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Junior Netto
Full name Junior Netto
Status Male
Nationality BrazilBrazilian
Residence Brasilia, Brazil (formerly)
Profession Lab Chief


Affiliation(s) Literary Detective Society
Appearance(s) World Edition

Junior Netto is the medical expert of the Literary Detective Society who made his first appearance at the end A Strike of Mjölnir (Case #11 of World Edition) when the Literary Detective Society and the Global Law Agency joined hands.


Junior is the 34-year-old Lab Chief and Coroner of the Literary Detective Society. Junior dons a white lab coat over his "Lone Peaches" shirt. Junior medium brown hair. He usually carries a notepad in one hand and pudding in the other. Junior is known to be gourmand, emotional and sentimental, he enjoys making music and remixes of songs and drawing various pictures.

Height 5'7"
Age 34
Weight 200 lbs
Eyes Grey
Blood AB+

Notable Events of Criminal Case

After the trial, Yusuf Fakhri wanted to speak to the chief. Yusuf claimed that he wanted an alliance so that the men who killed Kirill Glazkov could be incriminated, and told the team to search slaughterhouse once again in case they left a clue. The team found the plant that was used to kill Kirill, but Adashe couldn't pinpoint the exact toxic in the plant that killed Kirill, so Adashe talked to Junior Netto, The LDS' lab expert, who explained the working of the plant to Adashe.

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