Keeping up with Cindermans
Season 7
City Laroy Bay
District Allywood Hills
Case Number 38
Date of Release 16.10.2018
Partner(s) Marcus Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
A Space Case (special case) Murder by Moonlight
Keeping up with Cindermans is a case featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay.It takes place in Allywood Hills and it's 38th case of the game.


Chief David Kuzmanov informed the team that there has been a murder during the show ''Keeping up with Cindermans''.When team arrived,they noticed very strange ice sculpture in main hallway.Young actress Maggie Cinderman claimed that it's her sister Megan Cinderman.

Megan Alan (coroner) said that ice sculpture indeed is model Megan.She was frozen with liqid nitrogen while she was photoshooting (which explains position of her body) which means that she trusted her attacker.Megan also found pink substance on sculpture,it probably got on victim while killer held the statue.Pink substance comes from professional grade nail treatment which means that the killer gets manicure.

In the middle of investigation,team finally found London Garcia,actress and Gillenati leader.Team asked her about Nathan Hardwin and her cult.London said that her cult is nothing illegal and that it's just small group and that Nathan was a member before,but she kicked him out after he murdered Juniper Cooper.

Later on,team arrested actress Darci Stone for a murder.Darci tried to deny involovment in murder,but she eventually confessed.Darci and Megan were friends for years,but Megan got more popular that Darci.Megan found herself a rich husband and magazines annouced her as the most beautiful woman in the world,making Darci jelaous.Darci wanted to be better than her,and she thought that Megan is just a bag full of silicons and plastic.So one day,during Megan's photoshooting,Darci grabbed liquid nitrogen and froze Megan with it in act of jelaousy.She then placed her body in main hall because she thought nobody was going to notice one sculpture more.In court,Judge Eva Rose was disgusted with Darci's obsession with popularity and fame so she sentenced her to 30 years in prison with no chance of parole.

In AI,team still didn't believed London when she said that her cult is not about illegal things.They searched London's house and found CD with London's diary.London wrote some things about ''New Laroy Bay Order'' and bunch of satanic writings.Team was horrified with this.Angie Peters came in and said that she got in contact with former member of Gillenati and that member wants them to meet him on his new detective movie premiere ''The Moonlight''.Diane Miller and player dressed fany and went there to talk with that member for some valid information...



  • Megan Cinderman (frozen to death and placed as ice sculpture in Cindermans House)


  • Liquid Nitrogen



Name Maggie Cinderman
Age 22
Weight 155lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+
Profile Gets manicures
Name Ronald Rooney
Age 50
Weight 205lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0-
Profile Drives a convertible
Name Tucker West
Age 35
Weight 211lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type 0+
Profile Gets manicures,Drives a convertible,Uses a salt scrub
Name London Garcia
Age 32
Weight 153lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-
Profile Gets manicures,Drives a convertible,Uses a salt scrub
Name Darci Stone
Age 27
Weight 117lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type AB-
Profile Gets manicures,Drives a convertible,Uses a salt scrub

Crime Scenes

Cindermans Main Hall-Sculptures

London's mansion-Living room

Biliards room-Billiards table

Killer's Profile

  • The killer gets manicures.
  • The killer drives a convertible.
  • The killer uses a salt scrub.
  • The killer has a tattoo.
  • The killer wears red lipstick.
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