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Ken Liang
Personal Details
Full name Ken Liang
Gender male
Status alive (in MFF era)
Residence Ozonia
Origin hong kong

herbalist doctor(formerly)

Lab chief/scientist

Affiliation(s) The OPA
Game Information
So you are our new detective!here,i welcome you to the lab of madness,where you will see the wonders!!
—ken,when he first meet the player

Ken Liang is a main caharcter in Ozonia while he serves as the lab chief for the OPA.


Height 6'2
Age 37
Weight 193 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood O+

Origins from hong kong,Ken has a yellow skin,left-side black hair,and black eyes.he is seen wears a white lab coat over a blue-violet shirt.ken is known to be usually reckless,jockey,sarcastic,and friendly with people and all his colleagues (especially trevor,who is sharing the recklessness with him).but he is very intellegent as he reached the leadership of the lab at this age while there is many elder scientists serves (all the main roles is intellegent).





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