Jonh Erick
Biographical information
Full name Jonhnatha Erck Phillip
Alias(es) Jonh, Serial Killer
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth July 26 ,1988
Death August 14, 2016
Cause of death Penetrated and Shot with a Musket
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Canada.png Canadian
Origin Toronto, Canada
Past profession(s) School Teacher
Notable relationships
Family unknown
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Beginning of the End

Jonh Erick Is a player of 16 For War.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Jonh is a 28 year old man, he was a professor at a university, but he was also a serial killer in his spare time, when he entered 16 For War, he felt glad that would kill more people. He killed three people. He was killed by Luna Sayynonynte In Muskets. Bayonets. Assassination

He has always been a serial killer, but he shows very calm, he even made an alliance with Alwyn Halmy, that did not last long.


The Beginning 

It appears the all the others, He laughed marceline, and also made a gesture of death with his hands.


  • Jonh Erick it is the only one who has more than 25 years.
  • In the official Planning, John Erick would win.
  • He was one of 5 finalists.
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