"Judging killers are easy. Just analyze how they kill."

- Judge Allen Ricks

Judge Allen Ricks is the judge of Luxo Town Police Department.


Name Case Sentence
David Pozzem The Beginning of End 25 years in jail

(2015 - 2040)

Denice De'Lam Murder Night

40 years in jail

Released after

Alice West Western Secrets

30 years in jail

(2015 - 2045)

Marc Zipp

Immortal Grave

15 years in jail with 11 years of parole

(2015- 2030)

Rouve Delove McKnight Rumor Has It

5 years with 2 chance of parole

(2015- 2020)

James Luke Stars Straight for The Game

10 years in jail

(2015 - 2025)

Genesis Clover Symbols of Death

Life in Jail

(2015 - *)

Denice De'Lam Uncover the Truth

Life in Jail

(2015 - *)


Personal Life

Allen Ricks is the judge of LTPD. He is a pilot and a 41 year old man. He appears wearing a judge uniform with an anti-criminal badge. He has 2 children and a wife unnamed. He was a great judge appearing in 4 different police department and has sentenced the following above. Allen Ricks true name is Allen Sean Ricks and also known as Judge Allen Ricks.

Also known living in Hawaii.

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