Julianna Gideon (1968-2018) was the killer of kindergartener Michael Merowitz in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood). Prior to that, she appeared minor character appearing during the events of Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood). After her arrest, she escaped jail, appearing as a quasi-suspect in the events of A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood) where she was shot to death.


Julianna was the 49 year old now former principal of Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School. She had long wavy graying black hair and brown eyes with dark circles. She also wore a sleveless navy blouse with white and grey polka dots.

In her suspect appearance, she sported several scratches and it was known that Julianna rode a bike, knew how to tie knots and sweat profusely.

In her quasi-suspect appearance, her outfit changed to a simple white tanktop underneath a blue denim vest and her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

Height 5'11"
Age 49
Weight 152 lb
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

After Jordan and the player informed kindergarten teacher Darcy Keller that she was fired from her job, Julianna barged in and unsympathetically told Darcy that she had ten minutes to gather her belongings and leave the school forever, without even giving her the chance to bid her students farewell.

Too Young To Die

As the school principal, the murder investigation automatically made Julianna a suspect. However she was dismissive of any responsibility for what happened to students during after school hours, infuriating the team.

Julianna was spoken to again by Jordan and the player found a creepy drawing of the principal which was made by the victim, depicting her to be a vicious monster. The drawing revealed her to have been verbally demeaning to the victim, which was proven correct as she called him incorrigible and even going so far as to say he would only live to be a convict.

Later on in the investigation, Julianna had fired school custodian Miguel Esposito for getting into a physical altercation with escaped serial killer Alden Black. She then had security escort Miguel from the building after he lambasted her for firing Darcy Keller and the principal's inability to protect the kindergarteners that are being attacked in their own homes by high schoolers.

Ultimately, Julianna was found guilty of the murder. After thoroughly denying involvement, Jordan pressed her hard enough til she snapped and confessed to the murder. She also confessed to cutting all funding to all of the kindergarteners' field trips and other extracurricular activities and pinned all of these cuts on Henry Baltimore. This gave Julianna an excuse to fire Darcy Keller for ordering Baltimore's property to be vandalized by Sean Crackton. However, several kindergarteners had wondered what happened to Darcy which prompted them to investigate only for high schoolers such as Caleb Millhouse to assault them in their own homes on the principal's orders. When Michael caught wind of what was happening with the fellow kindergarteners, he decided to lead a revolt in order to get their field trips and extra curricular activities back. Julianna decided to silence Michael by running him over with a bike repeatedly until she was confident that the child was dead. Afterwards, she hung him at the front of the school to instill fear among the kindergarteners in order to keep them quiet and docile. Jordan and the player didn't hesitate to ship Julianna to trial. In court, Julianna was told that if she didn't testify, she would receive life imprisonment. After Julianna revealed that she was hired by a criminal mastermind in Columbia Heights to run the school in a prison-like state, she was still sentenced to life imprisonment without parole by an enraged Judge Whiterock. Julianna then wickedly warned the team that war would soon be upon them.

A Fallen Hero

Julianna had been broken out of prison by Perleyville Community Secondary School principal Gerald Deckerton, who was on the run for murdering teacher Darcy Keller. She was hired by Gerald to take the faculty hostage as well as prostitute Todd Merowitz and vlogger Brad Ryder. Vanessa confronted her for killing Michael and trying to run the elementary school like a prison. Julianna had pointed her gun at one of the teachers but was swiftly shot and killed by Vanessa.


  • Per her ID, Julianna's birthdate falls on November 19

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