Judge Julia Lawson
Judge JuliaLawson
Biographical Information
Full name Julia Lawson
Alias(es) Aqucius
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1969
Death 2020
Cause of death Blood loss
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Fario, USA
Profession(s) Judge
Affiliation(s) Fario City Court
Game Information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: A Sad Start (s3)

Judge Julia Lawson (also knows as Aqucius; 1969-2020) was a recurring character in Season 3 of Criminal Case where she serves as a Fario city judge.

In To the End of News (Case #54 of Secrets from Beginnings) she was revealed to be one of LUMIA's leaders known as Aqucius. She was later found dead in A Death Will Set You Free (Case #63 of Secrets from Beginnings).


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Height 5'8"
Age 50
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type A+

Events of Criminal Case

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Name Case Sentence
Abbi Peck A Sad Start 20 years in prison
Martha A. Adams Tripping on Acid 60 years in jail
Celine Sage In The Silent Night 5 years in jail
Phoebe Young Death is Just a Word Cleared of all charges
Lexandro DeVayte Like an Open Box Life in jail
Miriam Young A Beauty That Died Life in psychological asylum of Fario
Nicki Nale (DD) Power in My Hands 25 years in prison
Anthony Cole Money Can't Buy a Life 20 years in prison.
Catharine Mancini Death sentence by firing squad
Marco the Gun Poisonous Censure 40 years in jail
Drake Herbert Writer's Bad Dream 30 years in jail with a chance of parole in 5 years
Georgina Smith Breaking the Break Life in asylum
Ben Davenport Hanged Like a Pig Death sentence by firing squad
Peter Austin Sinless 20 years in prison
Lion Fox An Explosion of the Heart 27 years in jail
Clinton Pena Angel of Mine Life in jail
Gustavo Ferberg Demon in the Shadow 39 years in jail
Max LaVey Grave Secrets Life in jail
Brother Hooper The Devil Speaks Committed suicide to avoid trial
Sebastiano Bauman Trade With Your Soul Trial avoided
Jennifer Tanaka What Happens in Fario, Stays in Fario 20 years in prison
William Blanco Murder Around The Clock 25 years in prison
Paula Dominguez Even Death Costs 10 years in jail
Zara Tien Life in jail for accomplishment in the homicide and drug trafficking
Wendy Carter
Andy Bellamy Passive Role of the Life 6 years in jail with a chance of parole in 6 months
Roberto Dias Pay and Win 40 years in prison
Stephanie Griff Teacher's Death 20 years in prison
Jelena Stankovich Beautiful Mistake Committed suicide to avoid trial
Chris Obrien A Death in Disguise 25 years in jail
Shane Daniels University of Life 35 years in jail
Luka Cunningham In The Next Life Life imprisonment
Dennis Samuel Learn by Heart Life imprisonment
James Lovato Play as a Dead Cop Life in jail
Gideon Finson Let Me Love You 15 years in prison
Asal Hawaa (DD) It's All Egyptian to Me Life in jail
Alonso Diaz Como Dios Manda Life imprisonment
Priestess Angelica To Drown in Drink 15 years in prison
Laika Despotovska God of Justice Life imprisonment
Horatio Lopez One More Heir Down Death sentence
Dana Lopez Life in jail in Siberia
Priya Lopez
Gummer Deadly Night 24 hours in the custody
Leonard Bell Houston, We Have a Trouble 50 years in jail
Adelina Crypto The Darkness of the Night Set free but sent to recovery program in the asylum
Ronald Crazy Doom And Gloom Life in jail
Dillan Sullivan No Pain is No Gain Life in jail
Flora Portugal All Woodlands Secrets Life in jail
Eugene Trucks Your Last Flight 30 years in prison
Lester Kezy Dearly Departed life in jail
Kai Stark Take This Plane Down Free of Charge, has immunity
Sean Blake The Addiction is Fatal life in jail
Luke Gideovani Learning to Die 35 years in jail

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