upon succeeding. The Nine Judge Council sentenced Geronima 29 years in prison with no chance of parole.

Case appearances

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