Justin Martyn
Biographical information
Full name Justin Martyn (Rumoured to have a banned middle name)
Alias(es) Hugo Fishy
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1940 (Rumored)
Death 2018
Cause of death Shoot in the back of the head
Personal information
Nationality British
Residence Parinaita
Family Tom Smith (Grandchild)

Charlie Smith (Grandchild) Raven Smith (Grandchild)

Affiliation(s) Secret group (Unknown name)
Game information
Appears in Parinaita
First appeared A Rotten Series of Events (Mentioned)

Blood Writer (Pictured) A Freak Accident (Video) Lighting Bolt from Heaven (real self)

Justin Martyn is a character in Parinaita. He is the main enemy of the district of Life Rivers. He appeared in Lighting Bolt from Heaven but was mentioned once or twice before. He then became a suspect in the murder investigation of Matthew Obidrand, Fiona Baggins, Adam Winster and Emily Goodwin in In the Inky Dark Night. He was then a quasi-suspect in A Shock to the System (Case #37 of Parinaita). He was then later murdered in Impossible Drawings (Case #38 of Parinaita).

Case Appeared

A Rotten Series of Events (case #24 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
Fallen Devil (Case #25 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
Blood Writer (Case #26 of Parinaita; Mentioned and picture)
A Freak Accident (Case #27 of Parinaita; Video)
A Case of Bluedeath (Case #28 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
Lighting Bolt from Heaven (Case #29 of Parinaita)
In the Inky Dark Night (Case #30 of Parinaita)
A Shock to the System (Case #37 of Parinaita)
Impossible Drawings (Case #38 of Parinaita)

Case Events

A Rotten series of Events

Although Justin didn't appear. He was mentioned by his "Friend" Lawrence Looper Rochester and was rumoured missing

Blood Writer

Justin appeared once again in a picture of a bomber in Quebec. This was confirmed by him in a later case.

Lighting Bolt from Heaven

Justin once again appeared in the murder investigation of Donna Greenfires and this time he became a suspect known as "Hugo Fishy". However he was revealed to be Justin after the killer, Ruth Bloodwaters, revealed that he was around. It was also revealed that he was Tom's grandfather. It was also revealed that he killed Howard Jackson although the motive is yet to be revealed.



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