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Keeping The Element of Surprise
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Krause Street
Case # 66
Initial release date 16. VII 2020.
Partner(s) Leonidas Lupo
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
The Code for Silence
(in Aftermark)
Iced to the Core

Keeping The Element of Surprise is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 158th case of the game and the 66th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Krause Street, a district of Fario as the first case of the district.


Soon after the huge check about the Solomon becoming the mayor, Chief Filipovich said to the player and Leonidas that they need to find what they can to incriminate now-mayor Solomon Krause so Otto Kessel could return and fix the city from the LUMIA's influence. Knowing their task the team went to Krause Street ad started to search for any rumors or story that could help them. While they walked to the streets and patrolled in the way, Leonidas' wolf Max suddenly started to sniff something, leading the team towards the one rich house with a wide garden before ax step into the blood. The team then stopped and insected the scene where inside the dumpster they found many bloody plastic bags and after opening them they noticed that there were pieces of the human body there.

While the player searched for more clues, Leonidas checked the fingerprints of the body to discover that the fingerprints belong to a gardener Horacio Krause. Soon after the team discovered that he was the brother of Will Krause who didn't trusted the team at ll. The team continued to investigate and eventually found reasons to suspect a mysterious company CEO Adrien Raines but also Lena Lovato that the team last time saw in the District X. After Matilda finished the autopsy she discovered that the killer first hit the victim's in the head, probably sing the same weapon they used to cut his body, which she concluded most likely to be a weed wacker to cut the victim into pieces before saying that she discovered traces of the nicotine on the pieces and how the victim never smoked according to his record she concluded that the killer is the one that smoke.

A bit later, the team returned to recap the case when they were approached by Arif who said that he found something about the victim that the team needs to hear. Arif then said that he checked his financial tracking, discovering that he invested lots of money into the strange business with the headquarters in the Krause Street. After the team got the address of the building they headed there where they discovered that Christopher Romero, a guys the team met in The Woodlands, was lurking around the office for not very clear reasons. The team then continued to investigate as they found reasons to suspect Veronica Krause before discovering that Will Krause wanted to disown the victim, The team then found that Adrien for some reasons collected the blood from the victim on what he through the sweat said that is for the hospitals as his business works tightly with the hospitals and blood donations. The team also discovered that Lena had a hit list on the victim, but also the whole family, blaming them for everything that happened.

Mid-investigating, Abbi Ronald ran to the team, saying that Lena is on the edge to kill Veronica. The team right after hearing the news rushed out of the station and hurried to stop another bloodshed. The team then noticed Lena forcing veronica to confess how and why Solomon wanted her back in life on what Veronica swore that she has no idea. The team eventually calmed her down and they progressed the investigation further, discovering that Lena was stalking the victim before discovering that the victim was abusing Veronica due to her "open" clothing style before discovering that Christopher planned to break into the victim's house for a quick looting.

After all interrogations and analyzed the team was ready to arrest Lena Lovato. Upon being asked why she killed Horacio Lena shockingly said that she would never kill anyone but as Leonidas presented the evidences she cracked and angrily confessed, saying that she needed answers and that she couldn't live without them. She said that ever since the team found her in that strange lab she couldn't stop having weird dreams and visions about the day she and her wife died and ever since she was "revived" she couldn't find the peace with herself, constantly feeling that part of her is missing, a part that belonged to her wife. She sighed and said how she just wanted to return her wife too and go away from the city but that she didn't knew how so she got herself to research and eventually find that Horacio has a mysterious company who is just cover for underground operations of reviving people and turning them into a deadly machines using some strange drugs. Thinking that she could got some answers about just reviving people she rushed to speak with Horacio but he just laughed at her face, saying that she would never get any answers about her wife and that even if he get will to share the information he would kill her again in front of her just for torturing purposes, saying how he would torture her slowly in front of Lena's eyes in hope to make her angry enough so he could control her mind but he didn't counted that she would control and fill her with anger enough that in one moment grab a weed wacker and depart his body. While speaking about her, all her memories and anger returned and said that she can't take this anyone ad that she never asked to be returned to life as she approached the drawer and took a dagger before in the quick slice cut her own neck open and looking at the player, saying that Krause's are poison that need to be stopped and that they mean no good.

Soon after her death, the team returned to the station to discuss about how to stop Solomon from achieving a total domination as Matilda approached with a sigh saying that she has to confess something about the Krause family and herself. Matilda then sighed, explaining that her creators worked closely with Krause's family on some scientific experiments that involved the research of the neohumans and while sh was observing the arrest report she found a widely connection between the arrest, the human experiments, neohumans and supernatural army ad said how she wants to dig deeper to confirm her theories and asked the player if they could her to speak with Will. After they agreed thy went to Will who got a bit of a shock, seeing Matilda, saying how he never believed that he will see her patent alive after selling to her "parents". She shock her head on the received news in the chock, asking him what he really thinks on what Will smirked and said how he made the genetic code for her and patented it before seeing it to her creators. With a laugh he said that is nice to see her grow up but that soon she will again belong to him before telling them to leave before things get gruesome. The tam then decided to search the gardens to see what he really meant After searching through leaves the team found a secrets hatch that was in fact a capsule full of pictures, documents and films. After Arif gave a full analyzes of it, he said that Solomon's family is really dark and said how his ancestor was one of the leading scientists in Third Reich, around 1941 and the his ancestor made the first neohuman patent and then worrying said that he did more tests with Karen, prompting him to come to the discoveries that neohuman gene could be remotely controlled and modified, preassumingly with Zemiq. Because of this discovery the tram went to speak with Veronica who was shocked to hear what he family is doing but promised that she will do everything in her power to help the team to bring her sick family down.

In the meantime, Esmeralda came to the player, asking for their support. She said that she listened to the news and heard how Solomon is planning to crown his new-made wife the queen of the city, and then he to crown himself as a king. Furthermore, she said how she worked for a long time on the anti-neohuman gun, a gun who would dissolve the genetic code and be one step closer to take LUMIA down. She then said how she would need help to find some pieces but how she don't know the environment asked the played to help her speak to Christopher as he had a widely knowledge of the environment and actions. The team then went to speak to him on what with a smirk said that her plan is hardcore but that he likes it. He then said that he also hates Krause family and is ready to help, saying how Horacio's secret business has a warehouse where are many components and machines. The team noted that and visited the building (but obtaining a warrant first), discovering a techy panel and unlocked it after which a secret door opened, revealing a warehouse. Esmeralda hurried to get the much she could cbut then Solomon appeared and shouted to know what the tram is doing in his warehouse. The tram then started to explain that they have a warrant for search. When he demanded to see it, Esmeralda said with a blush that she left it in the car. Solomon glared at the player, saying to then to go for the warrant as Esmeralda will be the policy. The player noted that and went to the squad car, finding the warrant in Esmeralda's purse and returning it to Solomon who sighed and said that they got away this time.

After everything, the team returned and informed Chief Filipovich about everything. He sighed and said that he never expected everything to go so deep, so deep in the past. He then said to Matilda that he is glad she finally opened and that they won't let Krause's to win this game. He then said that that he and the team will do everything to stop this. In that time, Abbi approached and said in panic that a manic laugh, screwing and someone saying "Otto" coming from the manhole near the mansion before everything went silent...



  • Horacio Krause (Departed and packed in the plastic bags)

Murder Weapon

  • Weed Wacker


  • Lena Lovato



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer uses super glue.
  • The Killer smokes.
  • The Killer uses a candy dispenser.
  • The Killer has green eyes.
  • The Killer has A- blood type.

Crime Scenes

Rich Garden Bloody Grass-ground Rich Garden Bonus
Sculpture of Liberty Stone Foundation Sculpture of Liberty Bonus
Main Hall Reception Desk Main Hall Bonus


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