June Perkins was the victim in Stay Together, Die Alone (Case #3).

Murder Details

Phoebe Yates, August Perkins, and the player dug deep enough in The Reserve's sands to find her body.

Ferdinand Amado said that June was knocked unconscious by weights. She was then buried alive in the sand. When she regained consciousness, there was no fresh air for her to breathe, asphyxiating her. Phoebe noted that the killer used weights.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be June's daughter, May Perkins.

May denied that she killed June at first. When Phoebe listed all the evidence incriminating her, May admitted guilt. Afterwards, she said nothing but "They're going to kill her."

In court, Judge Exodus Allegri wanted to know the reason behind the matricide. May finally broke out of her trance by saying, “Third of the month.” Thinking it useless, Judge Exodus sentenced May to 40 years in prison for matricide and her refusal to cooperate.

The truth behind June's murder only truly surfaced starting from May's post-indictment interrogation. May told Phoebe and the player to check the mailbox in her last words. Phoebe and the player found some messages to the victim. The messages revealed that May killed June because an unknown person was threatening to kill her daughter, March Perkins.

Case Appearances

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