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Evan: Lindsey, why are you saying Ash is Dr. Cyanide? Please, give me that phone.
Lindsey: It's no use. He hung. But I know he's Dr. Cyanide! Listen to me.
Lindsey: Remember that woman, Jessica Trimmle? The things I found in our database are very different from that story about the Flukes and the flares.
Lindsey: She died because she ate a salad with vegetables she had planted in her garden. And her plants had been poisoned with cyanide!
Lindsey: Jessica died alone in her house from poisoned plants. Like the first hints you had from Dr. Cyanide. You know, a petunia and a fern...
Lindsey: Mysteriously, her body was moved and left near that stadium. When that wall fell above her, people thought she'd been crushed by the wall.
Lindsey: If she had been sitting and seeing the match inside the stadium, she would have fallen above the broken wall, not below.
Evan: So someone poisoned Jessica and took her corpse to the stadium. When the Flukes broke the wall, it looked like a tragic accident.
Evan: But what does that have to do with Ash?
Lindsey: This happened 20 years ago, when Jessica was living with his concubine, Ash!
Lindsey: Linda Farren wrote an article about her death and said it was suicide because Jessica was a stupid woman who couldn't look after her plants.
Evan: But 20 years ago Linda was just 11!
Lindsey: She wrote the article many years later. Ten years ago, as a commemoration for the tenth anniversary of her death. That explains why Dr. Cyanide is targetting her.
Lindsey: Did you notice? Everyone thought Jessica had died at the stadium, but Linda knew the truth!
Evan: That's really mysterious, but Dr. Cyanide "wants to know how he died", not "how she died".
Lindsey: You know, gangsters can't speak English very well.
Evan: No. Ash would have started killing plants ten years ago, or twenty, if that was the truth.
Evan: And Linda would be already dead! So it's not that. It's something that happened very recently.
Lindsey: I refuse to believe I'm wrong!
Evan: Tell me, what does Ash have in common with Doodley? Ash is a Hades, and Doodley is a Fluke.
Lindsey: Well, they're both in a gang.
Evan: Linda didn't mean that. What they have in common is not that.

Evan: What do you think, <Name>? Is Ash Dr. Cyanide? I don't think so.
Alan Smith: Sorry to interrupt your talk about Dr. Cyanide. Personally, I think that's a childish name.
Alan Smith: But I guess it can't be helped. It was invented by Gino.
Alan Smith: I've been on the phone with the chief of police from Low River, the city next to Townville. A body has been found lying on the city limit.
Alan Smith: However, there are only fields of wheat beyond the limit so the killer surely came from Townville.
Alan Smith: Thus, you are in charge of this case. Go there as soon as you can. It's on the Evergreen Way.
Evan: Understood, Chief! Evergreen Way, on limit. Let's go, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate City limit
Evan: Bite marks on the neck and a dead snake. This murder isn't original. I feel I've seen this scenario somewhere before. But where?
Evan: You're right, that case at the Tourist Convention when we were still working at the Countryside.
Evan: Those times... Please, stop it, Evan, focus! This man's ID says he is Franco Baldebin.
Evan: Ok, I think that's it. Let's send these two corpses to the morgue.

Daniel: Another case, <Name>?
Daniel: Wait, isn't this man Franco Baldebin?
Evan: He is. He was. Do you know him? Tell us any important information.
Daniel: This is Ash's son! Why don't you talk to Ash? I'm sure he knows more things about Franco than I do.
Evan: Isn't there any other relative? I can't talk to Ash when Lindsey has just told him he's Dr. Cyanide.
Daniel: That girl... I'm really sure Ash is not Dr. Cyanide.
Daniel: Well, if you don't want to interrogate him, one of Ash's sons is not part of the Hades. I think you should give it a try and interrogate him.
Daniel: His name is Matthew Baldebin, but he's not a person who spends time out of his own house. I'm sure Ash will tell you more relevant things that Matthew.
Evan: Ok, we'll talk to both, just in case.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: You're right, Evan. This murder looks really like the one from the Tourist Convention. Tell me, what's the murder weapon?
Evan: Isn't it that snake? Franco has bite marks on his neck.
Daniel: It's similar to that other murder, because they made it look like the weapon was the snake, but it wasn't.
Daniel: I am really impressed this time, because these bite marks are real, but they come from human teeth!
Evan: AHH!!! Are human teeth strong enough to bite someone to death?
Daniel: If you know where to bite, yes. If your victim doesn't receive medical attention immediately, their life is in danger.
Daniel: This vein in his neck started bleeding and the flow didn't stop. It was a slow death.
Daniel: And our vampire killer must have a blood stain on their clothes!
Evan: They must have changed clothes.
Daniel: There are street fights in this district. I've seen a lot of people with bloodstained clothes when I was a Hades. Besides, you could say you just got injured.
Daniel: It's not like when you stab someone. Those blood splatters are really suspicious. But the amount of blood in your killer's clothes is not so big.

Analyze Snake
Daniel: It really hurts me to see that animals end up paying for human sins.
Daniel: This snake is dead, <Name>. I'm sure the killer wanted to make this poor little thing look like the real murder weapon.
Daniel: But don't worry, you have to look for a killer who owns a snake!
Evan: Daniel, the snake is at our lab. The killer doesn't own a snake anymore.
Daniel: Actually, I found cells on this snake's skin, which belongs to a different snake.
Daniel: The killer owned more than one snake, and they've already lost one.

Talk to the victim's brother
Evan: Are you Matthew Baldebin?
Matthew: Yes, I am. What happens, <Rank>?
Evan: We're here to tell you that your brother Franco is dead.
Matthew: What? That's not possible, I saw him this morning and he was... fine!
Matthew: Franco moved to my house some months ago. I am single and I live alone, so I agreed when he asked me to live here.
Matthew: I thought living with a responsible person would make him change and leave the Hades, but no.
Evan: You lived together? Please, let us have a look around your place.

Investigate Victim's house
Evan: <Name>, a napkin with blood is very suspicious. But maybe it's not Franco's blood.
Evan: Could we take a sample?

Examine Bloodstained napkin
Evan: Very good! Now I will take the sample to Sabrina and she'll see if this is Franco's blood or not.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: This blood actually belongs to Franco. Which means the napkin belongs to the killer.
Sabrina: I'm afraid, anyway, the evidence was contaminated by a police officer who doesn't know how to work. Do you understand what I mean?
Evan: That's not possible! <Name> is a great <Rank> and he knows how to collect a sample.
Sabrina: I already know that. What I mean is that I found Octavius Keys' fingerprints on the napkin.
Evan: Why are his prints on the napkin? We have to talk to him, <Name>!
Sabrina: <Name>, wait. I found weird fibers on the napkin, which are used for hoodies. Was the victim wearing a hoodie, by the way?
Evan: No, he was shirtless. That's strange, it's really cold outside.
Sabrina: Great! So the killer wears a hoodie!

Evan: I'll call Octavius to see what his prints were doing on that napkin.
Evan: By the way, if Franco was dead, he couldn't have taken a napkin with his blood to his house.
Evan: Isn't it a good reason to talk to Matthew again?

Question Matthew about the napkin
Evan: We found a napkin with Franco's blood at your house, Matthew. You are the only one who could take that napkin to your house.
Matthew: That's really sensible, but I'm not the killer you're looking for. I spent all day here, taking care of my pet snakes.
Matthew: Officer Keys took the napkins here. He'd found my dead brother before you and came right after you left to show me the clues he had found.
Matthew: I didn't notice he forgot to take the napkin with him. Sorry for that.

Evan: This is too much! Why did Octavius see the body but didn't report it? And why did he leave the corpse there?
Evan: We need to return to the station later and wait for him there.

Interrogate Ash about the murder
Evan: Mr Baldebin, we're very sorry for what our colleague did. In fact, we don't even think you are Dr. Cyanide.
Evan: We are here to tell you your son Franco has been murdered.
Ash: WHAT?! Franco?! No, it can't be possible!
Ash: I'm sure the Flukes did it. El Pantera's son has been murdered by his own brother and they still think the Hades did it!
Ash: <Rank> <Name>, I know I'm not a good citizen, and I even know I tried to make the police support my gang. But please find this killer!
Evan: That's exactly what we're doing, Ash. Can you tell us who knows well the victim's activities?
Ash: My son, Mark Baldebin! His nickname in the gang is Shark.

Ask Shark about the victim
Shark: Wooow, wazzup, <Rank> <Name>? The pigs doin' their job again in my zone? You better get outta here!
Evan: Er... Mr Baldebin, we want to talk to you about your brother's murder.
Shark: Is it Franco? Oh, dammit! I knew the Flukes were after him. <Name>, if you look for Franco's killer, you'll find him among the Flukes.
Shark: This thing of the gang war has to end. We can't mourn any other death.
Evan: That's right what we've always told you to do. STOP THE GANG WAR.

Back at the headquarters...

Evan: Octavius, do you want to be held as a suspect again?
Octavius: Forgive me, Evan, please! I'm so sorry! I'll tell you what happened.
Octavius: I found a bloodstained napkin when I was patrolling Evergreen Way. I got out of my patrol car and picked the napkin up.
Octavius: Then I found the body I was looking for, and I recognised it. Franco was my classmate during high school.
Evan: The body you were looking for?
Octavius: So I rushed to his house, because I knew where he lived. And I asked Matthew about the napkin.
Evan: Octavius, what do you mean with the body you were looking for?!
Octavius: I got a report saying that there was a dead body on Evergreen Way.
Evan: Wha- Who reported the murder?
Octavius: A man called Dorian Greensworth.

Chapter 2

Evan: Octavius, are you saying that El Pantera reported Ash's son was dead?!
Octavius: Oh, yes, he's El Pantera! I couldn't remember where I'd heard that name.
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, as the victim in this case is Ash's son, I'd suggest you investigate this murder with Daniel, the coroner.
Alan Smith: As a task, I will asign you to go investigate the Hades Headquarters. Daniel says he knows where it is. On your way there, explain to him what you know so far about the case.
Evan: Good luck with Daniel, <Name>! Octavius and I will stay here. I want to know who the killer is!
Octavius: My patrolling time is over and you are in charge of this case, so I'm free.
Octavius: Excuse me, where is the lab? I have to talk to Lindsey.
Evan: <Name>, remember to interrogate El Pantera!

Quiz El Pantera about the Hades
El Pantera: Ya here again, Officer Daniel. I think yo an' <Name> are the best cops in Townville.
El Pantera: I've met that guy Evan, the girl Lindsey an' that affeminate cop Octavius. And ya are tha best two I've evah seen.
Daniel: That affeminate officer told us you reported him a murder. Is that true?
El Pantera: Yas, I did. But I didn't see tha corpse.
Daniel: How did you know there was a body on the city limit then?
El Pantera: Mah best Fluke told me. Jose always knows what's goin' on around here.

Daniel: I think El Pantera said something he shouldn't have said. He mentioned Jose.
Daniel: It won't be easy, but I'm sure you will find Jose and we'll ask him about the murder.

See if Jose knew Franco
Daniel: Jose, so your name is...
Jose: Joseph Pine. Are you going to arrest me?
Daniel: No, no, don't worry. We just want to ask you if you knew a man called Franco Baldebin.
Jose: Of course I know the Baldebin family, but I don't remember anyone of them called Franco.
Daniel: El Pantera told us you spoke to him about a dead man near the city limit. That dead man was in fact Franco Baldebin.
Daniel: It was the son of the Hades' leader, you didn't tell the police about it... How can you explain that?
Jose: I just saw someone lying on the ground, I didn't know he was dead. Maybe he was just drunk.
Jose: But when I was telling El Pantera about it, I realized it could have been a dead body and he called the police.

Investigate Hades Headquarters
Daniel: Didn't you say you had found a bloodstained napkin before, <Name>?
Daniel: This is suspicious. We should examine this.
Daniel: This garage brings me so many memories... It hasn't changed a thing. But I'm not a Hades anymore, <Name>, don't worry.

Examine Bloodstained napkin
Daniel: It's always a pleasure to see your skills, <Name>! Now we'll have to take this DNA sample to Sabrina.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: <Name>, why didn't you tell Octavius he couldn't stay? He has been giggling, whispering, and laughing with Lindsey all morning.
Daniel: It's not Lindsey's fault that you're not going out with someone.
Sabrina: Actually, I have a boyfriend called Wane Collins who is in a rock band. I just don't bring him over the station.
Sabrina: Listen. This DNA belongs to the killer, I'm sure. It's very similar to the one of the victim's, but it is different.
Sabrina: So I concluded that the killer is part of Franco's family.
Daniel: That's quite interesting! <Name>, do you say we interrogate Franco's family?

Talk to Ash
Ash: <Rank> <Name>, did you find Franco's killer? Tell me you did!
Daniel: Not yet. Actually, we came to interrogate you as some of the evidences point at you.
Ash: ARE YOU SAYING I KILLED MY SON?! I'm tired of being treated as a criminal!
Daniel: We KNOW you are a criminal, Ash. And if you're saying that as a reference to my colleague's mistake to have said you're Dr. Cyanide, let me remind you that they haven't killed anyone.
Ash: I know who you are, you are that mole the police has, aren't you?
Daniel: I'm no mole, I grew up in Evergreenton and I know many things about the gang war.
Daniel: The fact that I used to be a Hades doesn't mean I'm a mole.
Ash: A Hades? So we have the police on our side? We're gonna win this war!
Daniel: I'm not a Hades anymore, you hear! I work for the police now and I HATE criminals!

Talk to Shark
Daniel: Mark, how did you get on with Franco?
Shark: Me? Whooa, no probz with Frankie, y'know? He was a great Hades. My respects to him.
Shark: But, my wise and knowledged brother, Matthew... he really had Frankie onto his nerves!
Daniel: Huh? Didn't they live together?
Shark: Whoops, that's all I know. Good-goodbye!

Talk to Matthew Baldebin
Daniel: Matthew, did you get along with your brother?
Matthew: Living along with your gangster brother can be really hard, but I don't think it was a motive for killing him.
Matthew: If only he had paid for his things... But I had to work for two people.
Matthew: It wasn't easy, you know? But that's what brothers are for, I guess.
Daniel: Ok. You say you want to investigate this place, <Name>? Um... Well, if you want it, I'll help you.

Investigate Living room
Daniel: You want to put this back together? But it isn't related to the murder, <Name>. Fine, let's do this.

Examine Torn photo
Daniel: This is a photo of Mark Baldebin holding a snake, just that. I know he's a suspect, but is this really important?
Daniel: The photo was taken in his house, you say? Oh, so it means he has a snake, like our killer!
Daniel: Very clever of you, <Name>!

Some minutes later...

Alan Smith: And how is the case going, <Name>? Well?
Alan Smith: A Fluke called Jose is waiting for you at the suspects room. Do you know who he is?
Daniel: One of the suspects. He was the first person to find the victim's body.
Alan Smith: It seems he has some important information about the victim's last will.
Daniel: Huh?

Chapter 3

Daniel: Franco had a will? But he didn't even have his own house! What could he give to his heirs?
Alan Smith: I don't really know, but why don't you go and ask Jose?
Daniel: You're right, Chief. Besides, if Franco redacted his own will, it means he knew he was going to die. It's weird that he did that being so young.
Daniel: Let's go and talk to Jose, <Name>.

Get info from Jose
Daniel: What do you know about Franco Baldebin's will?
Jose: I didn't know he even existed, but I decided to help you. So I started investigating him and I finally found his will.
Jose: Franco only owned one thing, you know?
Daniel: We didn't even know he owned something. Tell us, what is it?
Jose: People like Ash can't buy many things as it would be suspicious, so he gave some money to his son and told him to buy some dirty garage.
Jose: And it turns out to be the Hades Headquarters! But the most interesting part is the heir.
Jose: In his will, he said he'd leave his garage to El Pantera! Isn't it exciting?

Daniel: <Name>, why did Ash's son leave the Hades Headquarters to El Pantera in case he died?!
Daniel: He's dead, so now El Pantera owns the Hades' place! That could mean winning this gang war, <Name>!
Daniel: As soon as El Pantera hears about this, there will be a chaos in the whole district. And we can't stop it. It was Franco's will.
Daniel: I hope El Pantera never finds out, <Name>. Let's go to their headquarters and see what's going on.
Daniel: I don't know how much time we have left with this piece of information in the Flukes' second leader.

Investigate Garage corner
Daniel: There aren't any Hades here, but there aren't any Flukes either. This is good.
Daniel: I can see you kept on investigating the murder. I wish I could keep a cool head like you.
Daniel: Shall we look through this bag?

Examine Shopping bag
Daniel: This is a packet of... snake food? Our case is related to snakes so it could be a clue.
Daniel: We should ask Ash about this. It may belong to him.
Daniel: You're right, maybe they stole this shopping bag from someone else. If you manage to recover the barcode, we'll be able to analyze it.

Examine Snake food
Daniel: One day you'll have to tell me how you're capable of doing these things, <Name>. Now we will send this barcode to our tech expert, Lindsey.
Daniel: I hope Octavius lets her work peacefully instead of whispering in her ear.

Analyze Barcode
Lindsey: Can you believe he's living with Harry Clover?
Octavius: NO. I can't believe it. I hate him so much, I can't even explain it to you.
Daniel: Lindsey, we can't wait any longer. There's a killer who needs to be caught.
Lindsey: Sorry. The barcode says this snake food was bought under prescription by credit card. And it was bought by...
Lindsey: Dorian Greensworth!
Daniel: Why was El Pantera's prescribed product in the Hades Headquarters?!
Daniel: <Name>, let's go ask him.

Ask El Pantera about the snake food
Daniel: Do you have a snake? We found snake food you'd bought at the Hades Headquarters.
El Pantera: Can't I have snakes? Why d'ya ask?
El Pantera: Yeah, I heard some of the Hades had snakes, so why couldn't I have one?
Daniel: Do you still have it?
El Pantera: You can bet that! I live alone now so tha snakes are my only companions.

Ask Ash about the snake food
Daniel: We found a packet of snake food in your gang's headquarters. Do you have a snake?
Ash: Yes. I live with my son Mark and we have two beautiful snakes. Is it a crime?
Ash: <Rank> <Name>, what I want now is justice for my son Franco. I don't care about anything else.
Daniel: Mr Baldebin, Franco owned the headquarters, right? In his will, he left them to El Pantera.
Ash: I know. I told him to do so. I told him we would lose the gang war only if I lost one of my sons. I didn't think it would really happen.
Ash: But El Pantera doesn't know. And if he finds out, he'll need Franco's will to prove it.
Daniel: I'd reccommed you change its hiding place. One of the Flukes has already found it.
Ash: Don't worry. Jose is so stupid he forgot to take it with him. I've already hidden it somewhere else.

A while later...

Daniel: You say we should remember what we've investigated? Hm, that's fine.
Daniel: Franco Baldebin was the son of the Hades' leader. He was murdered and left lying on the city limit for some unknown reason.
Daniel: He lived with his brother Matthew, who wasn't part of the gang. Matthew was a bit upset with Franco, as he had to pay for everything for him.
Daniel: He had another brother called Mark, who can't even speak English. His father, Ash, really loved him and wants to know who the killer is.
Daniel: Though he told Franco to give their headquarters to the Flukes in case he died. And he died. So we have to cross our fingers and hope it remains a secret.
Daniel: Jose found his body and his will. But he says he didn't even know him.
Daniel: I don't know, it could have been anyone! I think we should go back to the Evergreen Way and see if Octavius left any evidence there.

Investigate Road
Daniel: I give up. Everything looks normal here. It doesn't even look like a crime scene!
Daniel: Oh, yeah, the killer might have hidden some clue in the trash. Good idea, <Name>!

Examine Trash container
Daniel: <Name>, you found a t-shirt in the container? People trash really weird things sometimes.
Daniel: Oh, you're right! It has this part of the neck covered in blood and Franco was shirtless! The killer trashed this for some reason, but Sabrina will find it out.

Analyze Victim's t-shirt
Sabrina: I spent a really long time looking for clues that the killer might have left, you should consider my effort.
Sabrina: With a lot of hard work, I managed to get some samples of an unknown substance.
Sabrina: After analyzing it, I found out it is a product used to clean and correctly mantain gold accessories. Chains, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, whatever.
Sabrina: This was just on the outside of the t-shirt. No traces of it on the inside or Franco's body.
Daniel: What you want to say is that our killer uses this product?
Sabrina: My my, you got it! The killer wears a golden accessory!
Daniel: <Name>, I can tell we're going to arrest that killer!

Arrest killer
Daniel: Matthew Baldebin, you are under arrest for the murder of your brother, Franco Baldebin.
Matthew: You can't get inside my house and arrest me for something I haven't done? What prooves do you have?
Daniel: You want prooves? I think Officer Keys made it really clear when he showed you the napkin you had thrown away with the fibers from your hoodie.
Daniel: We also found Franco's t-shirt, which you put inside a trash container, with that product you use for cleaning your golden chain.
Daniel: That other napkin you left at the gang's headquarters, and your poor little snake that you killed!
Matthew: I would have killed every snake just to make sure my brother died! It was absolutely worth it.
Matthew: He kept abusing me because of my money, and he didn't want to get a job.
Matthew: And I'm not a Hades, but he told Jose where his will was. He wanted the Flukes to win the war and that is called betraying your family!
Daniel: Are you listening to yourself? Killing him meant giving the headquarters to El Pantera, right want you wanted to avoid!
Matthew: Of course I thought about that. I was planning to steal the will and tear it up. But it was in the headquarters and you were investigating there. I didn't get a chance!

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Ashton Baldebin, please sit down.
Daniel: Poor Ash... He hasn't stopped crying since the trial started.
Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Matthew Baldebin, you admit you bit your brother to death and left him lying on the city limit?
Matthew: I was planning this case to be under Low River's jurisdiction. If his body was found in Townville, it would mean <Rank> <Name> was going to investigate the case.
Matthew: He did the same with the Flukes. The leader's son was killed by his own brother and <Rank> <Name> found him guilty.
Matthew: After that, <Rank> <Name> found both gangs' drugs hideout and confiscated them. This <Rank> was going to send me to jail!
Esteban: And that's really fair. Matthew Baldebin, you are sentenced to 50 years in prison with a chance for parole in thirty. Session adjourned.
Ash: What have you done, Matthew?! You *ssh*le!

Daniel: Just like Matthew said. The only two times we worked together, we arrested the victim's brother.
Daniel: All of Ash's sons have gone crazy, but I still think he's a bit of a good father. Do you think the same, <Name>?
Daniel: By the way, I wonder what Ash is going to do to avoid having his gang's headquarters under El Pantera's control. I hope it doesn't happen.
Daniel: Though we'll have a party soon. November the 27th is coming and it's Sabrina's birthday! We have permission from the Chief to celebrate in the lab.
Daniel: But you better keep your eyes peeled on the 26th. The Sakuras will be playing, and it's the Flukes' team!

Additional Investigation

Sabrina: That's right, <Name>. My birthday is coming on the 27th! We'll have dinner in the lab.
Sabrina: You are invited, of course! Evan will be there, also Daniel, Lindsey... Even the Chief!
Sabrina: Gino? Yes, he's my friend. I'll invite him too. And you'll meet Wane, my boyfriend. He's the drummer of a rock band. Do you like rock?
Sabrina: Octavius? Why should I invite him to my birthday celebration? I can't even stand him.
Sabrina: Ok, but just because you and Lindsey asked me to, ok?

Octavius: I'm invited to Sabrina's birthday- Are you sure, <Name>? Sabrina doesn't like me!
Octavius: You're right, saying no would be rude. I'll go anyway.
Octavius: Oh, I've just remembered! I saw El Pantera again and he said he wanted to talk to you. He was a bit upset, and he said you couldn't bring Evan.
Octavius: You really would like to go with me? That's very kind of you, <Name>. Thanks for trusting me!
Daniel: Sorry to interrupt, <Name>, but I'd like to see how Mark is doing. He lost two brothers.
Daniel: And Ash, of course. He lost two sons.
Daniel: You agree? Fantastic! We can go whenever you want.

Check up on Mark
Daniel: This is not our work, Mark. But we wanted to see if you needed help from us after your brother's murder and Matthew's arrest.
Daniel: So tell us, what can we do for you?
Shark: I've been thinking about taking some violin lessons, y'know?
Shark: After all, Sherlock Holmes plays the violin.
Daniel: You read? I mean, do you read Holmes' stories?
Shark: Yeah. And he reminds me of <Rank> <Name>.
Shark: But I don't have a violin. Franco had one but I don't know where. And he always said he'd give me his violin one day. Could you look for it?
Daniel: We'll take a look at Matthew's house, ok? Wait for us in your house.

Investigate Victim's house
Daniel: This violin case is really heavy, so Franco's violin is surely inside here.
Daniel: But it asks for a 4 number combination. Can you help me, <Name>? Evan always says you're perfect at those things.

Examine Violin case
Daniel: It reminds me of my mother. She used to play the violin, you know?
Daniel: Her name was Jessica, and she really loved me. She was so beautiful... Even though nobody hated her, destiny was unfair and she died in an accident at home.
Daniel: But I always thought someone had done something bad to her. That accident was really strange.
Daniel: Her maiden name? It doesn't matter, <Name>. Could we go and give Mark his violin, please?

Give Mark the victim's violin
Daniel: Here you are, Mark. Your older brother's violin. I hope you become a great violinist.
Mark: Are you sure this is the one? Matthew talked to me about something better.
Mark: He said that I could even sell the violin to a museum and become rich! But this violin looks really... normal.
Daniel: All violins look similar. But we'll see what type of violin this is.

Examine Violin
Daniel: A Stradivarius? I can't believe Franco had such a violin and he kept it a secret!
Daniel: I'm sure Mark will love this violin. Let's tell him, <Name>.

Tell Shark about the violin
Daniel: Mark, this violin is a relic. It's a Stradivarius! I don't really know how your brother got it, but take care of it. It's really important.
Daniel: Don't even consider selling it to a museum or a collectionist!
Shark: I'll take care of it, I promise. Today, it's tha only thing I have that can make me fell my brother is still here.
Shark: Thanks a lot for findin' it. You are really good people!
Daniel: Don't thank us, thank your brother for sharing this masterpiece with you.
Shark: I know a burger isn't as expensive as a Stra... this violin. But please accept one. I'm very grateful.

El Pantera wants to talk to you
El Pantera: That annoyin' Evan isn't here, right? Thank ya for understanding, <Name>!
El Pantera: I often carry a knife around for self-defense. To chop 'em up Hades if they wanna lay a fingah on El Pantera.
El Pantera: But I lost it when I was walkin' near Evergreen Way. Could ya look there? I dunno find it.
Octavius: Understood. But let me ask you something. Why did you ask me not to bring Evan?
El Pantera: Evan is stupid and doesn't wanna help me cuz I'm a gangster.
Octavius: Oh... fine. Wait for us.
El Pantera: Roger that.

Investigate City limit
Octavius: I swear, <Name>. I've already searched in every possible place around here and El Pantera's knife IS-NOT-HERE.
Octavius: Um, that bin might be our last chance.

Examine Trash bin
Octavius: Wow, you're amazing! That knife was inside the bin after all. It's true, things are always in the last place you'd look for them.
Octavius: You're right, we can't give El Pantera a knife so easily. Let's examine it first.

Examine Knife
Octavius: I'll never get used to using a microscope, <Name>. I don't know how you actually manage to use it. It all looks hard to me.
Octavius: But well, now we've got this DNA and we'll send it to the lab.

Analyze DNA
Octavius: Thanks for inviting me to your birthday, Sabrina. I'll behave, I promise.
Sabrina: It's ok, don't worry. <Name>, the DNA you gave me comes from some skin cells. And these cells actually belong to Harry Clover.
Octavius: So El Pantera stabbed Harry Clover?
Sabrina: Don't smile, Octavius! These skin cells have been there for a couple days and I just drove past him this morning while coming here.
Sabrina: What's wrong with the HQ? Lindsey hates Harry Clover, you want him to get stabbed, Chief Smith wants him in jail, Evan says he can't wait to arrest him...
Sabrina: I think that Harry left this knife in a trash bin on purpose so that El Pantera would pick it up. Why don't you ask him?
Octavius: Thank you, Sabrina!

Ask El Pantera about the knife
Octavius: You should've asked me not to bring <Rank> <Name> instead. <Name> knows Harry Clover gave you this knife. Tell us why.
El Pantera: How clever of ya, <Name>! Congratuleshans. But I'm afraid you won't be able to put your nose in this case. Harry sold me a knife and that's completely legal.
El Pantera: I gave him money and he gave me a knife. This knife was sold to me by the sports club. Doncha know hunting is a sport too? It's a hunting knife.
Octavius: If this were legal, Mr Clover wouldn't have had to put it in a trash bin.
El Pantera: Shh... I can get tha goods I buy wherevah I wanna.

Talk to Ash Baldebin about his sons
Ash: Thanks for worrying about me, <Rank> <Name> and Agent Daniel. I'm really glad you saw through this case clearly.
Ash: But Matthew is not my son anymore. I know living in a gang can be really tough, but I never taught him to kill his own brother.
Ash: And Mark is really stupid. Did you even listen to him? He wasn't born to live a life like this.
Ash: I only want Franco now. I miss my only son.

Daniel: It's really sad, isn't it, <Name>? I know Matthew and Mark aren't the most intelligent people and they're not the most sensitive ones.
Daniel: But a son is a son. Ash can't do this, they'll always be his sons and he must love them.
Daniel: I know we can touch Ash's heart, <Name>. Do you want to come with me to the Hades Headquarters and look for something that makes Ash think about this better?

Investigate Hades Headquarters
Daniel: This photo wasn't here the last time we investigated this place. It means someone got angry and tore it up. And it must be... Ash?
Daniel: Would you like to see why he got so mad at this picture?

Examine Torn photo
Daniel: Now I understand. This is a photo of Ash and his three sons. He's angry with them and tore this photo. How terrible.
Daniel: I never knew who was the boys' mother, you know? I just heard once that Ash was dating a woman from this neigborhood. But that was when when Matthew had already been born.
Daniel: Hey, there's some faded text in the back of this photo. Can you recover it?

Examine Family photo
Daniel: These are messages from the Baldebin family, <Name>! All of them wrote something here.
Daniel: "We miss you a lot mom. Come back to us soon, please! Marky"
Daniel: "I wish you the best, mother. Hope your new life is going on well. Matt"
Daniel: "You will always be the woman of my life and nothing will ever change that! Ashton"
Daniel: "If only you would notice the consequences of your acts... Franco Baldebin"
Daniel: It looks like these messages were for the boys' mother and Ash's wife. But why did Mark write "come back to us", and what is this new life Matthew mentioned?
Daniel: And it seems Franco was the only one who didn't like his mom. Do you mind if we ask Ash about her?

Talk to Ash about the photo
Daniel: Ash, we found this photo with messages for your sons' mother. Could you tell us more about her?
Ash: She was Myriam Baldebin, my beloved wife. But one day she left me and got her maiden name back. I never saw her again.
Ash: She left her three sons alone, can you believe it? However, they still love her. And so do I. But she left us because she got a proposal from a rich man. She accepted.
Ash: We sent her a photo of us with messages, though Franco was kind of angry that day. What do you think she did? She sent the photo back and told us not to talk to her again!
Ash: We were awkward for her. Anyway, I still love her even though I can live without her.
Daniel: I guess you can't choose who you love, can you? I'm sure Myriam is very important for you.
Daniel: However, could you forgive Matthew and Mark? They are your sons.
Ash: I'll try to, ok? And you, I know you're still a Hades. Please have this to remember your good days.

Hours later, at the police station...

Daniel: I think we helped those two, didn't we, <Name>? Mark has a really nice gift from his brother and Ash...
Daniel: Well, maybe we didn't help him. But now he'll try to forgive his two alive sons.
Daniel: I wonder who is that rich man that got married with Ash's ex-wife, Myriam.
Alan Smith: <Name>, can you come to my office, please? I need to talk to you. Wait for me there.

Octavius: <Name>, Chief Smith called me! I wonder what he wants. Did I do anything bad?
Alan Smith: Are you Octavius Keys, the officer who's been working with <Rank> <Name> recently?
Octavius: Yes, sir. I am Officer Keys! I offer my services to the-
Alan Smith: Silence, please. I'm not here to punish you, so calm down. I'm just the Chief of Police, not a monster.
Alan Smith: I want to promote you to Deputy. Congratulations for your work, Mr Keys.
Octavius: Really? Thank you! But what did I do?
Alan Smith: Oh God... Are you serious? You've just proved Harry Clover is trafficking weapons!
Alan Smith: This is the biggest we've been able to get from him and it's all thanks to you and <Rank> <Name>. We're one step closer to him.
Alan Smith: Now we won't stop. I'll put my men to work and reveal this illegal operation. Harry Clover will go to jail really soon.