Judge Peterson
Biographical information
Full name Peterson (first name unknown)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Patriot City
Profession(s) Judge
Affiliation(s) Patriot City Police Department
Game information
First appeared Case #1 The House of Murder
Don't you dare give me that look.
—Judge Peterson

Judge Peterson is a recurring character featured in Patriot City.


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Name Case Sentence
Tyler Armstrong The House of Murder 25 years in jail
Jessy Pinkerton Breaking Bad 10 years in jail
John McBurns Never Gets Old 40 years in jail
Kathy Lee Herson Mow The Lawn 20 years in jail
Heydi Gemini Life in jail (with psychological counseling)
James Urgenlus Safety Last 30 years in jail
Heydi Gemini Grass is Bloody Life in jail
Liam Jackson Dirty Secrets 30 years in jail
Leonard Thiff Burying Your Coffin Remanding in custody pending a thorough psychiatric evaluation
Cal J. Hamilton Rock Headed 45 years in jail
Emma Taylor Body of Water 39 years in jail
Marcus Crossman Dock or Duck Life in jail
Mario Mew Greed is Death 10 years in jail

Case Appearances


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