Kiki Wanda was a suspect in the murder investigations of teenager Christian Johnson in New Kid in Town (Case #1) and music producer Gary Richards in Trial by Fire (Case #6).


Kiki is a 28-year-old stripper. She has black hair with red highlights. It is known that she is right-handed.

Height 5'6"
Age 28
Weight 150 lbs (Case #1)
147 lbs (Case #6)
Eye Color Green
Blood Type A+

Role in Case(s)

New Kid in Town

Kiki was caught by Chief Connie Tolentino as one of the suspects in the murder of Christian Johnson. She was proven innocent after Avery Johnson was incriminated as the killer.

Jackson Walters and the player approached afterwards to ask her about the occurrences in Bumberborough Bay. Kiki admitted she was worried for her safety as rumors of a secret group were surfacing. She also said that the group was behind the murder of Christian. She told the two to look back at the Standing Tree to learn more. The two came back - after analyzing the newspaper clipping they found - to ask Kiki about the arson Christian witnessed. Kiki told that a cabin near the sea burned during midnight a few weeks back, but did not know anything other than that. The two thanked her for the information, and let her be.

Trial by Fire

Kiki's bra was found partially burned near the warehouse, prompting another talk with her. Kiki said that some weird people, including Gary Richards, hired her to dance for them in the abandoned warehouse. Sparing some graphic details, she said that she probably left all her spare underwear in the warehouse. When the fire broke out, she simply forgot to get it back.

Kiki was later talked to after a very zoomed-in picture of her was in Erica Washington's pocket. There was a caption written by Avery Johnson: "I'll do it for you." Alden Holmes said that Avery was practically hypnotized by her looks to kill his son, so they went to arrest Kiki for assisting in a murder. Kiki refused to be arrested but Baxter was able to counter with the strong evidence so she ended up behind bars.

Kiki was proven innocent when August Perkins was incarcerated for the murder of Gary Richards.

Later on, she tried to seduce Alden and the player into releasing her. Alden was able to seduce her back (without taking off any clothes) and she slipped that she tore a list of Unusr members up in the abandoned warehouse after she danced for Gary's team. Luckily, the cops were able to find the list near the warehouse entrance, unburned.

Case Appearances

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