Kensington Heights is an affluent area located in England. The Kensington Heights Police Department (KHPD). It is the main location for Kit's series.



Belfriar is the first district, consisting of cases 1-5. It is one of the richest places in Kensington Heights. It focuses on the millionaire on billionaire rivalry, it is known for its astonishing housing, wide green parks and culture. It is a parody of Belgravia.

  1. Gold Dust
  2. Cutting Off Loose Ends
  3. Look Down
  4. Education is for Life
  5. Take a Shot

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is the second district, consisting of cases 6-9. It holds the world largest amount of plants. It focuses on treachery and betrayal between all classes of people. It is a parody of Kew Gardens.

  1. Open the Gates
  2. West Died Story
  3. Breaking Free
  4. Professional Help

East Kensington

East Kensington is the third district, consisting of cases 12-17. It is known for its run down areas and level of unemployment. It is thought to be the lowest part of Kensington Heights and the poorest. It faces the troubles of growing up with little. It is a parody of Slough.

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