Kim Yoxall is a suspect in De-Jeweled (Chapter 3).


Kim is a 27-year-old employee of the jewelry store. She wears a black vest like all the other employees and she knows mechanics.

Height 5'8" 
Age 27
Weight 107 lbs 
Eyes green
Blood O+

Role in Chapter(s)

Kim was called into the investigation when the team found a faded name tag of hers on the floor in the jewelry store. She told the agents that she may have dropped it when running upstairs to do her duty. When she heard the tear gas explode, she tried going downstairs but couldn't see her way so she was forced to stay.

Kim was asked by Joel and Trevor again about Sylvester Constable's, the owner's, behavior towards them. She said that he treated all the employees badly and especially towards Chester Wray. She added that Chester was actually a great employee. She sympathized him so she gave him a homemade alarm clock.

At the end of the day, the perpetrator was revealed to be Chester himself.

Chapter Appearances

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