Kelemen Hart
Biographical information
Full name Kelemen Hart née Kiss
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 2002
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Edit Kiss (sister)

Melody Hart (mother)

Dionysus (father)

Andris Kiss (half-brother)

Andras Kiss (ex-stepfather)

Edit Hart (daughter)

Partner(s) Vladimira Xiang (girlfriend)

Marisol Robertson (ex-girlfriend)

Lucille Limonade' (ex-girlfriend)

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: All Boli Out (S1)

Kelemen Hart née Kiss was a suspect in the murder investigation of his roomate, Fairview High Student, Alexei Smirnov in All Boli Out (Case #1 of Grimsdale), and another student, Lolita Gomes in Hook Me Up (Case #2 of Grimsdale), Hamad Mukhailif in Dead Bombshell (Case #6 of Grimsdale), his ex-girlfriend Lucille Limonade', in Life is Short (Case #9 of Grimsdale), pop artist Dorothy Miller in Anthem of Death (Case #14 of Grimsdale), Esteban Roland-Tavin in Ready? Set? KABOOM! (Case #19 of Grimsdale), Penelope Everett in Accidents Can Happen (Case #24 of Grimsdale), his stepfather Andras Kiss in Mown Him Down (Case #46 of Grimsdale) and Roy Loukas in His Last Case (Case #49 of Grimsdale), where he confessed to being a former New Olympians member, New Dionysus and later on appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of Hyrum Lopez in Deadly Consequences (Case #54 of Grimsdale), Anoterous Leader, Steve Liveman in Run, But You Can’t Hide (Case #56 of Grimsdale) and New Olympians, Norman Min in Let The Battle Begin (Case #61 of Grimsdale). He also appeared as a quasi-suspect in A Head Loss (Case #4 of Grimsdale), Flight From Life (Case #50 of Grimsdale) and Never Knew... (Case #57 of Grimsdale). After all his appearances, Kelemen ended up dying in the AI of Grimsdale’s finale


Height 6'2"
Age 16
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

All Boli Out

Kelemen was interrogated by the squad after he asked them what they are doing in his dorm, when asked about his opinion of the victim, he told them that the victim was an “OK roomate”, and he didn’t find him annoying, but he wasn’t friend with him.

Kelemen was interrogated again, after the team found a poster he made of the victim, referring him as the “worst roomate”, he told the team that the victim was so annoying, and had no respect at all, and that last year before he got bullied, the victim would bring with him a girl every night and would “have fun” with her, giving Kelemen difficulty to sleep, and that he constantly used to prank Kelemen, and most of these pranks involved hurting his genetials, and that he was so glad that the victim got bullied thinking he would at least learn some respect, but although he became less annoying, he began drinking and getting high and would sometimes try to attack Kelemen.

After the killer was caught, Kelemen went to Diego and the player asking to talk to them, where he told them he heard of Hamad’s actions and wants to make sure if he did this to anyone else. The team later discovered that Hamad really did hurt other people before, and planning to do them to more people, Kelemen was absolutely disgusted, telling the team that Hamad should be stopped, and he should be reported, where they told him they accidently gave the only proof they had against Hamad to Hamad himself, and so they need to find another way to deal with him.

Hook Me Up

Kelemen became a suspect in the murder of Lolita Gomez, after reporting he found her body. Mia and the player went to ask him if he saw her killer, where he told them he didn’t and instead started flirting with Mia, leading her to tell him that she is in a relationship with Diego and he should back off.

He was later interrogated agian after the team found a letter from him to the victim telling her to leave him alone. He said that the readon why he sent her this is because he had a girlfriend at the time, and he didn’t want to look like the bad one in the relationship by cheating on his girl, and said that since he already broke up with his girlfiend, he wouldn’t mind to go out with Lolita, and it is a pity she died.

The killer turned out to be his wrestling opponent, Liu Chao. But he requested to talk to the player, where he asked them and Diego if they could find anything suspicious that Hamad is planning to do, which led Diego into having suspicions on Kelemen himself, since it seems like he is taking the Hamad topic personally.

A Head Loss

After the player and Mia found a planner consisting of all Hamad’s promises for his campaign, they shown it to Kelemen, he was so happy that they found proof of his actions, and demanded that it is shown to the principal.

Unfortnately, after they shown it to the principal and she went to confront Hamad, Hamad managed to weasel his way out of it, saying these were just “empty promises” for sake to win the student body presidency, and he never was serious about them. The principal let him get away with it, which angered Kelemen, since Hamad did not recieve any punishments.

Dead Bombshell

Kelemen became a suspect, due to the team knowing his hatred towards Hamad, he simply just confirmed that he is glad the victim died, when asked why he hated the victim, since it was obviously for personal reasons, he refused to say anything.

He was later interrogated again after Victoria reported him harassing her, when asked if he had personal beef with the victim, because he had feelings for Victoria, he confirmed that this is untrue, and that he hated the victim, because he manipulated his sister’s boyfriend into leaking her nudes, which led to his sister, Edit Kiss, to ending her own life.

Life is Short

When informed of his Lucille’s death, he broke down crying, and revealed that he and her got back together, and is saddened of her death.

He was later interrogated after the team found a defaced picture of the victim, which Yoyo revealed that he defaced it. When asked why he did that, he said that the victim was abusive towards him, and that he had enough of her, leading him into breaking up with her, and defacing her picture.

After the killer was punished he asked to see the player. The player and Hamida went to speak to him, where he said that he witnessed the robbery and saw the robbers entering a car, but he only recognised Nodoka from her lipstick. He also added that today he saw a car which looks exactly like the car he saw in the night of the robbery, which the same exact stratch. He took a picture of the license plate, but unfortunately he lost the picture leading the player and Hamida to search it by themselves.

Anthem of Death

Kelemen became a suspect after his phone was found at the dressing room. When Hamilton and Hamida interrogated him, he and Hamida started flirting, and he explained the reason why he was at the dressing room because he has a huge crush on Lana Martyn, and so wanted to eavesdrop on her, while she is changing.

Later on, he came up to Hamilton, Hamida and Mia, telling them that he wants to show them something, which was a footage of the victim accusing Meera of stealing her wallet.

It was revealed that he was innocent, after Lana Martyn was arrested for the crime. But Mia and Hamilton went to search for him, after speaking to his mother, who said that the school principal told her that her son sneaked out of the dorm room. After finding him, Kelemen begged them to help him out, as he was afraid of his mother. Mia and Hamilton hesitated first, but then agreed, where they made up an excuse to his mother saying that he was never in the concert, but in custody for something that isn’t his fault. Melody believed them at first, until she realized that they were teenagers, and so started sniffing Kelemen, where she detected the scent of alcohol, and so started scolding him, and then pulled him by his ear to the train station.

After the team prepared Mia to sing in the concert instead of Lana Martyn and Dorothy Miller, Hamida felt pity for Kelemen, and so they went into the train station, where Hamida seduced Kelemen’s mom into allowed Kelemen to come to the concert.

Ready? Set? KABOOM!

Kelemen is seen as the flagman in the race, shortly before Esteban’s car exploded. He was made a suspect in the investigation, and was asked about any information he knows on Esteban, where Kelemen told the team to investigate Favourite’s mechanic shop, as he kept his car there.

He was later interrogated again, after Mia and Hamilton found Esteban’s phone, and sent it to Clay, where they discovered Esteban was the boyfriend of Edit Kiss, Kelemen’s late sister, whom Hamad manipulated into exposing Edit’s nudes, leading to her suicide. When spoken about it, he yelled at Hamilton and Mia tor mentioned his sister’s name, referring them as “heartless”. Shortly after, he was put to custody, after the duo caught him high, near the audience benches.

He was revealed to be innocent after Favourite was arrested for the crime. However, he asked to talk to Hamilton. Hamilton and Bruno went to see what’s wrong with Kelemen, where he begged them to let him out. Bruno refused saying that he can’t leave unless his mom came to take him, paid a fine, or he can wait here for a week. He then told them he was never aware he was taking illegal drugs, and that he simply asked a hooker for painkillers, and when he swallowed them, he ended up high. Bruno didn’t believe him, but the duo searched the benches anyway, where they saw a back which Kelemen described, and that also belonged to Dolly. After searching the back they sent the pill bottle to Sploder, who confirmed that the painkillers are stuffed with cocaine, revealing that Kelemen was innocent of drug possession

Accidents Can Happen

Kelemen was made a suspect, after his fingerprints were found on a golden chalice in the victim’s room. Kelemen claimed he was not a client of hers, and that he wanted to help her leave prostitution, and so gave her a chalice his biological father gifted him, trying to make up with him, so she could sell it.

The team later discovered that Kelemen was a demigod, son of Dionysus, and that the victim was spying on him, suspecting him an Anoterous agent. Mia and Hamilton gave him a talk, where he revealed he never gave her the gold chalice by his own will, and that she forced him, duo to her suspicions on him.

Kelemen turned out to be innocent, after Gilly was arrested.

Hamilton and Hamida went to check on Melody Hart. Melody started crying, shouting how she just wanted to protect Kelemen. She then explained to them, that like every demigod’s parent, Melody knew about the existence of greek deities. In addition, she knew about The Anoterous, and she wanted to protect Kelemen from them, which is exactly why she doesn’t want him to get out of the house, and stay up late, afraid that they would approach him and try to convince him to join, and if he refused, they’ll hurt him. She tried controlling him, by sending him to a boarding school, Fairview High, where he isn’t allowed to stay outside in the night, and can only spend time home at the weekends. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, so she begged her ex-husband in Autumn Springs, who is very strict, and wouldn’t allow anyone in the house to go outside unless they are over 18, and would force the household into labour, so they would get enough time in the days to have fun. She managed to convince him, and told Kelemen she’d send him there. Kelemen didn’t take it well, and so he pushed his mom and ran off, and now she couldn’t find him anywhere. Hamida and Hamilton agreed to help her, and went to search the pond. While searching the pond, the duo found some shoe prints, which were revealed to be from LightYourWay sneakers, which has a button on them that makes the bottom of the shoes, shine out light. Hamilton remembered that Kelemen wore these sneakers, and so the duo followed the shoe prints, which led to Vicky’s clubhouse. Hamida and Hamilton spoke to Vicky, and explained the situation, realizing how serious it is, she led them to Kelemen’s hiding place. Kelemen told them to go away, but Hamida told him that his mother doesn’t want to send him to his step-father, because she hates him, but because she was afraid The Anoterous would harm him. Kelemen realized how stupid he was, and agreed to be sent to Autumn Springs.

Mown Him Down

Due to him being the one that reported the body, Kelemen was added to the suspect list. Mia asked Kelemen about his life with his stepdad, where he told her that it was way better than his mother’s expectations, and that instead of being strict, he got more freedom that what his mother provided him. He was later spoken to again after Mia and Hamilton learned that the victim made him his heir on his last will, shocked Mia and Diego as they believed that the victim hated his stepson.

Kelemen was found innocent; however, after the murder he sent a message to Chief Jones asking to talk to Mia and Diego. Mia and Diego went to the Kiss’ manor to talk to Kelemen, where he showed himself wearing a tuxedo. Kelemen explained to the duo that he asked out a girl on a date, and he’s supposed to meet with her after an hour, however, his credit card is empty, and although he inherited the money from his stepdad, he couldn’t find the key for the vault and asked the duo to search for it. Mia and Diego agreed to help, and so they investigated the manor’s living room where they realized there was a hidden drawer under one if the sofas. After searching through the drawer, the duo managed to find a box, which they unlocked and found the key. Mia and Diego gave the key to Kelemen, who thanked them by giving them a bit of cash.

His Last Case

Kelemen became a suspect after files of him were found in the sheriff’s department. Kelemen revealed that the sheriff had plans to lock him up in rehab and was shocked at hearing if his murder.

Kelemen was spoken to again after a missing poster of his mom was found. Kelemen revealed that he tried speaking to the sheriff but he gave the case a blind eye.He then told the Diego and Hamilton that he listened to Mia’s advice and connected with his mother who said that she’ll come to Autumn Springs to get him, however, while Kelemen found her car in the road but couldn’t find her. He then broke down to tears telling the duo that he wants to see his mother again. Kelemen was found innocent of Sheriff Loukas’ murder.

After the killer was arrested, Randall approached Hamilton to tell him that a girl came to seek their help. Randall and Hamilton went to talk to the girl, who introduced herself as Vladimira (Mira) Xiang. Mira told the duo that she went to talk to her boyfriend to comfort him over a personal tragedy that had happened to him, but when she came to his house she couldn’t find him there or at the sheriff department which he visited frequently, she didn’t find him there either and that she believes something bad had happened to him. Randall asked her details on her boyfriend, where she showed him a photo of her with Kelemen Hart. Stunned, Randall told her that they’ll go search for her boyfriend immediately. The duo investigated the sheriff’s department, where they couldn’t find anything, but Hamilton realized that the post box was open and so the duo decided to search it where they found a bright blue envelope intended for them. Hamilton and Randall went to the station, where they started reading the letter:

  • Dear Fairview Justice Squad (mind if I call you that), if you are receiving that letter I am already gone from Grimsdale and I’m not planning to ever come back again. The reason why I’m sending you this letter, is because I’m a New Olympian, or at least, I used to be. I joined this cult thinking it would protect me from the Anoterous, only to find out that their plans are just as sinister. They allowed me to leave, but threatened that if I told anyone I was an elite, they would kill me and my closed ones. I regretted not bringing this up to the police, but I was still fine with this term, until...... Until, they kidnapped my mother, and used her as a hostage to make me rejoin them. I was so mad, I decided... I-I couldn’t let them get away with this, so I decided to reveal two things, the identity of the only two elites you didn’t expose yet: Asbjorne Lund and Oscar Thompson, and to inform you that the reason why you didn’t find the Anoteros assassin of Los Muerta during the meeting Hamida crashed, is because they and the leader are the same person. After all that’s the least I could do after all the horrible stuff I hid from you. I’m so sorry for all the mess you had to go through, and I apologize for all the horrible shit the New Olympians pulled. Love, Kelemen.

The duo were shocked once they read the whole message and decided to inform the chief, who told them that the team shall go to Los Meurta to catch Kelemen before he escapes Grimsdale and to catch the Anoterous leader once and for all.

Flight From Life

Diego and Hamilton investigated the waiting section of the airport, where they found a jacket which they remembered seeing Kelemen wear back at the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The duo decided to search the pockets of the jacket, where they found torn pieces of paper, which they fixed and it turned out to be tickets for New Concordia. The duo sent the tickets to Rozetta, who looked up the ID, and managed to find which plane Kelemen was supposed to mount.


In case Kelemen will try to grab the tickets from their hands and run to the plane, the duo decided to leave the tickets at the station and go and capture Kelemen. They arrived to the plane and saw Kelemen at front of the line, to find his tickets and he was shocked upon seeing Diego and Hamilton. The duo took Kelemen to an area to speak to him privately and told him that they read his letter and that they will be arresting him and try to rescue his mother. Hamilton tried to handcuff Kelemen, but he kicked him in the balls, so hard, making him fall in the floor in pain, and while Diego came to help Hamilton, Kelemen took that as an advantage to run out of the airport. The duo were disappointed over their performance, but were relieved that Kelemen at least is still in Grimsdale.

Deadly Consequences

During the investigation, Kelemen’s girlfriend, Vladimira Xiang, came up to Mia and Hamilton, panicking, to tell them that she saw Kelemen in what seemed like an Iris message as she described, and that he wants to speak to the duo. The duo Iris-messaged Kelemen, and after Mira asked him about how he’s feeling and Mia finished yelling at him, Kelemen revealed that he was privately contacting Vicky and that she informed him of her father’s death, especially the details of the dart on his neck, and told the duo that he found a dart blower at the city’s square. Before he ended the message, Mira told him that she has important news for him, and that she wants to speak with him a little longer.

After Nadine Marquez revealed that just like her, Kelemen was privately seeking Hyrum’s help. When asked about this by Mia and Hamilton, he revealed that Hyrum was giving him updates on where the New Olympians were hiding his mother, before he ended the message. At the end of the third chapter, Kelemen saved the GDPD from the Anoterous ambush, by drugging everyone surrounding the station and tying the agents up. When Mia was about to arrest him, he put his arms around Mira’s waist, before changing Greek words at Nyane Jenkins’ mirror, in which he and Mira disappeared.

While Hamilton, Mia and Diego were having a conversation at the station’s wreck room, Kelemen appeared on the Iris message, demanding to talk with Hamilton and Mia. Hamilton and Mia decided to accept Kelemen’s message, asking him whether he wanted to give himself up, where he laughed telling them he wouldn’t do such a thing and that he messaged them to help them catch Steve, revealing that after he (Kelemen) drugged everyone at the station, he ran after Steve all the way to the city’s square, where he lost him. Mia and Hamilton then went there, where they found a flask, but instead of alcohol, they found water. The duo didn’t care much of this detail, but sent the flask to Sploder, in hopes that he’ll find something that’ll lead them to Steve, in which he revealed that the water in the flask, was fresh water straight from a waterfall, and that the only waterfall he could think of in Grimsdale, is the one at Old Valley’s woods, where the Virgin Slayer committed his murders. Hamilton then remembered that he and Hamida found Steve there before, and deduced that visiting that place must be a habit for Steve.

Run, But You Can’t Hide

After being brought to the hideout, Ophelia took the duo to Kelemen, who Mia wasn’t happy in seeing, and when Ophelia told him what happened, Kelemen told Mia and Hasuro to investigate the murder, giving them permission to look at the base. After being granted the permission, Mia and Hasuro added Kelemen to the suspect list, where he told them the story of how he crossed paths with the Anoterous.

Kelemen was spoken to again after Galinda revealed that Steve kept messing up Kelemen’s plans on getting her killed. Where Kelemen revealed that he and Steve argued a lot on Galinda’s fate, where Steve kept claiming that Galinda’s a nice girl who’s just hungry for power, where in fact she’s just a sociopath.

After the killer was arrested. Mia and Rozetta went to talk to Kelemen, who told them that although Galinda promised that she won’t be sending troops to Old Valley’s woods, he doesn’t trust her worlds and believe that the Anoterous must migrate at once. However, there are fifty people in the base, some off which are roaming outside the woods, so it would be difficult to gather everyone for an announcement and the power at the base went off, and so he would like for them to turn it back on to set off an alarm, as all the Hephaestus children in the Anoterous were arrested already. Mia and Rozetta searched the base, where they found an electric box, which after inlocking, Rozetta spend time on the mechanism and managed to turn the power back on. Mia and Rozetta then spoke to Kelemen who was grateful for their help, and set off the alarm to bring all the Anoterous agents in one place.

After helping Kelemen and finding Hamilton, Bruno and Yoyo. Everyone came to the Anoterous base, where Hamilton was pissed at seeing Kelemen, and returned him a punch in the groin, which Kelemen gave him back at the airport. After Kelemen’s pain wear off, he came before the people at the base, and informed them that Galinda is aware of the fact that the Anoterous base is somewhere in Old Valley’s woods and that they have to leave before she sends troops there. After he finished the speech, Ophelia and Susan came to Kelemen and asked him where they will be going, where Mia suggested that they go to the Saint Tuefel Resistance camp, which the people of Grimsdale set up. In that moment, Hamilton stepped in and told her they cannot accept having public enemies like the Anoterous and Kelemen into the camp. Mia was shocked when she heard that and was going to rant, but Kelemen stopped her, and told her they can handle things in their own. When Hamilton asked Ophelia, Vladimira and Susan if they want to come, Ophelia gave him a disgusted glare, and told him she and Susan were sent there to rescue demigods and there was no point in going to Saint Teufel if he wasn’t going to allow any demigod there.

Never Knew...

Mia and Hasuro went to see what Greg wants to talk about, where he told them that he went to bring some pills for a patient, where he realized that some of the supplies are missing and that he suspects someone from the outside, snuck into the camp and stole medicine from the infirmary. The duo then investigated infirmary where they found a box of supplies and decided to search it to find anything related to the robber and found a note signed by Kelemen telling them to meet him outside the borders (As Iris messages are blocked in S.T). The duo went outside where they saw Kelemen waiting for them, where they demanded that he gives them the supplies and asked him why he wanted to speak with them. Kelemen then told them that Ophelia and Susan sneaked into the dome in order to find out where the New Olympians were hiding their prisoners, and whilst they were doing that, they Iris messaged him and told him that the New Olympians are planning to break into the prison in Los Muertos to free their friends, and told Kelemen to inform the team about that, so they could transport the New Olympian prisoners to Saint Teufel, before it’s too late.

Let The Battle Begin

While Vicky and Hamilton were searching the spa room, they came across a photo of Kelemen and Marisol, which confused Vicky, until she remembered that Kelemen used to be a New Olympians which meant like the other male New Olympians, he dated Marisol. When Kelemen was asked about whether he and Norman got along during his New Olympian days, Kelemen revealed that Norman despised him.

Kelemen was spoken to again after Vicky and Hamilton learned that somehow, Norman had Kelemen’s beanie in his bag. Vicky and Hamilton went to ask Kelemen if he knew that Norman suspected his presence in the dome, where Kelemen revealed that he and Fayzah accidentally encountered Norman sitting in a bath tub, where they immediately ran away, where Kelemen dropped his beanie and Fayzah dropped the loot she swiped from the spa room.

After sabotaging the New Olympian’s military plan and discovering the magic mirror’s whereabouts, Vicky and Hamilton entered a room, where Hamilton saw a mirror identical to the one he remembered seeing at Old Valley’s graveyard. Suddenly, Hamilton received an Iris message from a semi-nude Kelemen Hart.

Hamilton was confused on why Kelemen had messaged him and why was he practically naked, where Kelemen told him that whatever mirror they found in the dome weren’t the one they were looking for and that they were being tricked, and that he knows where the actual mirror is. Before Kelemen could say anything about it, a cheerful Marisol came to him asking him what he was doing, and once she saw that he was Iris messaging Hamilton, her smile went away as she realized that she had been tricked and out-seduced. Angry, Mari summoned a dove who gave her a dagger, and threatened to kill Kelemen, who had no choice but to end his message with Hamilton. Hamilton was shocked about what he saw, when suddenly he heard glass shatter. He turned his head and saw that Vicky had broken the mirror, where he reacted quickly and jumped at her, and the two ended up being trapped by a net. Katherine then entered the room.

All Evil Comes To An End

Due to Asbjorne being killed, the hologram he made in Rozetta, Mia, Vicky and Hamilton’s cells, could no longer function, causing an explosion, which the cell occupiers luckily survived, but the doors of the cells ended up opening from the impact. The four took that as an advantage to run away, until they reached a lake, where they found Kelemen laying unconscious. Luckily, Kelemen was still breathing, but he was in the process of bleeding to death. Rozetta, Mia, Vicky and Hamilton then heard an engine passing by. And when they went to check it out. They saw Bruno riding a car, with April next to him. Bruno realized they were here and told them to hop in the car, revealing that he was driving to the dome to rescue them.

While Vicky and Hamilton were recapping the case, Bruno approached the duo to tell them that Kelemen had woken up. Vicky and Hamilton approached Kelemen, where they asked him about the mirror’s location, which sadly, he forgot about due to the amount of shock he experienced when Marisol started stabbing him. However, he told the duo that he’ll call them in the room if he remembers anything about what Marisol told him.

After the killer was arrested, Greg approached Vicky and Hamilton to tell them that Kelemen would like to speak with them. Hamilton and Vicky went to speak with Kelemen. The duo asked him whether he remembered anything from what Marisol told, where he shook his head. However, he told the duo that he remembered recording their conversation using a digital camera and hid it somewhere at the camp, in case something happened to him and the team really wanted to know where the mirror was. Vicky was about to ask him where he hid the camera, but suddenly Kelemen started coughing blood really hard. The duo tried to help him, by reading instructions from devices and searching for medications, but it was too late, and Kelemen fell dead. Hamilton and Vicky grieved a little for Kelemen, before they went to the camp and started searching a box of boarding games, in which they found Kelemen’s camera. After unlocking the camera, the duo played the video, which showed Kelemen seducing Marisol and giving her a kiss, where they learned that the magic mirror was located in Fairview High.

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