Julius Witherwood

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Alias(es) Christian Frenchlight
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth December 25
Nationality American
Family Athena Ishtaria (ancestor)
Arthur Cortonith (ancestor)
Ayako Witherwood (wife)
Martha Witherwood (daughter))
Julia Witherwood (daughter)
Profession Demonic Wanderer
Appearance(s) Broken Memories (debut)
Killer in the Church (quasi debut)
Starting Sign of Hatred
Hi, sir!
—Christian Frenchlight

Julius Witherwood, under his own alias Christian Frenchlight, is the main antagonist of the Cortonith Island. He is known of killing Mylene Ishtaria in Broken Memories and successfully framing his own daughter Morrigan Witherwood.


Height 5'10" 
Age 47
Weight 165 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Role in Case(s)

Broken Memories

The Demon Within


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