Jordan Miami
Full name Jordan Ruggetier
Alias(es) Jordan Miami
Jordan Vancouver
Gender Male
Status Released
Birth 1994
Nationality Canadian-American
Residence Fluxford, California
Profession Male Stripper
Undercover Agent
Appearance(s) Case #3: Vinyl Scratch

Jordan Miami was a suspect in the murder of DJ Karina Kisstal in Vinyl Scratch (Case #3 of Fluxford) and artist Philomena Frost in Too Drawn In (Case #6 of Fluxford) before he turned out to be the killer of elite agent Stacey Calloway in Not As I Seem (Case #11 of Fluxford).

As Jordan Vancouver, he appeared in the murder investigation of both mayor's daughter Callie Hartsin and skier Caitlin Lyons in Callie Came In From the Cold (Case #15 of Fluxford) as well the murder of Ashley Crow in Above The Line (Case #8 of Eurrera).

Case Appearances

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