Junior Agent Katrina "Kate" Wong is a main character appearing in Season 10 of Criminal Case. She works as an investigating partner for the player (though the player is supposed to be consulting for the police) as a junior agent of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence.


Agent Wong is the thirty-three year old junior agent of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence. She is of Chinese descent, having brown hair tied to a bun, brown eyes and sports pink lip gloss. Lt. Wong's uniform consists of a cream yellow blouse with a golden button under a navy blue blazer.

Agent Wong was born in America and raised by strict parents who were migrants from China. Although she was a straight-A student and an overachiever in the agency, Wong doesn't seem to be satisfied enough with her achievements.

Height 5'6"
Age 33
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O+

Events of Hidden Missions

Meeting Kate

Agent Wong intercepted the player's arrival in Acropolis. After introducing herself to the player as an agent of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence, she immediately apologised for the impromptu and abrupt greeting. Agent Wong explained to the player that the Secret Intelligence had hired them out of the thousands of candidates, adding that it was the previous police department that recommended the player to the A.S.I. as a private consultant. Agent Wong also explained that the vacation trip was just a cover to allow the player to arrive safely into Acropolis. After that, the agents escorted the player to the headquarters.

Agent Wong brought the player to the A.S.I. director Jonathan Fellowes to be formally welcomed into the department.

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Case Appearances


Agent Wong is a playable partner in the game, bearing only one hint for the player.

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