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Daisy: Oh my god, I can't believe we're here! We're gonna meet the one and only Yujina!
Isabel: Daisy, focus! We need to remember why we're here.
Isabel: The Chief needs us to confirm whether or not Sun Yu-Jin is part of the black market, and if she is, we need to get as many details from her as possible.
Daisy: Well whatever you and <Rank> <Name> think about her, I know she's innocent. She would never-
Cayden: Hey, aren't you the Warrenville Police Department?
Isabel: Yes, who are you?
Cayden: Cayden Williams, a journalist for Channel 5 news. I need to report a murder, Yujina was found dead in her dressing room.
Daisy: WHAT!?
Daisy: You have to show us, now!
Cayden: R-Right, follow me!

Chapter 1

Investigate Dressing Room
Daisy: No! Yujina, why?
Isabel: Great, Ms. Yu-Jin is dead, we're never gonna find out about the market at this rate.
Isabel: Well given her wounds, she was no doubt killed. We need to find out who did this, and fast.
Daisy: They must've held a grudge, look at all the wounds on her head and neck.
Cayden: I understand you need to question me, I'll step aside and let you know what I can.
Isabel: Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Williams.
Isabel: Let's send Yujina down to autopsy for the full story, and what's this? A badge of some sort.
Daisy: They must've had access to the stage too, let's recover it and see who left this.
Daisy: Don't worry Yujina, we'll find who did this, I swear it!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: Well, this oughta be a shock to the K-Pop community, Yujina was great singer!
Isabel: I don't understand it myself, but Daisy is visibly shaken. She didn't even want to see the body again.
Daphne: That poor girl, I hope for her sake that Sun wasn't part of the market, I don't think she could handle that.
Daphne: Now, onto the autopsy, cause of death was blunt force trauma. The strike to the neck killed her instantly, but they continued striking her after that.
Daphne: The wounds left an odd pattern, like a wire mesh. This made me realize she was beaten with a microphone! Keep your eyes peeled for one.
Isabel: Man, they didn't want her walking away from this one.
Daphne: Yes, but they made a mistake. They ended up touching the wounds on her head, and I found traces of red pepper.
Daphne: Red pepper can make any food very spicy, and your victim didn't have anything spicy in her stomach.
Isabel: Well, since our killer loves spicy food so much, we'll be sure to apply the burn when we slap the cuffs on them.

Examine Badge
Daisy: So, did you get a name?
Isabel: Yes we did, this appears to belong to a certain Hwang Song-Ho.
Daisy: Oh I recognize that name, he's Yujina's manager, he came with her from South Korea.
Isabel: Well, we better inform the manager of his star's murder.

Talk to Hwang about the murder
Hwang: Hello officers, sorry I'm still learning my English.
Isabel: Its fine, we have some bad news. I'm afraid Sun Yu-Jin was found murdered in her dressing room.
Hwang: What's this? Yujina was murdered?
Hwang: No, this can't be. She had such a bright future ahead of her.
Daisy: I'll say, I loved her work.
Hwang: You and me both officer, when I noticed her singing, I knew she had it in her to be the next big K-Pop star.
Isabel: Only I'm afraid she won't get that chance, we're sorry for your loss Mr. Song-Ho.
Hwang: Its fine, really. I just hope the fans don't start rioting over this, for now, I gotta work on refunding their ticket money.

Ask Cayden what he knows about the murder
Isabel: So Mr. Williams, you were the one to find Ms. Yu-Jin's body?
Cayden: I was, I was sent by the station to interview her for our latest news story.
Cayden: When I got here, I was told she was in her dressing room. Only when I entered, I found her already dead.
Daisy: Did you know anything about her?
Cayden: Sadly no, I just started working here myself, recommended by Drake Buckley himself.
Cayden: In fact, he came down here as soon as he could, but ran off.
Isabel: Drake Buckley? We haven't seen him since the end of the Deadly Triangle. Do you know where he went?
Cayden: Let me see. Oh yeah, he went over to the concession stand, they were selling CDs of Yujina's music!
Daisy: Perfect, let's go over there and find him!

Investigate Concession Stand
Daisy: No sign of him, we must've missed him.
Isabel: Hold on, <Name> found something. Looks like a shoulder bag.
Daisy: If this is Drake's we need to make sure, let's look through it.
Daisy: And if you want to check that CD rack, go right ahead, maybe there's something there to find him.

Examine CD Rack
Isabel: Well, nothing to find Drake, but I think this'll suffice.
Daisy: This case has blood on it! Is it Yujina's?
Isabel: Can't say, we need Victor's word of approval first. Let's get this to him.

Analyze Bloody CD Case
Daisy: Hey Victor, are you working on one of your novels again?
Victor: Yes actually, its about a young girl whose talent remains undiscovered until-
Daisy: Did you finish the analysis on the CD Case?
Victor: Um...
Daisy: What? We need that done ASAP! Yujina has been killed and I won't rest until we find who did it!
Isabel: Daisy, calm down!
Isabel: But I agree, please tell me you have something.
Victor: Very well, see if I give you a first copy of my novel.
Victor: Anyways, the blood does belong to your victim. And as for the case itself...
Victor: It was essentially a greatest hits of Yujina's songs. I checked the disc, and its been used frequently.
Victor: If I had to guess, I'd say your killer is just like Daisy, a fan of K-Pop music, and listens to it frequently.
Daisy: Well we'll be sure to keep our ears to the ground for our K-Pop loving killer.

Examine Shoulder Bag
Isabel: Nice find, that's a press pass from Channel 5.
Daisy: And look, that's Drake Buckley on it. He has to still be here.
Drake: That I am, so why are you looking through my things?
Isabel: Because we need to talk to you, so please step aside.

Talk to Drake Buckley about the interview
Daisy: So, you were going to conduct an interview alongside Cayden with Yujina?
Drake: That we were, K-Pop culture is expanding rapidly across the world, and given this town was blessed to have one with such talent visit us.
Drake: Well, how could I not take the chance to interview her?
Isabel: Of course, you heard she was killed, right?
Drake: Sadly yes, the poor thing died too early if you ask me.
Drake: Do what you can to find the sick ba****d who did this to her.
Daisy: Oh trust me, we will!
Daisy: Even if it takes all night, I won't rest until we find the person who murdered Yujina!
Isabel: Good to hear Daisy, we'll be in touch if we have questions for you or Cayden Mr. Buckley.

Back at the station...
Daisy: Well, our investigation into the black market became much harder.
Daisy: I don't want to believe it, but its possible that Yujina may have been a part of it.
Isabel: But she ended up getting killed before we could confirm anything.
Isabel: Let's go over what we have right now. She was killed in her dressing room with a microphone.
Daisy: Both Cayden Williams and Drake Buckley came here to conduct an interview, and her manager is obviously saddened by her death.
Daisy: And honestly, I am too. There's no way we can let this lie!
Kristina: I'll say! If you have a second officers.
Isabel: Kristina? We haven't seen you since Port de Gallo.
Kristina: I just heard about Yujina's murder. I have something you might wanna hear.
Kristina: I know where she was before she went to the concert!

Chapter 2

Isabel: Wait, you do? How?
Kristina: I was with her, she and I were talking about her trip to America.
Daisy: You were? Lucky!
Daisy: Er I mean, mind meeting us in the interrogation room?
Kristina: Sure!

See what Kristina has to say
Kristina: Okay, so, where do I start?
Isabel: Let's start here, you met the victim, where?
Kristina: At the nearby karaoke bar, I'm a bit of a fan of K-Pop, she caught me singing one of her songs.
Kristina: When I told her my daddy was the Mayor, well she was honestly drawn in.
Daisy: Did it make you feel bad, like she was just getting close to you so she could speak to your dad?
Kristina: Hmm, kinda, but I'm used to it. It ain't easy being the middle child.
Kristina: But she was so friendly, I was gonna show her around town... but I'm afraid the only place I can show her now is the cemetary.
Isabel: Well we're sorry this happened, but rest assurred we'll find her killer.
Kristina: Please do, she left the karaoke bar to go to her performance, that much I'm sure about!
Daisy: Then let's head over there!

Investigate Karaoke Bar
Isabel: This place looks nice, wouldn't mind coming here to hang out every once in a while.
Daisy: Agreed, but for now, we'll need to treat this as a crime scene.
Daisy: And this box seems strangely out of place here, let's open it up.
Isabel: Okay. If you think this notepad is suspicious too <Name>, let's recover the writing on it.

Examine Faded Notepad
Isabel: Nice work, looks like these notes belong to Cayden Williams.
Daisy: They must've been for the interview. But wait, what's this?
Daisy: "I don't know why I wasted my time, but its probably best you don't bother with her." What!?
Isabel: Didn't think Cayden thought very little of our victim.
Isabel: I prefer that people leave that out, let's go see what he has to say for himself about this.

Confront Cayden over his negative review
Isabel: Mr Williams, what were your thoughts on the victim?
Cayden: Um, why do you ask?
Daisy: Because of these notes.
Cayden: Crap, I knew I lost those somewhere.
Cayden: Well alright, you already know the truth. Honestly, I didn't like having to do this all that much.
Cayden: I spent hours upon hours listening to that K-Pop stuff, and I can tell you, it wasn't my thing.
Daisy: Well you don't have to be rude about it.
Cayden: I'm just being honest, I don't really get much action, the most heat I get is when I put cayenne on my burgers for an extra kick.
Cayden: And honestly, those K-Pop stars really aren't anything special, Yujina too. They're just Koreans trying to capitilize on America's pop culture.
Isabel: So who's to say you didn't kill her to prove a point?
Cayden: I didn't! I mean it'd certainly be better than listening to something I have no interest in, but-
Daisy: But nothing! We find out you killed Yujina, and your arrest will be the next headline!

Examine Wooden Box
Isabel: So, what's in the box <Rank> <Name>?
Daisy: Hey, a microphone! And its covered in blood!
Isabel: We may have our murder weapon, but we need to compare this to the wounds on our victim.
Daisy: Celeste it is, let's go!

Analyze Bloody Microphone
Celeste: "I can't decide whether you should live or die. Oh you'll probably go to heaven, please don't hang your head and cry..."
Isabel: Uh, is this a bad time?
Celeste: Oh not at all, just a little fun is all.
Daisy: Is that... the microphone we sent you?
Celeste: Indeed it is, still works surprisingly.
Celeste: The blood is your victim's and the mesh pattern matched the bruises on the victim.
Daisy: So you were singing with the murder weapon?
Celeste: That I was! Care to try?
Isabel: Um, no thanks. Was there anything on the microphone?
Celeste: There was actually! I gave this to Victor to look it over, and he found traces of flavoring, mint flavoring to be specific.
Isabel: Like in mints?
Celeste: Yes, specifically breath mints, your killer must've taken some before handling the mic.
Daisy: Well at least our killer won't stink. But we'll keep an eye and a nose out for them just in case.
Isabel: Now that we got the murder weapon, let's return to the concession stand and see if there's any other evidence we can use.

Investigate Cash Register
Daisy: Well, is it just me, or does this pile of snacks seem out of place?
Isabel: <Name> seems to think so to, so you're both probably right, look through them and see what's underneath.
Isabel: And it looks like our victim in that photo, but who's the other guy?
Daisy: No clue, but a quick look in the database is sure to fix that!
Isabel: Sounds like a plan, let's have a look.

Examine Man in Photo
Daisy: This man appears to be one Jaden Malone. Must be a fan of hers.
Isabel: Actually, that's pretty accurate. Apparently he's the president of the K-Pop Fan Club in the area.
Daisy: I'm wondering how he's handling her murder?
Daisy: Guess we better ask him just in case.

Talk to Jaden about Yujina's murder
Jaden: Officers! Please tell me you found the monster who killed Yujina!
Daisy: No, but don't worry, we're working on it as fast as possible.
Jaden: Please do, I've been snacking on nothing but these breath mints ever since word got out.
Isabel: So you were a big fan I take it?
Jaden: Big fan? I was her number 1 fan! I absolutely LOVE K-Pop!
Jaden: Ever since I listened to Yujina's music, I've been loving the genre! And she was at the top in my eyes.
Daisy: Same here, her music was amazing.
Jaden: I know! *sniff* I'll miss her...

Examine Pile of Food
Isabel: What did you find?
Daisy: Some sort of contract with "Bluewell Music". Some kind of music publisher.
Isabel: I see, let's send this to Marco, he'll save us the trouble.
Isabel: I just hope he doesn't get 'bored to tears' by this one.

Analyze Contract
Marco: Let me guess, you sent me this hoping to save yourself the trouble?
Isabel: Was it that obvious?
Marco: Well you probably should've read this yourselves, Daisy especially.
Daisy: Huh? Why?
Marco: Have a look here, at this line.
Daisy: "I, Sun Yu-Jin, agree to sign over all rights to distribute my music to Bluewell Music in the next month, and take on the manager they provide."
Daisy: She what? I know pop stars need to make money, but was this necessary?
Marco: Apparently so, your vic was blowing money faster than most American pop stars.
Isabel: Well I can imagine her current manager didn't take kindly to this.
Isabel: I'm not sure if he even knew about this, but we better check anyways. Let's go talk to him.

Inform Hwang of the victim's decision to change managers
Isabel: Mr. Hwang, did you know the victim was planning on changing managers?
Hwang: Of course I was, she showed me the damn contract!
Hwang: Said she was running out of money to party when I restricted her budget.
Hwang: She was out of control! Partying all night long, she came this close to a drug bust if I didn't get her ass out of there!
Daisy: Well, I know people like to party, but drugs?
Hwang: Trust me, I came close too a few times, but I never crossed that line. Even when I eat spicy food, I always use a breath mint afterwards.
Hwang: Look, she's a good kid at heart, and her music is phenominal, but her behavior was honestly starting to infuriate me!
Isabel: Is that so? Were you thinking about leaving her?
Hwang: Honestly yes, if she was gonna ruin herself, then why should I even bother with her? But I reminded myself I came here to make her a star, and that was what I was gonna do!
Daisy: Well she's gone, and if you had any hand in it, you'll be making yourself into a prisoner!

In front of the concert...
Isabel: Well, it seems while our victim was beloved by many..
Isabel: A few wouldn't mind seeing her dead.
Daisy: Its hard to imagine, people like Kristina and Jaden love her music.
Daisy: But Cayden Williams really wouldn't care less and was annoyed by having to cover her.
Isabel: And then there's her manager Hwang, who almost had it with her out of control behavior.
Isabel: But regardless, we still aren't sure if she was involved in Warrenville's black market at all...
Drake: I'm sorry, were you talking about that black market again?
Daisy: Yeah, why?
Drake: Because I have some info you might wanna hear.
Drake: Turns out Yujina may have been working behind the shadows if you get what I mean?
Daisy: Wait do you mean...
Daisy: Yujina was working with the black market!?

Chapter 3

Isabel: Drake this is big, what did you find out?
Drake: I can't say here, its too open. The karaoke bar is a more private place, take it from me, meet me there and we'll talk.
Daisy: No, that can't be... No.
Isabel: I know its hard Daisy, but we need to find out. The market was what led us here in the first place.
Daisy: I know... Let's head over there and talk to Drake then.

Confirm the victim's illegal activities with Drake
Drake: Glad you made it, sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I ran out of breath mints and had to borrow some from Cayden.
Daisy: Its okay... Just tell us the truth please.
Drake: I was hanging out around this place, hoping to ask her for an interview.
Drake: But when all of a sudden, she goes to the counter and hands the bartender some card.
Isabel: How's that suspicious, maybe it was a phone number?
Drake: That's what I thought at first, but I managed to swipe that card when the bartender wasn't looking. Here, check it out.
Daisy: "Don't worry, the market will cover you. Just talk to me again and I'll let them know you want to make a deal."
Daisy: No... That can't be true...
Isabel: I'm afraid that confirms it, Yujina was enticing others to do black markets deals, like her.
Drake: Honestly I was shocked to find out, someone so young and talented, a black market dealer!
Isabel: Thank you for letting us know Mr. Buckley, but I'm afraid this doesn't make less of a suspect in her murder.
Drake: I'm well aware, but I hope you can use this info to find her killer!
Daisy: It'll... prove useful Drake, thank you.

Daisy: I can't believe it, I loved her!
Isabel: Its honestly a shocker, but we'll need to transfer this info to the Chief when we finish here.
Daisy: Right, let's look around the bar some more, maybe there's something else we can use.

Investigate Bar Stools
Daisy: Looks like Yujina forgot something here when she was doing her 'deals'.
Isabel: Her handbag may be able to shed some light on it. Let's have a look through.
Isabel: But what are these pieces doing here?
Daisy: Anything out of place, we have to examine them. Let's put these back together and see what they make.

Examine Ripped Pieces
Isabel: Looks like the pieces made a photo.
Isabel: Of... Yujina and Jaden at a wedding?
Daisy: What!?
Daisy: Did thet get married? Wait hold on, this looks photoshopped.
Isabel: Hey, you're right. But why would Jaden make this?
Daisy: I'm guessing his love of the victim is much larger than we thought.

Confront Jaden about his obssession with the victim
Isabel: Mr Malone, we know you were a fan of the victim. But a photoshopped wedding?
Jaden: Heh heh heh, you weren't supposed to see that.
Jaden: But can you blame me? I loved her, she was like a goddess to me!
Daisy: Well I loved her too, but I'd never go this far.
Jaden: Even so, its not like she even cared. She got this all the time from other creeps.
Isabel: Creep is right.
Jaden: Hey, I take offense to that!
Daisy: You already drew the line when you thought of this.
Jaden: Well even if I did, its not like I killed her. Now if you excuse me, there's some spicy wings with my name on it.

Examine Victim's Purse
Daisy: What's that letter you got from our victim's purse?
Isabel: "I know what you're doing, I don't take kindly to activities like this. Stop this now or you're done!"
Isabel: I'm not sure if this is a death threat, but its pretty close to one if it isn't.
Daisy: But who wrote it?
Daisy: Oh right, Alice can give us a hand with this, let's send this to her.

Analyze Letter
Alice: I must say, the writer of this most assuredly wanted them dead.
Daisy: What makes you say that?
Alice: This was written in red ink, and your victim is Korean. I checked with Atticus, and the use of red ink in Korea is essentially someone wishing another death!
Isabel: What? This had to have been a death threat, but from who?
Alice: Well the way they wrote the message implies they have a sort of power in the city, and the way they ended it confirms they could make it happen.
Isabel: Power? Well the most powerful person in the city is Mayor Solomon so...
Daisy: Solomon? *gasp* Kristina, the Mayor's middle child!
Alice: You're right, given your suspects, this was Kristina's doing!
Isabel: Well so much for being a big fan. We need to talk to her, now!

Talk to Kristina about her threatening letter
Isabel: Miss Solomon, you told us you were a fan of the victim.
Daisy: So why did you send this threatening letter to her?
Kristina: Well, so much for enjoying my jalapeños in peace.
Kristina: Alright, she was up to something I know it!
Isabel: Up to something? What makes you say that?
Kristina: She was sneaking off to who knows where doing some strange things. I followed her, and man oh man, you would not believe what I saw.
Kristina: That bitch was buying drugs! I thought she was better than that!
Isabel: She was? From who?
Kristina: I don't know, I didn't see their face, I know they were male though.
Kristina: But still, she came here, and I thought this town finally had a little piece of K-Pop to call its own for a while.
Kristina: But Yujina was nothing more than someone looking to up their high a little.
Daisy: Trust me, stars get into the habit of drug using all the time. But why the red ink?
Kristina: I read up that that meant death, so I thought if I wrote it anonymously, she'd stop.
Isabel: Well she's also dead Miss Solomon, and if we find out you killed her, you'll be no better than her.

Back at the station
Daisy: I can't believe it, Yujina was a dealer and user. I just...
Isabel: Its alright Daisy, don't fall apart on us now. You made it this far, you can do it!
Daisy: Right... thanks guys.
Daisy: I mean, I'm sure plenty of stars use drugs. But Kristina sure wasn't happy about it.
Isabel: And of course there's her number one stalker, Jaden Malone. Seriously, I don't think people photoshopping themselves and their crush on a wedding photo is sane.
Daisy: Same, but we still can't arrest anyone for the murder.
Daisy: We oughta head back to the crime scene, its the only place that hasn't gotten a clean sweep yet.
Isabel: Fine by me, the crime scene it is!

Investigate Clothing Rack
Isabel: Is that.. a fingernail?
Daisy: Don't worry Isabel, its not real. Its one of those cosmetic nails girls wear.
Daisy: Huh? There was one missing from the victim's hand <Name>? This must be it then!
Isabel: Let's look over this then, and while we're at it we can see if the killer hid anything in this drawer too.
Isabel: We've almost got everything we need, just a little more and Miss Yu-Jin's killer is behind bars!

Examine Drawer
Isabel: What's this, a bloody string?
Daisy: It looks like a lanyard. The killer must've hid this, but why?
Isabel: Let's send this to Victor so he can check the blood, we can find out the rest from here.

Analyze Lanyard
Victor: Well, this was certainly an interesting one.
Victor: The blood was indeed your victim's, but the lanyard itself, that's where the clue lies.
Daisy: How so?
Victor: This lanyard is actually for those who received a backstage pass to the show.
Isabel: A backstage pass? Are you sure?
Victor: No doubt about it, the blood covered up the writing, but this is for a backstage pass.
Daisy: Well that certainly explains how the killer got back there.
Isabel: So our killer has a backstage pass, well their access will be much more restricted after we catch them.

Examine Fake Fingernail
Daisy: Nice, looks like Yujina got a piece of her killer!
Isabel: A blood sample? Well you know what to do now, let's send this to the lab!

Analyze Blood
Isabel: Victor, time is ticking, is that our victim's blood on the nail, or the killer's?
Victor: I analyzed the blood and it does not match your victim's blood type.
Victor: Your victim was AB+, but this blood is A+.
Daisy: So Yujina attacked her killer, scraped them and hit blood in the process.
Victor: Looks to be that way from what I found.
Isabel: Well given this is their's, I'm positive we'll have them in cuffs in no time!
Daisy: Well said, hold on Yujina, criminal or not your killer will be in jail soon!

Isabel: This is it, we have enough evidence to put Sun Yu-Jin's killer away!
Daisy: Frankly I know Yujina has done some bad stuff we'll need to look into later, but I still looked up to her and loved her music.
Daisy: I'll take personal pleasure in arresting her killer, so let's get to it!

Take care of the killer now!
Isabel: Jaden Malone, you're under arrest for the murder of Sun Yu-Jin, AKA Yujina!
Daisy: How could you? You said you loved her, so why would you kill her?
Jaden: Kill Yujina? Me? You must be joking.
Isabel: Its no joke Mr. Malone, we beat her to death with a microphone, which you left traces of your breath mints on.
Jaden: So, everyone needs to freshen up their breath every once in a while, don't they?
Daisy: Maybe so, but not many have access to the back of the stage, but you have the pass for it!
Jaden: Listen to yourselves, I'm Yujina's biggest fan, president of the K-Pop fan club, I'd never hurt her!
Daisy: Don't lie to us, we have your blood and traces of your spicy dinner on her! Tell us why! Tell me why! A true fan deserves to know!
Jaden: A true fan? Please, no one is a big a fan as me!
Jaden: I wanted her is all, nothing more, is that so wrong?
Isabel: You... wanted her?
Jaden: She was the one woman I loved, with my body and soul, I had to tell her. And you know what she said?
Jaden: She said no... NO! Oh she tried to let me down gently, but she was mine. I was not going to let anyone else have her!
Daisy: So you killed her? You beat her to death? How could you!?!
Jaden: I felt I should be given the honor of being the last person Yujina ever saw, and then she was mine, forever!
Isabel: Oh you were the last person she ever saw alright, and its time for you to pay. You're under arrest!

Judge Blackwell: Jaden Malone, it says here you killed K-Pop star Sun Yu-Jin because you... loved her?
Judge Blackwell: That doesn't make sense, you killed her because you loved her?
Jaden: I loved her alright, she was mine, and mine alone!
Daisy: You murderer! You killed Yujina, she didn't deserve this!
Judge Blackwell: Officer Barber, calm down!
Judge Blackwell: Now Mr. Malone, just because she refused to return your love, doesn't mean you can kill her!
Jaden: You seriously mean that!? She's the only person for me, I know it! If I can't have her, no one can!!
Judge Blackwell: Mr. Malone, you are one sad disturbed little man, you have my pity, but your behavior leaves little room for doubt.
Judge Blackwell: I sentence you to 30 years in jail with mandatory counseling for the murder of Sun Yu-Jin!
Jaden: No! I don't need help, I need Yujina, I need her!!
Daisy: Goodbye Jaden, goodbye and good riddance!
Judge Blackwell: Truer words could never have been said Officer Barber, court is adjourned!

Daisy: I can't believe Yujina was killed by some psycho fan. I know she wasn't the person I thought her to be, but still, no one deserves this.
Isabel: I gotta agree with you, that Jaden Malone was one crazy son of a gun. Well at least he's behind bars where he'll hurt no one anymore.
Annabel: Yes, excellent work officers, but we now know her murder has nothing to do with her apparent affiliations with the black market.
Annabel: Since we know she may have worked with them, we'll need to make sure we have the right information.
Annabel: So whenever you're ready, meet me in my office. Time we look closer into their operations in Stardust Junction, and we won't leave any stone unturned this time!

The Show Must Go On (4/9)

Annabel: <Rank> <Name>, congrats on solving Sun Yu-Jin's murder, at least we know it wasn't linked to the black market.
Daisy: Honestly I would've preferred if it wasto be honest.
Annabel: I know how much you loved her Daisy, but you need to remain strong, because now comes the hardest part.
Annabel: Since it was confirmed she was dealing with drugs, we need to know her operation and link it to the black market.
Isabel: I'll go and talk with her manager, maybe he can tell us something.
Luke: Um guys, sorry to interrupt.
Annabel: No its find Luke, I'm just glad you didn't come in screaming this time.
Luke: Right, anyways a local officer is here to see us. Says his name is Officer Maxwell Hardy.
Daisy: Oh, he helped you out at that magic show case. I'll go with you to see him.
Isabel: Alright, but once you're done, come talk to Hwang Song-ho with me so we can begin looking into our late star's criminal dealings.

Talk to Hwang about the victim's deals
Hwang: Oh man, this isn't good, this isn't good!
Isabel: Oh Mr Song-ho. We need to ask you about...
Hwang: No time! There's been a catastrophe!
Hwang: Some guy came in and swooped one of the backup dancers for Yujina!
Isabel: Some guy? Wait, could it have been Reus?
Hwang: Yes it was him, that Reus person I've been hearing about! She's done for!!
Isabel: Calm down, what was this person's name?
Hwang: We just called her Mary, nothing more. She's a goner!
Isabel: Do you have her personal information?
Hwang: Here, I made a file of the people I recruited. I gotta make sure they have a clean history.
Isabel: Well so much for our earlier search, we need to find this Mary person, now!!
Hwang: I tried following them, but lost them at the concession stands, try there.
Isabel: Thank you, let's get moving <Name>!

Investigate Concession Stand
Isabel: Damn, no sign of Reus anywhere.
Isabel: Is that an earpiece? ...It's got blood!
Isabel: Don't tell me Reus already has her dead?
Isabel: We better get a blood sample and be sure about it first.

Examine Earpiece
Isabel: Alright, let's have Victor examine that blood and see if its our mysterious "Mary".

Analyze Blood
Isabel: Victor, tell us you have something here?
Victor: Sorry, but I've been busy on my latest work, this K-Pop business actually struck a bit of inspiration.
Isabel: What?
Victor: I'm kidding Isabel, I was done with that a while ago. I really oughta get to publishing these more often
Victor: But sadly, I don't have good news for you. I analyzed the blood and compared it to that from the records of Mary.
Isabel: And they were a match?
Victor: I'm afraid so, Reus got away with it again.
Isabel: Damn! I was hoping we'd get him this time.
Isabel: Well, we better inform Mr. Song-ho about this. He's not gonna be happy.

Inform Hwang of Reus' actions
Isabel: I'm sorry Mr. Song-ho, but its too late. Reus has her, and we found her earpiece... stained with blood, her blood.
Hwang: No...
Hwang: She did nothing to deserve this, nothing!
Isabel: We're sorry you ended up losing someone else, we'll leave you to your grief. And don't worry, we'll find Reus if its the last thing we do!
Hwang: Than you officers, here, use this and find that snake! You have my full support!

See what the officer wants to talk about
Maxwell: Hello officers!
Daisy: Officer Hardy, nice to see you.
Daisy: We're a bit busy, so what's up? Any developments?
Maxwell: Yeah, about that...
Maxwell: I've come here requesting that you let the local police handle the investigations.
Daisy: Huh?
Maxwell: We have enough resources to handle the market and Reus, so be on your way and-
Daisy: Now hold on! We're the police for the entire city, you can't tell us to leave just because this is your district.
Maxwell: Well perhaps, but-
Daisy: But nothing! I just investigated the murder of someone who I loved and respected, and now you're not gonna let us find out the truth?!
Maxwell: You see-
Daisy: No more! Leave, get out! Go!
Maxwell: O-Okay!
Daisy: Hmph, who does he think he is?
Daisy: I think we've wasted enough time, let's go check out where Yuji- er Sun Yu-Jin died. Hopefully there's something left from her criminal activities.

Investigate Dressing Room
Daisy: Thankfully they haven't gotten around to cleaning the place yet, so we still might find something.
Daisy: Well, if you want to start with that makeup kit <Name>, I won't stop you. Let's dig in!

Examine Makeup Kit
Daisy: What the heck!? Are those... bags of cocaine?
Daisy: Oh Yujina, why did you do it?
Daisy: We need to make sure, we can't afford to make any wrong assumptions. I just hop Victor analyzes them soon.

Analyze Bags
Victor: Well well well, I must admit this is quite the shocker.
Daisy: Just give it to me straight Victor, please. Is it cocaine?
Victor: I'm sorry to tell you Daisy, but I checked the contents. And it came up positive for benzoylmethylecgonine, AKA cocaine.
Daisy: I knew it. Yujina was nothing more than a fancy-shmancy dealer for the black market. And she deals in drugs no less!
Victor: If you need anyone to talk to, maybe I can help. I could use some help with one of my novels.
Daisy: Thank you Victor, I'll do it when we're done here.
Daisy: Since we confirmed Drake's story, we'll need to look into her dealing spot. Let's head back to-
Annabel: Sorry to interrupt, but what did you say to Officer Hardy?
Daisy: He wanted us to leave this place to them, they wanted us out of Stardust Junction! I had to tell him off.
Annabel: You told him off? Well that explains why I got a visit from the one in charge of law enforcement around here.
Daisy: You mean Commissioner Osgood Medina? He's here!?
Annabel: He is, I've known him for a while, and he isn't exactly built on the best moral ground.
Annabel: If he sent Hardy to tell us he wants us gone, he must've come to set the record straight. In other words, he wants us gone and is gonna do it himself.
Daisy: We better go talk to him then and confirm what he wants.
Annabel: I'll go with you, just in case.

See what the Commissioner wants
Annabel: Osgood...
Osgood: Annabel...
Osgood: And who are these two?
Annabel: Officer Daisy Barber and <Rank> <Name>, they're investigating the black market's activities in the area.
Osgood: Ah yes, I've heard about this business you've had here from Officer Hardy, who was sent back scared when I told him to pass along my message.
Daisy: Your request?!
Osgood: Yes, we are perfectly capable of handling this situation by ourselves.
Annabel: Then why haven't you caught Reus yet, or stopped the black market's activities?
Osgood: You know what kind of crimes happen, we have our priorities set on protecting the people of the city. We'll find them soon enough, but-
Daisy: But what? You don't think they're really that important?
Osgood: What!? How dare you, they are of importance, they've just been alluding us this whole time!
Daisy: If you want us off so badly, maybe you just don't want to look bad in comparison to the actual police force of Warrenville. <Name> agrees with me on this one!
Osgood: You insolent-! Annabel, I want them fired, now!
Annabel: What gives you the right to tell me who to fire? I'm the Chief here, and not you!
Osgood: Why you! You think I'll let this lie, you think your team will walk away unscathed!?
Annabel: This team is my livelihood, I can't afford to let anything happen to them. So rest assured, I can handle whatever you throw at me!
Annabel: Now leave!
Osgood: Grr, you haven't heard the last of this!
Daisy: Hmph, good riddance to that Commissioner.
Daisy: Now on that note, we have to check the karaoke bar for more clues to the black market.
Annabel: Good luck officers, and don't forget to grab a bite. Energy is important!

Investigate Karaoke Bar
Daisy: Come on, we have to find something here!
Daisy: Hey a note, and its signed to Sun Yu-Jin!
Daisy: I can't read the rest though, let's dust this thing and get the info!

Examine Faded Note
Daisy: Alright, you recovered the note. What does it say?
Daisy: "Make sure that manager of your's is distracted with the drugs, and we'll pay you for your CD with half the profits this gets from the market..."
Daisy: "...And don't worry, we'll make sure you win at this year's "Artists of the Stars" Awards. Just keep up your end of the deal, and don't let anything happen to you."
Daisy: The Artists of the Stars? That's the annual award ceremony for artists in Stardust Junction. They're not gonna...
Daisy: No! We need to save the thinking for later. Let's tell Chief Armstrong about this, now!!

Inform Chief Armstrong of the market's plans
Daisy: Chief Armstrong, we got news!
Daisy: We confirmed the victim was dealing drugs for the black market, and we found some instructions sent to her!
Daisy: They said she was gonna give them her music in exchange for money and her victory at the Artists of the Stars ceremony!
Annabel: What? Let me see that note!
Annabel: I can't believe this, they're gonna attack the ceremony!
Daisy: Glad we didn't let those local officers stop us!
Annabel: Agreed, thank you for standing up to them Daisy, you too <Rank> <Name>.
Annabel: I think this calls for a special reward, here's the first part, something I'm sure you'll want to remember Yujina by, even if she was a criminal.
Daisy: Right, thank you Chief.
Annabel: Here <Name>, one for you too.

Back at the station...
Isabel: Well unfortunately not only did we fail to find anything about the market from Hwang.
Isabel: One of his back-up vocalists got nabbed by Reus, and presumably killed.
Kenny: No 'presumably' about it, I got word from local law enforcement that a body was found close to the stage. Must've been the same gal.
Annabel: That's unfortunate, but we'll have to keep looking for clues to Reus' identity.
Annabel: Meanwhile, <Rank> <Name> and Officer Barber have managed to unearth something grave.
Hunter: What's that?
Annabel: They've confirmed Drake Buckley's story regarding Sun Yu-Jin being a dealer for the black market...
Annabel: And have also discovered they're gonna do something at the Artists of the Stars award ceremony!
Isabel: What!?
Isabel: I can't believe they'd go this far!
Daisy: And its not like local law enforcement is gonna be much help from now on. Commissioner Medina came her himself telling us to leave.
Kenny: What!?
Hunter: Hmph, guy just wants the credit all to himself, and doesn't want anyone stepping into it.
Annabel: And that brings me to this. Officer Barber, you have shown courage and professionalism in even the toughest scenarios.
Annabel: Plus you stood your ground when others wanted you to back down. You've done this force proud, and for that...
Annabel: I hereby promote you to Deputy!
Daisy: Deputy? Me?
Hunter: Congrats Daisy! You've really earned it.
Daisy: I don't know what to say... thank you!
Annabel: Not a problem, its the least I can do to say thanks for standing up to those blackhearts.
Annabel: And I'm also gonna be counting on you <Rank> <Name>, we've got plenty to worry about while we're here. So you better watch your back!

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