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The Kingsford Police Department, also known as the KPD serves as the primary law enforcement in Kingsford in Criminal Case: Shadows of Belton.


The Kingsford Police Department investigates crimes in the city of Kingsford, searching crime scenes for clues, interrogating witnesses and suspects as well as analyzing evidence left behind in crime scenes.


Personnel Age Position Duties Origin Status
Marcus Lombardi 45 Chief of Police Ensuring that justice is served to the city by issuing orders, reviewing case files and giving out new leads, as well as overseeing all operations. Kingsford, Belton Active
Player N/A Homicide Detective In charge of formal investigations and brings criminals to justice. N/A Active
Janet Garfield 39 Senior Detective A veteran cop who works with the player to bring criminals to justice. Marwick, Belton Active
Telford Brooks
25 Junior Detective A new recruit who works with the player to bring criminals to justice. Kingsford, Belton Active
Delia Atkins 40 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies the bodies of murder victims, handles anatomic analyses and issues out new leads as well as analyzing the murder weapon. Leicester, UK Active
Luther Finbar 52 Lab Chief Handles physical, biological and clinical evidence to help the investigators reveal the culprit's identity. Kingsford, Belton Active
Dale Hart 28 Tech Expert Handles digital and technical evidence as well as issuing new leads when necessary to capture the culprit. Kingsford, Belton Active
Melanie De la Cruz 30 Profiler Helps the investigation by providing insight via psychological analyses as well as getting information out of volatile or traumatized witnesses. Manila, Philippines Active
Barry Ashwell 34 Field Expert Performs analyses on weapons as well as gathering outside information. Helps assist investigations by handling potentially dangerous criminals. Kingsford, Belton Active
Zoë Dechamps 29 Legal Expert Helps perform legal analyses and insight on appropriate measures to take within an investigation such as permits. Zürich, Switzerland Active

Kevin Marsh

27 Historian Analyses historical, cultural and linguistic evidence to bring to light important clues. Calgary, Canada Active
Deandra Willis 46 Consultant Analyzes handwritings, messages, and photographs that do not require digital, physical, clinical, anatomic, technical or psychological analysis. Boston, USA Active
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