Kane cartwright
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Biographical information
Gender male
Status alive
Age 48
Birth 1972
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Profession(s) Judge
Game information
First appeared Too deadly for school

kane cartwright is a recurring character in season 1 of criminal Case. he gives out sentences throughout the season. he also made a quasi-suspect appearance in A senatorial crime(case 4 of St ronde) and Molten Hell (Case 28 of St ronde outside of his role as a judge he also was a suspect in the murder investigation of con man Harvey Merz in Justice For All (Case 31 of St ronde


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Events of criminal case

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Name Case Sentence
Rachel machearth Too deadly for school 25 years
Rupert gleason A neighborly murder 30 years
Zane zauber Checkmate 8 years
Jordan Tucker A senatorial crime 40 years
Seikoh Wolf Homeless Death life sentence
Ryan Martin In the line of duty life sentence
Patricia Sanders In the line of duty Life sentence
Jackson O'Neil In the line of duty life sentence with no chance for parole
Rein Andes Silent death 37 years
Jabebito alebrije del Wulfic Paul Gustavo Casting Death Life sentence
Richard Disney Train Wreck 15 years
Fredrick Jones Constructing The Tower Of Murder 25 years
Neveda Sharma Off To Ride The Bus 30 years
Zachary miller Bit Off More Than You Can Chew life sentence
David Tennus Preaching Death 14 years
Dominic Galladi School Days 45 years
Gage Zust Learning To Murder life sentence
Jasmine Pepperoni Comedy Gold 4 years in a juvinile detention facility
Lisa Reardon The School Of Hard Knocks 35 years
Sussanah McGowan School Bells 18 years
Selena Fox Something Is wrong In The State Of Murder 90 years
Jefferey DuBray A government Conspiracy 10 years
Jacob Onsott Buying The Recources For Murder 45 years
Sarah Inman The Final Day Life sentence
Bernard dubray The Final Day Life sentance without the possibility of parole
Seikoh Wolf A Castworthy Murder Death in 6 months
Scott Merz Up And At 'Em 50 years
James Root Wedding Day 37 years
Miguel Englar Escapee! 70 years
Tom Merz Thanks For Your Hospitality Life sentence without possibity of parole
Daniel Harold Molten Hell Death in 20 days
Carl Yoohansen Heavyweight 14 years in prison Digging Up Murder


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