Just Society Thing
Season 1
City Fario
District Higher House
Case Number 47
Date of Release 26 December 2018
Partner(s) Diego Diaz
Preceded by Succeeded by
Castle of Cards Your Last Wish
Just Society Thing is a case in Season 1 of Criminal Case in Higher House, district based in Fario.


After the news about the death of Mayor Price, Lena, Diego, and the player rushed to her house and found her dead.
The first suspect to appear was reporter Julian Fox who said that he was a good friend with the mayor. In the further investigation, the team flagged Profiler Angela De Silva, Deputy Mayor Solomon Krause and, Mayor's assistant Diane Anderson.

Later on, Phillip approached telling the team that he should be a suspect in this investigation since he was with the victim before her death. Lena and the player took him to the interrogation room where he said that he and the Mayors know each other and that they are friends and that he should be there and stop her killer. The team later found that Julian had a disagreement with the victim about publishing fake stories. He said the victim was too clean to know how good that would bring. Also, the player found that Diane was in love with the victim, but she constantly rejected her.
After everything, Mia came to the station and said that Angela trying to enter the murder scene. Their team interrogated her and found that she wasn't all friendly with the mayor and as her therapist, she couldn't stand her political problems. Also, the team found that Deputy Mayor  Krause also have arguments with the victim about the reopening old cases, making him more suspicious.

In the end, the team arrested Angela De Silva for the murder of Mayor Price. She denied and playing with the team but on the end when all evidence was proved she confessed. She said that she needed to kill her because she was the only barricade who stood against the collapse of the city. Judge York sentenced her to life in prison.
Post-trial,  Lena and the player informed Chief about that and she said that the player and Lena should investigate that more. Meanwhile, Solomon was elected for temporary mayor until elections. As the mayor and power in his hand, he froze a case against Angela until the new mayor is elected. The team spoke with him about that, where he just laugh and said that he has an important job to finish and if they want they can speak with Deputy Mayor - Stella Gibbs. The team did that but nothing useful was found.
After the events, while the team still tried to guess why Angela would be killer, Mia approached the team and said that Angelas Prison Van was blow up.



Murder Weapon:

  • Knife


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer use eye drops.
  • The Killer uses gloves.
  • The Killer drinks Rocket Cow.
  • The Killer wears black.
  • The Killer has blond hair.
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