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Kingsford is a fictional city in the fictional country of The Federal Kingdom of Larescia in Criminal Case: Shadows of Kingsford with ten different districts. The Kingsford Police Department is the law agency that serves the city.


Kingsford is split into ten districts with six cases each:

Oakdale Hills

Oakdale Hills is the first district of Kingsford, located on the outskirts of the city. It is a more rural area surrounded by rolling hills and farmland with bits of suburbia scattered around. It focuses on the player settling into the police department while dealing with a shocking rise in violent murders throughout the quiet rural community.

Cases 01-06 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
01 Greener Pastures Locals are shook when a woman in the suburbs is found brutally killed in her own home, marking the first murder in the district since ten years ago.
02 Till the Cows Come Home Beloved farmer found trampled in a field of cattle! All sources point to foul play, causing further concern from the local community.
03 Our Daily Bread Adding to the community unrest in the district, a baker is found killed in a gruesome manner, causing local panic and international concern.
04 Full Steam Ahead Train conductor found with head shoved in a steam pipe, causing mass rail delays and inconveniences across the country, which the tensions are spreading to.
05 Grave Consequences
06 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

City Centre

City Centre is the second district of Kingsford. It is the administrative heart of the city, and where much of the commerce and political events happen. Following the shocking string of murders in Oakdale Hills, the police team investigate what caused this and whether it was a one-off accident or something more sinister at play.

Cases 07-12 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
07 Fatal Trades
08 Tastes Like Blood
09 Old Times, Old Crimes
10 The Art of War
11 Lost in the Fire
12 Caught in the Crossfire

Clarity Wharf

Clarity Wharf is the third district of Kingsford. It is the port of the town which sees plenty of cargo ships come and go every day. After further investigation, the story brings the team to investigate here, where they are searching for further leads in two secret factions wrestling for control over the city.

Cases 13-18 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
13 Fish Out of Water
14 Heavy Little Games
15 Not All Those Who Wander
16 Ripples of Time
17 My Kingdom for a Horse
18 Sink or Swim

Velvet Island

Velvet Island is the fourth district of Kingsford, being the entertainment hub of the city with plenty of clubs, bars and attractions around. It is also home to radio and television studios and several arenas for entertainment.

Cases 19-24 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
19 The Last Laugh
20 Disappearing Act
21 Streets of Gold
22 Towards the Goal
23 Under the Table
24 A Show for the Ages

Ash Court

Ash Court is the fifth district of Kingsford. It is the run-down and dirty side of town with grey buildings and an apathetic populace who like to keep to their own. While generally dangerous and unwelcoming, there is a lot of personality and heart hidden away here.

Cases 25-30 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
25 Rust and Stardust
26 Where the Heart Is
27 Leap of Faith
28 Shake the Foundations
29 Blackout Screen
30 Loved Not Wisely

Brook Parade

Brook Parade is the educational hub of the city with both of the city's universities within the district limits.

Cases 31-36 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
31 Live and Let Learn
32 Cards in Favour
33 Great Minds Think Alike
34 Seize the Day
35 Perish the Thought
36 Uneasy Lies the Head

The Spires

The urban centre of the city, with high rises and glamorous buildings everywhere.

Cases 37-42 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
37 The Wonder of Flight
38 Two For the Count
39 Light At The End
40 The Hand That Feeds
41 Hard Sell
42 Deal With the Devil

The Castle

The Castle is the district that includes the home of the King of Larescia, but also is home to many esteemed members of Larescian society.

Cases 43-48 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
43 Royal Pain
44 Sworn to Glory
45 A Hero's Welcome
46 What Lies Are Sown
47 Retribution
48 Long Live the King

Cathedral Quarter

Cathedral Quarter is the spiritual heart of the city, with all the classic cathedrals and churches being built here.

Cases 49-54 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
49 Mark of the Beast
50 Two Birds, One Stone
51 Thicker Than Water
52 Triple Threat
53 Dead Weight
54 Our Own Demons


Twinbridge is the tenth and final district of the city. A small district that encompasses mostly of a monument to unity, it represents the city and its status as the capital of Larescia between all the states of the country. It focuses on the tension breaking between the Larescian states, plunging the country into an all-out civil war.

Cases 55-60 are situated here.

# Name Brief description
55 Split Ends
56 Civil Strands
57 Shattered
58 Shards of Hope
59 A Miracle, in Reverse
60 From the Ashes
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