Jonathan Stafford
Biographical information
Full name Jonathan Stafford
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1980
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Security Guard
Profession(s) Agent (formerly)
Partner(s) Olivia Hewett (girlfriend)
Game information
First appeared Case #54 National Basketball Murder
Jonathan Stafford was the suspect in the murder investigation of NBA star Jeffrey Iguodala in National Basketball Murder (Case #54 of Laroy Bay)


Jonathan is a 38-year-old head of NBA security. He has greying black hair, black eyes, and wears an earpiece in his right ear.He donns a black suit with a white shirt and a blue tie, an American flag pin and a badge.

Age 38
Height 5'11''
Weight 164lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type A-

National Basketball Murder

Jonathan became a suspect after team found his credit card on crime scene.He said that he was enjoying the game,but Jeffrey Iguodala accidently pushed him so he lost his credit card.

Jonathan was spoken to again after team found threat he wrote to Jeffrey.He said that Jeffrey found out about his affair with The First Lady and he threatened him that he will reveal it on TV.

Jonathan was found innocent after team arrested Kevin Curry for a murder.

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