Kobe Town
General information
Season 1
Founder Munakata Yasuhiro
Established 1850
Country JapanFlag Japan
Inhabitants Japaneses
Primary LEA Kobe Police Department
Key city figures Tsukishima Yoshio (mayor)
Oyama Hiroshi (chief of police)
No. of cases in season 45
No. of districts in season 9
Initial release date 2020
Appears in Criminal Case: Kobe Town
Season guide
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Kobe Town is a town located in Japan, and the main setting for Kobe Town, a fanfiction season of Criminal Case which was released on 2020.

Kobe Town features nine different districts with different revelations and secrets, ranging from the picturesque flower gardens to the luxury landscapes and prestigious avenues. The Kobe Police Department acts as the law enforcement agency that serves the town.

Current Cases


Kobe Town features a total of forty-five cases, which are located across nine different districts.

Kudo High

Kudo High is the first district investigated in Kobe Town. The educational center for the tenth to twelf graders in the city. At the school, the team have to unveil the mystery of the school involving the mysterious disappearance of a student who was trying to investigate into the mystery. The district also focuses on Shin's secret related to the school.

Cases #1-#5 are situated in this district.

Ebishiro Gardens

Ebishiro Gardens is the second district set to be investigated in Kobe Town.

Cases #6-#10 will be situated in this district.


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