L'avenir (The Future) is the first district of the city of Treusdale and features Cases #1-#6 of Treusdale. Considered to be the most affluent district and technological epicenter in the city, L'avenir features expensive architectural buildings such as mansions, hotels, and casinos, and a unique cultural atmosphere as well as a neon walkway doubling as a business district. This district also features futuristic sectors and a lot of traffic.

Welcome to Criminal Case! Begin your career as a member of the Treusdale Police Department by solving various murder cases with the help of your co-workers! You'll start off in "L'avenir" or "The Future" where you'll be embraced by the technological epicenter. Deal with uncooperative people and prepare to face a threat you never thought you'd encounter on the start of your new job!
—District Description


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