Dr. Julian Ackroyd is the killer of New Era journalist Fred Kendrick in "Murder Can Be Hazardous" (Case #6 of Justice Department). Prior to that, Dr. Ackroyd was a suspect in the murder of park ranger Lynne Gillis in "Natural Death" (Case #2 of Justice Department).


Dr. Ackroyd was a 39-year-old Cerebrum Laboratories scientist. He has red hair and blue eyes, the doctor also sported a lab coat over a grey-and-blue checkered sweater that covered a white shirt underneath. In his initial suspect appearance, it was discovered that Dr. Ackroyd drinks kale juice and use rash cream.

In his second suspect appearance, Dr. Ackroyd sported a black sweater rather than checkered sweater, he also has a burn mark on his chin. It was determined that he studied engineering, is left handed and take Vitamin-C supplements.

Events in Justice Department

Natural Death


Murder Can Be Hazardous


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