Someone is found murdered in the principal's office. Is it the principal or somebody else?
—Case #5 Teaser
Season 1
City Metrocity
District School
Case Number 5
Date of Release January 11th, 2019
Partner(s) Mark Olly
Preceded by Succeeded by
A Trap for a Rat The Final Attack

Keep! is the fifth case in School, and fifth case overall in Metrocity.


Christine got fired and Marc got hired. Marc was warned about his hate in School. The Keepers started their attack.


Mark and The Player rushed to School. Mike told them that there is a dead body in the principal's office. When Mark and The Player came to the office, they found Barbara Rose dead. She was killed with a crossbow.

Zvonimir Setil was indentified as The First General. He said Barbara was unloyal to The Keepers after her sister's death and that Barbara deserved death. Eugen Smith was discoverd to be The Second General. He said he knew Barbara from The Keepers' meetings, but that he never knew her personaly. That was later disapproved, as it was found out that Eugen was crazy in love with Barbara. Selena Burg was suprisingly indentified as The Third General. She said she was always jelaous of Barbara because Barbara was better then her. Mid-investigation, Darko Cross came to the station and he was drunk because he witnessed Barbara's murder. He said that the killer had black hair. Leo Peter became suspect after it was discovered that Barbara was flirting with him and he was not OK with that.

The Killer turned out to be Eugen Smith. He killed Barbara because Barbara rejected him multiple times and becuase she was flirting with "stupid Leo". He said he, Zvonimir and Selena got the orders by The One to kill Barbara and he decided to do it. He added that she deserved to die the same way as her sister. Judge Jane Poll sent him 30 years in prision.

After closing the case, the team got and invitation to the party hosted by Timothia Key. As they were ready to go, Zvonimir rushed and demanded to speak with them. He said that The One is a teacher and that they will kill Timothia at the party. He said that they should be careful and not to drink red wine because that is Timothia's favorite drink. But for the case, he said them whene is the anti-poison and everyone drank it. The team went to a party as Zvonimir whised them good luck.



  • Barbara Rose (found killed by the crossbow)

Murder Weapon:

  • Crossbbow


  • Eugen Smith


Zvonimir Setil - The First General

Age 14
Weight 62 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type O+
Height 172 cm
Profile/Appereance Drinks whiskey

Member of The Keepers

Has black hair

Eugen Smith - The Second General

Age 15
Weight 65 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Height 170 cm
Profile/Appereance Drinks Whiskey

Member of The Keepers

Has black hair

Selena Burg - The Third General

Age 14
Weight 57 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-
Height 167 cm
Profile/Appereance Member of The Keepers

Has black hair

Darko Cross - witness

Age 14
Weight 61 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+
Height 171 cm
Profile/Appereance Drinks whiskey

Member of The Keepers

Has black hair

Leo Peter - student

Age 14
Weight 70 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type O+
Height 180 cm
Profile/Appereance Drinks Whiskey

Member of the Keepers

Crime Scenes

Principal's Office Desk Principal's Office Bonus
Teacher's Loune Laptop Teacher's Lounge Bonus
School Backyard Tree School Backyard Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks whiskey.
  • The Killer is The Keepers member.
  • The Killer has black hair.
  • The Killer is male.
  • The Killer has green eyes.
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