Lillian Maycroft
Lillian Maycroft
If you kill horrible people, you become just as bad as them. Joining them on the dark side does not help the problem!
—Lillian Maycroft

Lillian Maycroft (appearing as Judge Maycroft) is one of the characters in Survivorfan24's Criminal Case fanfic series. She serves as the judge of the Court of Rosetta and is always seen sentencing the killer at the conclusion of every case in Rosetta.


Lillian is an English woman with pale white skin and large brown eyes. She commonly wears her judge's outfit, but is also seen wearing a casual black shirt in her spare time.


Name Case Sentence
Caren Vitas Setting It Up

20 years in jail
(parole in 10 years)

Katherine Potter Final Call

15 years in jail
(parole in 5 years)

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