Julia Valentine
Biographical information
Full name Julia Valentine
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2019
Cause of death Punctured brain

(knife wound to the head)

Personal information
Nationality United States of America American
Residence Venusville
Profession(s) Student
Affiliation(s) Venusville University
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Venusville
First appeared Case #2 Across the Board

Julia Valentine was the victim in Across the Board (Case #2 of Venusville)


Julia is a student and a cheerleader at Venusville University. She has long wavy brown hair and black eyes. She wears blue cheerleading top and skirt. She has a beauty mark.

Murder Details

Julia was found with a knife between her eyes. Philip Pierre confirmed that the killer left traces of Moist Mitts on her wrists, probably when they have dragged her to locker room, meaning that the killer uses Moist Mitts.

Killer and motives

The team found enough evidence to arrest student and singer Olly Oliver for murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Olly said that he has been working really hard on his newest song for student singing contest and that he was sure that people would love it. However,on a student singing contest, Julia completly copied his lyrics and she won 1st prize. Olly was angered that his talent was never discovered by other students. Earlier today, Olly saw Julia going to locker room and he went to confront her. Julia just laughed at his face, saying that he wouldn't win anyways. Filled with anger and rage, he grabbed throwing knife from a table and threw it right between her eyes. He then dragged her body to the locker room, hoping that nobody saw him.Judge Grayson Pierre sentenced Olly to 20 years in prison.

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