Kevin Marsh is a main character in Criminal Case: Shadows of Belton where he serves as the Historian of the Kingsford Police Department. He was also a suspect in the murder of his friend and comedian Howard Rustle in The Last Laugh (Case 19), GEM Informant Rita Manalo (Case 23), his friend Flint Lockman in Retribution (Case 47), his ex-fiancé Felix Černý in Dead Weight (Case 53) and his half-brother, Pablo Marsh in Shards of Hope (Case 58).


Kevin is a 27-year-old historian from Calgary, Canada who has moved to the country of Belton and is part of the Kingsford Police Department. He has messy dark brown hair and stubble with a scar above his right eye. he wears orange glasses, and a brown jacket over his dark red shirt with a loose blue tie.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Kevin drinks hot cocoa and watches the television show Buddies.

In his second suspect appearance, he is shown with a bandage on his face. It is discovered that he can read sheet music, and has been to the Philippines.

In his third suspect appearance, it is revealed he collects antique firearms and speaks French.

In his fourth suspect appearance, he is depicted with dirt stains on his clothes, and it also becomes known that he has knowledge of physics, and plays Sorcery: The Collecting.

In his fifth and final suspect appearance, he loses his jacket and looks more dishevelled. His glasses are cracked and it is known he plays chess, drinks earl grey tea and knows Beltonian History.

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