"Jonathan Smith as an elite detective by day, Dynamite Dave is a daredevil by night."
—Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Stanley Smith is an elite detective of the Constellation City Police Department. He is one of the three personnel assigned to be the player's partner in Season 5 of Criminal Case.


Hailing from Scorpio Lake, Jonathan is a 29 year-old elite detective whose past profession is a carnival performer. He has a big wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. He can be always seen wearing a simple daredevil suit, a white one-piece with big blue back collar. His suit shows his chest that covers its bottom right and left side. He also wears a gold chain. He wears a white and red cape with blue line on the bottom which has multiple white stars. Both upper-sides of his cape also contains one star. His suit contains long sleeve with red long line on it on both sides. His chain appears to be medium-large in size. He is the son of CCPD's administrative assistant Mia Smith. He is also the fiancé of the CCPD Profiler AJ Price

Notable Events of Criminal Case

Meeting Jonathan

Chief Pisces introduced Jonathan to the player on its first case. Chief Pisces also told the player that Jonathan is not the only one the player could partner with, as she also told the player that they will be partnering Maria Scars and Gordon Christian soon.

Slow relationship with AJ Price

In the case Whales are Running, Jonathan fell in love with CCPD Profiler AJ Price after saving her from an attack from a hypnotized whale. The two get blush and start a slow relationship with each other. However, Jonathan's mother Administrative Assistant Smith didn't agreed with their relationship, asking Chief Pisces to fire AJ if she became the wife of Jonathan. On the additional investigation of the case, AJ accidentally says "i love you" to Jonathan. After it, Jonathan replies "i love you too" to AJ. Then both of them agreed to become partners.

His cousin's death

After Jonathan's cousin Jack Oaster was murdered on the case A Skinny Game, Jonathan become hot-headed and aggresive as he even shout at his mother several times. After arresting James Marsh as his cousin's killer, he appears to try to kill Marsh, only to receive a kiss from his AJ. He later apologize to his mother for shouting at her several times.

Arresting the Retro Smoker

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