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It's an honor to work with you! I hope we can be great partners to fight aģainst the world of crime

-Jordan Cranbrook

Jordan Cranbrook is a main character featured in Season One of Criminal Case where he serves as one of the player's partners in the Toomeswood Police Department.

He is later flagged as a suspect in the murder investigation of young cowboy Angus Glutterman in Cowboys From Hell (Case #16 of Toomeswood)


Jordan, 20 years old, has dark brown eyes under thick black rimmed glasses and short wavy black hair. He wears a light blue buttoned down shirt under a navy blue vest with a silver junior officer's badge. Additionally, he sports a silver rimmed watch on a brown leather band.

As a young boy fresh from police academy, he is known to be eager. He is also childish and a witty autodidact. His hobbies include sweets, writing and travelling.

Events of Criminal Case

Meeting Jordan

Jordan and the player met at the Toomeswood Police Station before going for a walk on the Black Trainbridge. While disgruntled Chief Medical Examiner Tazia Revelstoke complained about the hot weather, Jordan took some photos before investigating Henry Baltimore's murder.

Mid-investigation, a riot ensued between Tazia and anti-weed activists and he was left with no choice but to arrest Tazia after she deliberately broke into the victim's property.

Later on in the investigation, Jordan broke up a fight between a prostitute and a stoner over a rigged game of pool due to missing pool balls.

After the killer was arrested, Jordan and the player came to the aid of a kindergarten teacher who was attacked by an irate housewife only to later inform her that she was fired by the unsympathetic principal. The teacher was also revealed to have confiscated the missing pool balls out of the prostitute's adoptive son's grasp.


  • Jordan is loosely based off staff member Jordan
  • Jordan is one of the three characters to appear as a clue.

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