Judge Judith Powell
Biographical information
Full name Judith Powell
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1976
Nationality USA American
Residence Alpha Bay, USA
Family Unnamed daughter
Affiliation(s) Alpha Bay Police Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: Struck with Lightning (s1)
I can't help admitting that I like your motive. But don't think you'll get away with it!
—Judith Powell

Judge Judith Powell is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 of Criminal Case, where she serves as the judge of the city.


43 years of age, Judith Powell is the judge of Alpha Bay. She has light red hair and green eyes. She is seen wearing a standard judge's robe over a white shirt. She sports red nail polish and a golden necklace depicting the scales of justice.

In her suspect appearance in Stainless Steel Ride, it is known that Judith knows mechanics, drinks cocoa and believes the Nightwalker legend.

Height 5'5"
Age 43
Weight 118 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Destructive Experiments

After arresting Noby Foreman's killer, Aiden approached the player and said that he believed Summer Martin and Marian Romanov were innocent since Noby had manipulated them to commit murders. He then asked the player to assist him so that they could prove their innocence. As the player agreed, they went to search Noby's experiment room where they found a camcorder containing a footage of Noby brainwashing them. After showing the footage to Judge Powell, she decided to withdraw all the charges which were brought against Summer and Marian.

Stainless Steel Ride

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Name Case Sentence
Richard Stamford Struck with Lightning 35 years in jail (eligible for parole in 25 years)
Ricky Tipton Classic Murder 30 years in jail (eligible for parole in 20 years)
Zack Vigman Does Hypnotism Even Exist? 20 years in jail (eligible for parole in 10 years)
Rita Goldberg Science of Elevator 15 years in jail
Nina Madison Secret Knocks the Door 37 years in jail
Nora Cruz Savage Revenge of a Betrayal 50 years in jail
Roger Spitfire Turn on the Light Life in jail
Ray Wayber Back to Water 30 years in jail
Michel Jean Anti-murder 30 years in jail
Erin Clayton Surfers Beware 20 years in jail
Ron Frasier In the Middle of the Night 40 years in jail
Summer Martin Radioactive Party 15 years in jail
Arif Hassan Destructive Experiments 40 years in jail
Jimmy Walker Old is Gold 15 years in jail
Alan Striker A New Tale of Phoenix 15 years in jail
Matthew Carter A Shroud Made of Needles 21 years in jail
Marcus Perry Lack of Security 20 years in jail
Charles Patterson Exposed in Plain Sight 27 years in jail
Annabeth Quinn Striking From the Shadows Life in jail
Diane Ivans Red Alert for Detectives 15 years in jail
Ramisa Steve Going Through Your Heart 10 years in jail
Axel Hansson An Electrifying Experience Life in jail
Monica Eston Invisible Way to Die 14 years in jail
Matrix Field Taking the Last Breath 20 years in jail
Sebastian Dawson Shine in Flame 5 years in jail (eligible for parole in 2 years)
Jason Kingsley Death in Your Dream 50 years in jail
Nicky Sparks Story of a Lowlife 30 years in jail
Zvone Setil Shift of Doom 20 years in jail
Eon Stark Blood in the Grave 12 years in jail
Mark Reynolds Light Sparks in Darkness 50 years in jail
Kevin Rayes Like a Fallen Survivor 15 years in jail
Lena Coleman To Play with Fire 15 years in jail
Mona Redniece Skipping a Beat 35 years in jail
Kane Orion Strike the False Note 40 years in jail
Levi Twinclone Apart from Significant Other Life in jail
Tom Holder Let the Party Down 15 years in jail
Nancy Carson Smoke and Fire 2 years in house arrest (2020-2022)
Ashton Sawyer Broken Arrow of Time 30 years in jail
Sophie Gibson Stainless Steel Ride Granted immunity for the crime


The player may choose Powell to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Alpha Bay case) and provide hint bonuses. She is available as a 2-hint partner.

Case appearances

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